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Tom Waits

Tom Waits is an enigma. Capable of the most beautiful and most sublime melodies he is also capable of stretching the limits of his music to such a degree that he distorts reality.

Over the years, however, I have discovered that Waits is worth the bother.

For biographies and discographies on Tom Waits, try the following links.

Tom Waits
Tom Waits


Closing Time ****1/2

This was Waits' first album and oozes charm and beauty.

I never get tired of hearing some of these songs. Indeed it is one of the most laid back albums that I possess.

Waits fuses jazz, soul and pop with plenty of hints of the boozy, cigarette ridden voice that emerges in later albums.

This is my favourite Waits album due to its accessibility. It also has two of my favourite Waits' songs in "Ol' 55" his paean to Americana and the superb "Martha".

"Martha" is arguably the best song he ever wrote with its lost opportunity angst, haunting melody and wonderful lyrics.

This song was a few years ago murdered by Meatloaf but I noticed that recently British and ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler nominated this song as the one he would like to have played at his funeral.

Elsewhere there are so many highs and so few lows.

Tom Waits - Full Album Listing

ALBUM Year Released    
Closing Time 1973 *  
Heart of Saturday night 1974    
Nighthawks at the Diner 1975    
Small Change 1976 *  
Foreign Affairs 1977    
Blue Valentine 1978    
Heartbreak and Vine 1980    
Bounced Checks 1981   Compilation
One From the Heart 1982   Soundtrack
Swordfishtrombone 1983 *  
Anthology 1984   Compilation
Asylum Years 1984 * Compilation
Rain Dogs 1985 *  
Frank's Wild Years 1987 *  
Big Time 1988    
The Early Years 1991   Compilation
The Early Years Vol 2 1992   Compilation
Night on Earth 1992   Soundtrack
Bone Machine 1992    
Black Rider 1993    
Beautiful Maladies - The Island Years 1998 * Compilation
Mule Variations 1999    
Alice 2002    
Blood Money 2002    
Real Gone 2004    

My Tom Waits Favourites Volume One

I am putting together compilation CDs of my favourite Waits tracks. Here is the first.
Track Title Time Album Taken From
1 In the Neighbourhood 3:04 Sworfishtrombone
2 Downtown Train 3:50 Rain Dogs
3 Tom Traubert's Blues 6:40 Small Change
4 Hang Down Your Head 2:32 Rain Dogs
5 Time 3:54 Rain Dogs
6 Rainbirds 3:05 Sworfishtrombone
7 Ol 55 3:58 Closing Time
8 (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night 3:52 Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night
9 More Than Rain 3:39 Frank's Wild Years
10 Just Another Sucker on the Vine 1:42 Sworfishtrombone
11 Cold Cold Ground 4:04 Frank's Wild Years
12 I Wish I Was in New Orleans 4:50 Small Change
13 Martha 4:25 Closing Time
14 Johnsburg, Illinois 1:30 Sworfishtrombone
15 Grapefruit Moon 4:46 Closing Time
16 Soldier's Things 3:15 Sworfishtrombone
17 Ruby's Arms 5:36 Heartbreak and Vine
18 Innocent When You Dream 4:14 Frank's Wild Years
19 Closing Time 4:20 Closing Time