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Peter's Novels and Writings 

Over the years I have made a number of abortive attempts at writing a novel but have always run out of energy and felt very frustrated. Now the web has given me the chance to try some of them out again.

My writings vary between the serious and the amusing (or hopefully amusing). So I will be building up this page in the months ahead. Click on the appropriate areas below to read some of my ramblings. If you hit this page deliberately or by accident do e-mail by clicking here and tell me what you think of it and whether it is worth continuing with. I do hope somebody, somewhere enjoys these pages.

A story of a young reporter in a seaside town in the early 1970s

This story is virtually complete and runs to 75,000 word. At the present time it has no title. It revolves around a weekly newspaper office in the early 1970s with a series of light-hearted incidents and a rather unsettling end. Much of it is based on my own experiences as a young reporter in Lowestoft although the characters are imaginary and the ending is certainly a work of pure fiction.

The History of Plimpton FC Between the Wars

This is an unfinished novel about a small village football club where some unexpected things happen. When completed it will be a light-hearted look at the game of football and power struggles within small clubs.

In Search of Jeffrey Archer

A light-hearted look with a number of essays written in an amusing (hopefully) style on a number of subjects.

An untitled and unfinished novel

Just one of the many novels I have started over the years and then abandoned. My aim is to re-visit them and finish them by turning them into either a full novel or short stories (that's if I can remember what the original plot was.

A Living Death (short story)

This one is a short story that I submitted as a script for Anglia Television's Tales of the Unexpected series many years ago. It wasn't accepted and when you read it you will probably realise why.

Miscellaneous writing and articles index

Other scraps of writing that somebody, somewhere might find interesting.


Another start to a novel that I came across recently. It starts with the death of a woman in a car accident when she is knocked down whilst crossing the road. But is there more to the death than at first meets the eye? I have no idea where this story will go. It could be a psychological drama or a crime novel or a domestic story or even science fiction in the style of Stephen King. Sometimes you just have to start writing and see where the story leads you.

So Small

Runs to just two pages and no idea what the plot was or is and how it was meant to continue. I suppose one day I could construct something around this opening.


A Christmas Story

Another unfinished story - this time about the belief in Santa Claus.