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Christmas 2000 - A Nightmare Vision? 

Hey people I hear the Bible's on the Internet
Surf the Superhighway, see what you get.
Instant religion on the cheap
Now that's the beat on the street.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Let's swing along to the Gospel Song
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus
Just what is all this Christmas fuss?

Corporate killer, God's a filler
Something like a modern day Attilla

So what's in it for me?
I'll read it again for a fee.
Pay me double time
And I'll even make it rhyme.

Just don't stop me from my busy life
Two children, a job and a wife.
Now don't think I'm being odd
But what time is left to give to God?

Hey people I hear Christmas has been cancelled,
Well it always was over-rated, back dated, even hated,
And now that I'm back on-line
Christmas is just a waste of time!