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Over the years I have written hundreds of poems (most of which are extremely bad). I have had some published and am happy to share them all with you. Please remember that they were written at different periods in my life and some are the ramblings of what you might think are an unhinged mind.

Others are my attempts to be obtuse or clever and there are many that I cannot imagine what made me write them. There are also plenty that even I do not understand. So you have them here warts and all and I will be adding as soon as I have the time. They all come from a black folder and I would like to re-print here my opening pieces. Please remember that many of the ideas I put forward in this poetry I no longer subscribe to and some I find very embarrassing.

An introduction by way of an explanation

The following was written as an introduction to my first poems and was written on 6th January 1972

To anybody reading this book the poems inside may seem a mere hotchpotch of ideas. To me they are something else. Many represent my feelings towards different ideas and different people at different phases in my life.

The order roughly represents the order in which they were written although this is not followed too rigidly in places.

The first poems do represent my first serious writing attempts. They may not be brilliant pieces, they may not even be good but they are honestly written from the heart. Surely this is the only real way to write poetry, or at least it is the only way that I know.

Many of the people talked of are not known. They come from my own personal experiences. A few even figure in my imagination. Some of the places are fictitious but nowhere have any names been changed to protect the innocent.

Some of it was written quickly and for this I do not apologise because it was written to represent what was happening to me at the time. Other poems were written with thought. Others have been changed slightly but their meaning remains the same. After all isn't it the thought that counts initially?

The contents of this book represent many enjoyable hours, especially during 1971 when the idea came to me not just to sit on my backside and let the world pass by but to get inside that world and look at where I am.

I like to think that they represent a broad section of my world or the outside world as I know it. Whilst saying this I readily acknowledge that my knowledge is extremely narrow. I am always trying to improve this but I suppose nobody can know everything.

Well I hope that explains my intentions rather more clearly and if you still feel none the wiser after reading them I can only apologise.

I just hope they bring somebody as much pleasure as I have had writing them.

Some were mistakes, some quick thoughts but they are all my own effort and it is because of this that the collective group is entitled: Poems from Mistake or straight from the pen.

© Peter Steward 1972


A Second Introduction (18 months on)

This second introduction was written on 19th June, 1973

Sitting in the front room of digs at Lowestoft I felt the need on a slightly chilly and wet June night to write a second introduction to my poetic thought.

I thought it apt because of certain changes in both my mind and position and also my writing.

I feel the stay in Lowestoft from July 1972 to July 1973 (almost 13 months) helped to clarify and simplify my poetry.

With a year's journalistic experience behind me I no longer felt like writing poems so complex that even I could not understand them. I gave up trying to put the world right and started looking deeper at myself, trying to put myself in order.

Gradually I got out of the bad habit of sitting down in a deliberate manner with blank paper and forcing something out. Instead I let ideas whirl around inside my head until I felt I had to write them out. Often this meant there were weeks when nothing got recorded on paper but I became sure that when something was written down it had a meaning. In fact through it I feel I became a slightly better person.

On a much wider point I feel that my poetry shows three distinct periods. The first starts from the first recorded poems, which indeed today cause me acute embarrassment, and carry on until I begin the metaphysical "Light" poetry with "I Came Across A Pillar."

It is difficult to explain that at that time I suppose my poetry matured slightly and I felt a definite change in direction.

The second change was very much less marked but I feel it occurred about "The Future of Man" which coincided with the beginning of my period in Lowestoft.

Perhaps it is all in the nature of a progression. After all progression is something we must all go through. Perhaps in six months time I will look back on the poetry I am writing at the moment and it in turn will embarrass me.

© Peter Steward 1973

A year at Lowestoft over and a temporary stay in Norwich as I approach my 21st birthday. Suddenly a week when confidence grew and I stuck two fingers up at the world.

©Peter Steward 21st August 1973.

A move to Cromer and life is suddenly very much more complex. I longed for an intimate relationship and problems and now I have got them I am not sure I can handle the situation.

©:Peter Steward 10th March, 1974.

Poems 1970-1973

World Life Passes By Fate
In Pensif Mood Caragbeg (A Place to Love) The Monster Called Life
The Wilderness Times Past Remembered The Yellow God
My Goddess God Made All A Theme Upon Wings
Thoughts on a Theme Concerning Religion A Poem Influenced by "Wild Swans at Coole by W.B. Yeats A Comparison Between A Friend on His 18th Birthday and One To Be Admired
A Comparison The Journey The Sovereign Pressure
Comparison Between A Run and a Departure Youth Is There a Meaning
You A Reflection on Easter After Reading a Newspaper Report February 8th, 1973
Destruction Poems on Proverbs Thoughts Towards a Person Giving Up an Important Living
Reflections Adaption from a Musical Theme The Tramp
An Indivisible Being Being Taken for Granted China
Destruction Remembrances of a Friend Who Needs Other Things One Thought on the Sun
The Journey Youth Innocence
A Collector's Item The Love of One Refound War
My Ambition To Fine What I Have Been Searching For Soft But Hard
The Quiet One Young Liberals The Mob
In Hope That Unfortunates Will Find A Better Life Compendium 1 That Gone Has Gone
Compendium 2 Reasoning An Old Love Revisited
Compendium 3 Thoughts on a Theme of Edmund Burke All Time Will Pass
The Feeling Love: The Feeling Hate Jealousy Singular Distractions
The White Albs of Dell Just What Are They Letting Themselves In For? Poetry
Nothing Matters But Her Fate That's What Life's For
Further Places Re-Visited Death A Captive
One Day She Will Grow Old I Came Across a Pillar Intense Light
Spring, Eternal Spring The Childish Form The Four Evils
Her Glory A Singular Thought on Those Killed in an Air Crash Look Round
An Honest Wish for Death A List of Objects A Time of Year
Predestination Birth The Specter of Life
The Voice of Confusion ? Clear and Concise
Love ... Was Success I Am Not Myself
Meditations Love The Trouble
Epitaph to the Leader of A Cult (Jim Morrison) A Pyramid of Contrast Two Short Songs For Music
And I Called After You Thoughts for a Friend Who Has Just Lost a Loved One To Her In A Dream
Ten Years For Life Return From Exile On Return to Harlow
Destruction - A Manual of Mankind Never Relived Never Breathing
Death of an Old Man Ballad to a Sad Hero A Trilogy of Love
Love and Laughter The Room of Love Her Glory: Strangers
Distant Love A Final Farewell to Somebody Who Died The Eagle
The End I Was A Stranger Once And Ireland Wept
The Future of Man Memory of a Party A Boring Existence in Lowestoft, Suffolk, 1972
Suicide A Boxing Dinner Magistrates Court
London Pictures Song without Music And Hitler Blessed
A Whole Week Ahead Women Disillusionment
The Calling Others Like Her Sleep My Love
Two Prose Poems on Madness Pub Talk of Her Poem for February 6th
A Past Day's Work Six Months Further On After Reading a Newspaper Report
February 14th, 1973 Carlton Road, February 21st A Tiring Business
A Thought From the Inner Mind Listen Does She?
Are You Aware of God? The Tunnel of Darkness - Forever No Difference
Love of the Meths Drinker Yesterday Man Past - Present
Where My Mind Lives Anno Domini - April 1973 One Year On
Poems to an Unknown Girl The Second Leaving Reflections
I Still Love Her An Observation To a Jilted Friend
Corruption in High Places Seeing and Believing To Yvonne
Remember ... I am Always Here Waiting A New Ability Changing Moods
Will I Find Anybody? Trust Diary
A Drunken Meaning Songs for an Imaginary Album Not Yet Conceived My Past...My Present ... My Future
My Success.. Above Me A Simple Anti-Love Song Growing in Confidence
De Die In Diem To Eternity Outside Looking In ... Inside Looking Out
A Nasty Poem to a Jumped Up Editor For He ... Read I Line of Thought on 21st Birthday
The Draining of Spirit Postscript Poem to Yvonne - Farewell Marching Atmosphere
Together Alone - 1973 Fateful World Every Morning
Sea of Hate    

Poems 1974 -

Headless - January 1st, 1974 On Falling In Love Sickness of Joy
Submission - Reality I Sat Down Prepared to Wait
Future - Together Forgotten Hope The Fool
Just Say the Word Poems Written in Holt Semi-Break
Without You Poem Written on the Day I Broke Up with the Only Girl I have Ever Really Loved Choke Back the Tears
Not to Be I Don't Give a Damn Trying to Forget
Realisation Cheated (April 29th, 1974 For Your Information
Why? Reflected Tiredness Burial Ground
Poem on Feeling Unsettled Sad Man Life Story - A Beginning?
Elijah Wheelchair Mind's Prison
Christmas (Just Another December 25th) Looking Forward Next Year
The Ending The Unicorn and the Graveyard Written on January 27th 1975 (Joy)
And Still Looking to Old Age Sunday Morning Sick Feeling
And Again ... Why, Where, Who, What, When, How Poem for My Wedding
Affirmation Disciples Until
Destruct Summer Again Old Lady
Corny Rhymes Glass on Glass Suffering
Ten Times Happy Painter - February 13th, 1978

Later Poems