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The Music Years - 1981

The following albums were released in 1964 and have been reviewed thanks to the following legal music sites:


The Visitors - 7

And finally we come to the break-up album - the final studio offering from Abba as we knew them and another musical shift in direction. It's only when you listen to the various albums carefully that you notice a definite change to cope with the times and there is a feeling that a break-up after this album was inevitable with Bjorn and Benny looking towards new projects. The opening track "The Visitors" is an almost frightening climatic offering. The group have said that at this point things were beginning to fall apart with little or no enjoyment from recording and playing together. This is possibly reflected in the lyrics for "When All Is Said and Done." Certainly from an artistic point there is considerable merit in this album. "I Let the Music Speak" hints at the direction Bjorn and Benny would be following in the future. It's a slightly bombastic song that you could imagine turning up on the West End stage. This takes more listening to than probably any other Abba album and because of that it is strangely rewarding in its lack of immediacy.