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The Music Years - 1973

The following albums were released in 1973 and have been reviewed thanks to the following legal music sites:

Harry Chapin - Short Stories - 8.5

Short Stories/ WOLD/ Song For Myself/ Song Man/ Changes/ They Call Her Easy/ Mr Tanner/ Mail Order Annie/ There's a Lot of Lonely People Tonight/ Old College Avenue

Short Stories arguably saw Harry at his songwriting best - with all the rough corners smoothed out. Again it was full of classic heart-wrenching Chapin songs including the brilliant WOLD - the story of an over the hill disc jockey. It's a story of lost opportunity and confusion and contains my all time favourite lyric "Sometimes I get this crazy dream that I just took off in my car, but you can travel on 10,000 miles and just stay where you are." Chapin's ability to invent characters that we love and feel sorry for in equal measure are never better underlined than in "Mail Order Annie" and "Mr Tanner."  Mail Order Annie has much in common with Better Place to Be from Sniper and Mr Tanner tells the story of a singer who is ridiculed for putting on a public concert that he is talked into doing. This song introduces us to the rich backing vocals of Big John Wallace. Song for Myself brings in elements of gospel. A beautiful album of angst and tears.


Abba - Ring Ring - 4.5

The embryo album that had an unsure start to life, but is now recognised as the band's first, despite the fact that it didn't get released in the United Kingdom until 1992. The original album was released not under the Abba name but that of the four group members Bjorn & Benny and Agnetha & Frida. Some of the lyrics are short of inspiration to say the least and the songs in general are not the smartly crafted pop that was to come later. There are still hints, however, of the joyous music to come although tracks such as "I Saw It in the Mirror"  and the bubblegum pop of "He's Your Brother" have a very limited appeal. Bjorn and Benny have their share of the vocals as if they are unsure about allowing the girls to take centre stage. Of course when they did the results were quite spectacular. It would of course take victory in the Eurovision Song Contest to bring them to prominence. Ironically some of the songs on here seem to come straight from the poppy annuls of Europop. Still songs like "Ring Ring" "Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother" and "Nina Pretty Ballerina" hinted quietly of the riches to come. Elsewhere there's plenty of hippy trippy pop. Inoffensive if unspectacular.