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 Tom Waits

American singer songwriter

 Closing Time




Tom Waits

Closing Time - 8

This was Waits' first album and oozes charm and beauty. I never get tired of hearing some of these songs. Indeed it is one of the most laid back albums that I possess. Waits fuses jazz, soul and pop with plenty of hints of the boozy, cigarette ridden voice that emerges in later albums. This is my favourite Waits album due to its accessibility. It also has two of my favourite Waits' songs in "Ol' 55" his paean to Americana and the superb "Martha". "Martha" is arguably the best song he ever wrote with its lost opportunity angst, haunting melody and wonderful lyrics. This song was a few years ago murdered by Meatloaf but I noticed that recently British and ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler nominated this song as the one he would like to have played at his funeral. Elsewhere there are so many highs and so few lows.