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 The Rifles

British rock group

Studio Albums

Great Escape 2009




The Rifles

Great Escape - The Rifles -

Science in Violence/ The Great Escape/ Fall to Sorrow/ Sometimes/ Toe Rag/ History/ Winter Calls/ Out in the Past/ Romeo and Julie/ The General/ For the Meantime.

Reasonably literate London-based rock with more than a passing nod to Paul Weller, The Jam and particular Killers. This is pretty relentless driving rock with a distinct lack of variety to make it more palatable. Ironically it's only in the final song In the Meantime that we get a hint of whimsy and that makes it a strange one to end with.

As a driving modernistic rock album this is a decent effort but within the larger picture it's difficult to see where The Rifles are sufficiently different and sufficiently good enough songwriters to raise them above a whole host of similar acts. Even when they do drop the tempo a little as on History it still sounds the same as what has gone before. I have a terrible feeling that this band will hit a brick wall sometime soon. Perhaps they sum it up in their own words on Toe Rag when they say "same act, same songs played again and again." Having said that this is a decent rock song with a definite feeling of Squeeze to the lyrics.