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David Bowie Ratings

Albums By Star Ratings

Aladdin Sane *****
Space Oddity ***1/2
Never Let Me Down ***

Albums by points ratings

Aladdin Sane 7.29
Space Oddity 6.78
Never Let Me Down 6.64

Individual tracks by star and points ratings

Prettiest Star Aladin Sane Solid Gold 8.20
Time Aladin Sane Solid Gold 8.15
Lady Grinning Soul Aladin Sane Solid Gold 8.10
Drive In Saturday Aladin Sane ***** 7.80
Zeroes Never Let Me Down ***** 7.50
Aladdin Sane Aladin Sane ***** 7.45
Space Oddity Space Oddity ***** 7.40
Cygnet Committee Space Oddity ***** 7.30
An Occasional Dream Space Oddity ***1/2 6.90
Panic In Detroit Aladin Sane ***1/2 6.80
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud Space Oddity ***1/2 6.80
Memory of a Free Festival Space Oddity ***1/2 6.75
Watch that Man Aladin Sane ***1/2 6.75
Beat of Your Drum Never Let Me Down ***1/2 6.75
Cracked Actor Aladin Sane ***1/2 6.75
Glass Spider Never Let Me Down ***1/2 6.70
Jean Genie Aladin Sane *** 6.65
Shining Star (Makin' My Love) Never Let Me Down *** 6.65
Never Let Me Down Never Let Me Down *** 6.65
Letter to Hermione Space Oddity *** 6.60
God Knows I'm Good Space Oddity *** 6.50
87 Cry Never Let Me Down *** 6.50
Janine Space Oddity **1/2 6.49
Time Will Crawl Never Let Me Down **1/2 6.49
Day In Day Out Never Let Me Down **1/2 6.48
New York's In Love Never Let Me Down **1/2 6.45
Too Dizzy Never Let Me Down **1/2 6.45
Bang Bang Never Let Me Down **1/2 6.45
Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed Space Oddity **1/2 6.30
Let's Spend the Night Together Aladin Sane ** 6.25