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Norweigian Gothic Metal Band

The Enigma of Life (2011)




Sirenia - The Enigma of Life - 6.5

The end of it all/Fallen Angel/All My Dreams/This Darkness/The Twilight in Your Eyes/Winter Land/A Seaside Serenade/Darkened Days to Come/Coming Down/This Lonely Lake/ Fading Star/The Enigma of Life/Obscura Realidad/Enigma of Life (acoustic version)

Another one of the real surprises of the year was my liking for this album from Norweigian Gothic metal band. That may sound horrible but what we have here is an album of great light and shade and considerable melodic charm as the band fuse death metal voices (basically men growling into the microphone) with the beautiful vocals of Spanish vocalist Ailyn with some Monastic almost plainsong chants in the background. Please don't be put off by that description as the whole think blends together exceptionally well. It's a pounding album with the title track and outstanding piece of music by anybody's standards and A Seaside Serenade is another particular favourite