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I Am Aware

I am aware of my own mortality,
Of the fractured vulnerability of life.
I need to reach out
To those in pain or in trouble.
I need to be myself - a carer
And not somebody used and abused.

I need to think of what people are
And what they are going through.

Despair seems to be all around.
I wonder when it will end
And the answer comes flooding to me - NEVER.

An acquaintance collapsed in a field last week
And an 11-year-old boy with only three months to live
Was shown around work.

The management were kind and considerate to him,
Considerate to the dying
While they throw their barbed spears at the living.
The living still have something to fight for
The dying have earned their right not to have to fight.

We must cling on to life
Whilst life exists within us.
Tomorrow it could be gone
And along with it all we have worked for.
	Life is precious
	But so uncertain.