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 Same Difference

British pop duo

Studio Albums

Pop (2008)





Same Difference

Pop (2008) -   3

We R One/Let Me Be The One/Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now/I Need A House/ Breaking Free/If You Can't Dance/Right Between The Eyes/All The Roads Lead To Heaven/Better Love Me/Starts To Beat Again/Turn It Into Love/Still Amazed

One of the great problems of reviewing new material against old is trying to retain some idea of worth. Basically pap like this has no worth in the larger picture, but the reviewer will still feel duty bound to review it and try not to slag it off for the sake of it. So let's start by saying that in the history of pop music this doesn't even warrant a single mention. Same Difference are the pop brother/sister duo that came fourth in the 2007 British X Factor and that just about says it all. This album is aimed at the teenage market and certainly that's where it needs to stay. Okay there are some catchy tunes in an Abba style and that does manage to raise it from the levels of someone like Britney Spears. But that's about all you can say for an album that might be listened to a few times over Christmas 2008 but which will then, like the duo, sink without trace shortly afterwards.