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British progressive/space rock


Studio Albums

The Resistance (2009)





The Resistance - Muse - 6.5

Uprising/Resistance/Undisclosed Desires/United States of Eurasia/Guiding Light/Unnatural Selections/MK Ultra/I Belong to You/Exogenesis Symphony Part 1/Exogenesis Symphony Part 2/Exogenesis Symphony Part 3

I'm sure the fact that this is a bombastic record will come as no surprise to Muse's fans, but have they gone just too far over the top with their fifth album. I have a problem with Muse. Are they true prog rockers, pretenders to the throne of Queen or just super cosmic space age rockers in the style more akin to The Darkness with synth pop as a backdrop. Well I suppose the answer is a little bit of both. Certainly Muse have pushed the boundaries with this record, delving more into classical music. On United States of Eurasia lead singer Matt Bellamy manages to sound like Freddy Mercury dropped in the Egyptian desert. Nevertheless it's one of the stand-out tracks on the album with some delicate piano playing amongst all the stadium rock. Muse have the ability to take you high and then let you down gently with some beautifully melodic passages. You could never say that listening to Muse keeps you in the comfort zone, but perhaps that's what music is all about. The highlight of the album is the three part Exogenesis Symphony which brings it to a conclusion. Here the band are at their most enigmatic and complex.