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 The White Lies

 British Rock Band

To Lose My Life - 2009




The White Lies

To Lose My Life - White Lies - 6

Death/ To Lose My Life/ A Place to Hide/ Fifty on our Foreheads/ Unfinished Business/ EST/ From the Stars/ Farewell to the Fairground/ Nothing to Give/ The Price of Love

If you are prone to depression, please keep away from this album which should carry a health warning on its sleeve. It talks of death and destruction. There is a definite nod to Joy Division, although the lyrics are more discernable and the songs more tuneful. Add to that the fact that they sound uncompromisingly like The Editors and you get some kind of feel for this London trio who have been tipped in many circles for success in 2009. It's really a matter of whether their territory and their music is just a touch too sparse and difficult to digest. Just listing the song titles could be enough to put you off. If you want music to entertain keep away from this one. If you want music to be thought provoking then give it a few listens - it's pretty much as simple as that.