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I am gradually building up my reviews of historic albums from America to U2


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Albums reviewed by years from 1963 until the present day.


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A list of concerts and gigs I have attended over the years with reviews when I can remember what they were like.


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My music writing - both published and unpublished.


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Details of Eastern Evening News Here and Now columns I was involved in.


2009 Album Reviews

Major 2009 albums reviewed and rated.


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The Music Years - 1992

The following albums were released in 1992 and have been reviewed thanks to the following legal music sites:


Joan Baez - Play Me Backwards  7

The essence of a successful Baez album is to mix her own songs with covers by new talent  and in Play Me Backwards Baez takes tracks from some of America's brighter songwriters and makes them her own thanks to that remarkable voice. This is definitely an upbeat album with excellent songs from Janis Ian (Amsterdam), Mary Chapin Carpenter (Stones in the Road), John Stewart (Strange Rivers) and John Hiatt (Through Your Hands). Baez has had at least a hand in writing the other tracks with the album opening with the confessional title track that says so much in the opening lines "You don't have to play me backwards To get the meaning of my verse." Other pieces like "The Dream Song" give this album a distinctly contemporary feel to it.