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The Music Years - 1975

The following albums were released in 1975 and have been reviewed thanks to the following legal music sites:

Harry Chapin - Portrait Gallery -7.5

Dreams Go By/ Tangled up Puppet/ Star Tripper/ Babysitter/ Someone Keeps Calling My Name/ The Rock/ Sandy/ Dirt Gets Under the Fingernails/ Bummer/ Stop Singing Those Sad Songs

If Harry's songwriting took a dip with Verities, he returned to form with Portrait Gallery. From the vaudeville swing of the opening song "Dreams Go By" to the last chord of "Stop Singing Those Sad Songs" we are introduced to Harry's world yet again. It's all here from the pure beauty of his song to his wife "Sandy" to the introspective songs like "Tangled up Puppet" The lyrics are as good as ever, particularly on the wonderful Startripper. Chapin had the ability to be both introverted and outward looking in his songs - but his songs are always so full of imagery. The Rock is a kind of "boy calling wolf" song that teaches us always to listen to what is being said - it might just be the truth.. This album is about relationships, it's about life, it's about lost opportunities, it's about beauty, it's about love. It's virtually about everything.


Abba - 5.5

It seems that Abba's albums have a natural progression with each slightly better than the previous. On their third album the band were beginning slowly to define a style that would lay claim to the greatest pure pop band of all time, but they were fare from there. Again there's a hotch potch of styles and sadly a considerable amount of dross to wade through. They were beginning to put the hits together and it was almost as if the best tracks off this album would be plucked out for greatest hits collections whilst the others would stay in obscurity. So we get "Mamma Mia", "SOS" and "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, but sadly little else of note. Almost as if the songwriting is still evolving and waiting for that breakthrough. Again there are too many filler tracks. Just listing the tracks giives some idea of the obvious lack of class - "Tropical Loveland," "Hey, Hey Helen," "Man in the Middle" and "Bang a Boomerang" Bjorn and Benny try their hand at classical with "Intermezzo No 1" but once again it's quite a lame effort.