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The Music Years - 2004

The following albums were released in 2004 and have been reviewed thanks to the following legal music sites:


Arcade Fire - Funeral - 7

Neighbourhood 1 - Tunnels / Neighbourhood 2 - Laika / Une Annee Sans Lumiere / Neighbourhood 3 - Power Out / Neighbourhood 4 - 7 Kettles / Crown Of Love / Wake Up / Haiti / Rebellion / In The Backseat

Just occasionally a band comes along with real originality and power and that was certainly the case with Canada's Arcade Fire on their debut album - reminiscent of so much American of the period but at the same time with its own unique sound. Funeral has a life affirming feel good factor despite being prompted by the deaths of a number of family members during its recordings. It still takes a large leap of faith to focus on such depressive subjects and somehow make them feel uplifting. There are some outstanding pieces overlaid across a fully orchestral kind of feel with Wake Up an outstanding track that just builds and builds before suddenly coming to a halt. As a debut album it is highly recommended.


Midlake - Bamnan and Silvercork - 5

They Cannot Let It Expand/ Balloon Maker/ Kingfish Pies/ I Guess I'll Take Care/ Some of them were Superstitious/ The Reprimand/ The Juggler/ He Tried to Escape/ Mopper's Medley/ No One Knew Where We Were/ Anabel/ Mr Amateur

This album would get low marks for having a naff title. Try to remember this one when you are visiting the record store. It's very much a lo-fi production and almost an experimentalist approach that drops somewhere around Mercury Rev territory. Certainly not a bad album, but one where the band seem to be trying to find their way. There are hints of the atmospheric, tuneful songs to follow but it's all a little too low key to be memorable.