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 Bruce Springsteen

American Singer/Songwriter/Rock

Working on a Dream 2009




Bruce Springsteen

Working On A Dream - Bruce Springsteen -

Outlaw Pete/ My Lucky Day/ Working on a Dream/ Queen of the Supermarket/ What Love Can Do/ This Life/ Good Eye/ Tomorrow Never Knows/ Life Itself/ Kingdom of Days/ Surprise Surprise/ The Last Carnival/ The Wrestler/ A Night for the Jersey Devil

So what do we have here? Bruce Springsteen's pipe and slippers album with the man seemingly at peace with himself and the world. Springsteen seems to have adopted the Barack Obama hope for the future stance with an album more about domestic bliss and peace of mind than politics and the ills of the world. I wonder what the younger Bruce would have made of what is really a middle age cosy album with few surprises. The best tracks are very pleasant, some of the others can border on the embarrassing. It starts with a strange ode to an outlaw that weighs in at over eight minutes and reeks of country music and seems out of keeping with the rest of the album. Then we get the attempted uplift of My Lucky Day which frankly sounds as if it was written in a half hour break between rehearsals. Other titles such as "Working on A Dream," " What Love Can Do", "This Life", "Good Eye" and "Life Itself" hint very strongly at the stance taken by the album. There are a few good songs here such as the middle of the road Beach Boy-esque love song "This Life" and "Kingdom of Days." The Wrestler is a dull song despite winning awards and Queen of the Supermarket has to be one of the worst songs he has written - all about love over the shopping trolleys "The way she moves as she bags the groceries and Each Night I Take My Groceries and I Drift Home" - oh Brice please. Life just isn't like that.  Similarly Surprise Surprise sounds like one of those awful chirpy singalong Christian songs with the words "Let your love shine down." My main problem with this album is certain areas of it have immediate appeal, but it's an appeal that will soon grow cold after a few listenings. In other word it doesn't leave any lasting impressions or doesn't challenge the listener enough.