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Over the past few years I have organised a number of quizzes for local organisations such as the youth football clubs and Hethersett Middle School. Many of the questions I have thrown away but here are some that I managed to save just for fun. I have provided a link for those who want the answers as well.


  1. Who wrote the novel Tom Jones
  2. Which playwright once held as C33 died in Paris under the name Sebastian Melmoth
  3. Which musical and film was based on Christopher Isherwood's Play I am A Camera
  4. Who wrote Cakes and Ale
  5. What was the name of the dog in Three Men In A Boat
  6. Which English town was the setting for the television adaptation of George Elliot's Middlemarch shown in the 1990s
  7. Which Irish poet wrote Leda and the Swan
  8. Who signed a three book deal with Harper Collins in 1994 variously claimed to be worth 20 million, 22 million and 40 million
  9. Which literary legal figure dominated by She who Must Be Obeyed was created by John Mortimer
  10. What is the title of the Pope's best selling book of 1994.


  1. Which is the furthest east - Athens, Bucharest or Helsinki
  2. Which continent is the native home of the Almond Tree
  3. In 1992 the government issued a general warning to shipping in South-East Asia for the first time since 1850. What did it warn about
  4. What is the official language of Uruguay
  5. Who sailed on Morning Cloud
  6. On which American lake is the city of Buffalo built
  7. Who was sentenced to 42 years but escaped and travelled overseas
  8. What unusual event occurred in the Sahara Desert in 1979
  9. What capital city was destroyed by earthquake in 1923
  10. What is the state capital of California

More to be added soon

Turn to this page for the answers