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The Music Years - 1987

The following albums were released in 1987 and have been reviewed thanks to the following legal music sites:


Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason - 6

Signs of Life/Learning to Fly/The Dogs of War/One Slip/On the Turning Way/Yet Another Movie - Round and Around/A New Machine Part One/Terminal Frost/A New Machine Part 2/Sorrow

Roger Waters was long gone when Dave Gilmour decided to have another throw of the  dice with a more typically Floyd album. Amidst arguments and recriminations and threats about using the Floyd name this is a bona fide PF release simply because Waters was in a minority of one and this album brought together Gilmour and Mason with Richard Wright guesting as a musician due to contractual problems of naming him as part of the band. By this time, however, reviews of the band's music were focusing as much on the politics as the music. My job is to state whether, purely in my opinion, there is musical merit in A Momentary Lapse of Reason. There is certainly a harsh felling about some of the material with Dogs of War sounding like an updated version of Money from Dark Side of the Moon. It does say something for the album, however, that decades later pieces such as  Learning to Fly, On the Turning Away sound like Floyd staple offerings. One Slip is an inventive and complex song that gives the album its title. Overall this is a million miles away from the previous album - The Final Cut and it is very difficult to compare the two - so much had happened off stage in the four years between the releases. The album merges together many of the old Floyd trademarks with limited success.