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September 1978

Friday 1st September

Certainly today could have been about one. In effect it turned out be much better than had hoped for and I am talking about the reaction to my resignation. Got up rather dreading the day but never less weighed in at same time and did a couple of straightforward stories from the news bulletin. Then at J phoned up and it and instead of getting a rocket it was a quiet chat. He said he was sorry to receive my letter and I was one of the nicest hit receive for some time. Later in the day Terry was also extremely pleasant about it. Spent the rest of the morning on a story about the Nottingham symphonic. At dinner time I went to the bank to get our American money and then had a slow wander around the shops before returning to the Office last sat around chatting to Bob before leaving for 3:00pm. Came home and had tea and then went to a supermarket than to get some stuff. Gordon Hickman rang up from the Scotland to say he would be coming for a short visit tomorrow morning on their way back. After that spent the evening watching television and more painting upstairs. Had a bath before going to bed.


Saturday 2nd September

Quite a nice day or less somehow it didn't quite live up to the expectations. Gone up fairly early for a Saturday because we are expecting heather and Gordon to arrive fairly early and indeed they turned up just before 9 am. Staying for about one-and-a-half oz they were on their way back from Scotland. Sat and chatted and had they walked to the paper shop numbers about it. After they left that already and got off to the afternoon's football at Chesterfield. It was along a roundabout way of getting there because I picked up bandy from Johns and then went the backgrounds. We find the gut Chesterfield at 1pm and found local radio station where Andy had to pick up the headset. Then we stopped off at the Portland Hotel three quick drink and snack and then ended up at the ground for 2:00pm. There was an extremely hectic afternoon for both of us were plenty of borders and in the end I hardly saw the match because of radio pieces, runners and end of match reports. By the time we finished it was 6pm. Finally we set off for home and, as Andy was coming from meal, we decided to go back a long motorway. Stott offered a service station in her attempt to get a football paper and have finally got one in Long Eaton Centre. Mummy got back home John had already arrived. And cooked a fine meal and then spent the evening chatting and listening to records. After an left at 11pm we cleared up and then went to bed very tired at midnight.


Sunday 3rd September

One of those nice restful days in Yorkshire in which I felt rather lazy. On for his knee still felt depressed about the thought of going into work again tomorrow even though I only have four weeks ago he still has the same effect on me when I think of Monday's. I suppose is the thought that while I am away anything could be happening and now will get in the neck when I return. Nevertheless it doesn't really matter now does it? Got up before 9am and after breakfast we set off in the Volkswagen for Yorkshire and the right 10:30am. And went off to church and I decided to go with path That was a local rugby league game. He was rather boring as a 10 today and I wore back after the first half. They made me in time for dinner. After that had a reader rest and watch television for a while before going and to Hades to put over some copy for the Nottingham Post. Then return for tea and afterwards spent a quiet evening before leaving to set off for home. On the way called Beth Jones and stayed there for over an offer before making the rest of the journey. That took another are and we arrived home at 10:45pm. And straight to bed again feeling very tired.


Monday September 4th the paragraph

Back to work, but today was the first day for working out my notice. One down, twentysomething to go. It was a fairly busy day and it was noticeable that the holiday period is over the volume of traffic had considerably increased and it was difficult to park. That something as serving a mess. As they had a fairly early job I had to get up earlier than usual and was in a work at 9 am. The only job was a boardroom a press conference at Courtaulds to unveil plans for an international tennis tournament it was a damp squib because there were no definite plans. Nevertheless it Kenya to the Office for a time and gave me something to do. One added make it back at 11 am. Then there was a story concerning a chat supposedly camping outside the home he was trying to buy from the council I walked down the road in question were without finding anything and then found it was only he was only waiting in the Housing Office. So I went there and then find a chap in question only his cousin who was sitting in for him. I had a chat with him but the story was a bit dead by then. Back in the office added very little buzz sat around until 4:45pm which was a mistake because it has stuck in a traffic jam which was an Bray pleasant and it took me until 5:30pm to get home. Had tea when Hann arrived home and then went to the library. Spent the remainder of the evening catching up on letter-writing and watching television. Had a bath before going to bed.


Tuesday 5th September.

A bed of a frustrating day at work because I spent all morning in Crown Court and had to wait until 12:30pm for the only case I was interested in. Up at the usual time and into work. There seemed to be very little doing for which I was grateful. In at 10:15am I went to the Post Office and then walked to court. The case some is interested in it for a couple of Leicester outlets was at the bottom of the list and so I sat through some rather tedious cases until it came up. At the end sent a copy over and return to the Office. As sandwiches for lunch and ended another story about a girl who has run away from home. Then walked across to the housing department to see if the bloke was still waiting for his counsel as. Found he had gone so I will have to go round and see him tomorrow morning before work what looks like another session in court. Came home at 4:15pm not wanting to get stuck in a traffic jam again. When Lang got home she do me some tea and then got ready to go to her first Ladies Circle meeting. Is very noticeable when round-table its separate start again the winter is coming in and indeed it's getting cold and dark at night snout. Today we had a letter from the Americans sang a the temperature women go over there should be in the mid-Seventies. We will be ever to go back with a tan. Spent the early evening watching television and ended some painting. In fact I carried on a bad until after 11pm and went to bed when Hann returned.


Wednesday 6th September

Not a sickly nice day at all. Work was dull and drank and by the evening I felt so utterly lifeless but the evening was wasted. But slightly earlier than usual as they had intended going to see the couple had been queuing for a house. When a phone box up to find where they lived he said they were on the phone swore I decided to give them a ring from the Office. The traffic was worse again today and I got held up the places I had never had any trouble with the form. Got in at 920 m and spent the past sorry that they spent the first are getting their housing story done and then at 10:30am went to crown court the idea was to cover a case for a call the paper and it turned out to be an attempted murder. Very basic, the main problem is its expected to go on for two weeks into my covering it difficult. At lunchtime a return to the officer had sandwiches and then went to the bank and had in look round the shops. Then returned court and sat through until about 4pm. Then decided to come home. Had tea and then felt so bloody tired that I fell asleep. In the end I felt so washed out the went to bed very early.


Thursday September 7th

I am not enjoying worker at all now know, is just a mad digger of going in as late as possible and Cunningham as early and today I darted off to perfection of her must admit that I did my fair quota work because quite a bit of it was from home. The nothing better than I am when I went to work but kick in but nevertheless feeling rather seedy didn't go to work at the usual time as I figured there was some early copy on yesterday's court case to put over the best things to do it from home. So by the time I'd done that, cheque to cover things, it was past 101 asset off in the morning traffic. The couple are fairly substantial stories in the morning. The first was on a policeman that citing a phantom monk and a second ace striker at a Retford firm. The no work through lunch on another good story. It's around that the disappearance over a bloke nine weeks ago. He just walked from home and now his wife has found that in the past he had been known by other names. That took me through is the afternoon. A determined to come home before 4pm and did so to miss Russia or. I have one would job to do be completed that from home. Then when Hannah came home we had tea and I watched television - before having a bath and getting ready for Angela and Brian who would coming round for the evening. They arrived just after 8pm and stayed until 10:30pm and he was a very jovial gathering. After they left we cleared up and then it went to bed.


Friday September 8th

The end of my first week of notice. Really it's a shame there is still three to go. There wasn't much going on today. But that the usual time but decided to hang on until the Russia are had subsided and it was 9am when I set off. Luckily I did because there were roadworks at Wollerton and it was 9:30am when I got in. Spent the morning on a couple of very dull things and then at lunchtime went to the bank and had sandwiches before at 2pm going to the sheet music shop and then off to crown court, but it wasn't sitting today. So  came back to the office were the main object of getting out of any work which Eddie quite successfully. I telephoned John Miles in Norwich and then walked out of the office just before 4pm absolutely fed up with Bremen's. Came home, and when and arrived, we had tea. They now spend a very quiet evening watching television and reading and it was fairly early when that went to bed