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British Singer Songwriter

Years of Refusal - 2009





Years of Refusal - Morrissey -

Something is Squeezing My Skull/ Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed/ Black Cloud/ I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris/ All You Need is Me/ When I Last Spoke to Carol/ That's How People Grow Up/ One Day Goodbye Will be Farewell/ It's Not Your Birthday Anymore/ You Were Good in Your Time/ Sorry Doesn't Help/ I'm Ok by Myself.

Just how much angst and vitriol can this man perpetrate? The answer is obviously a considerable amount. The problem is how much of this do we want to listen to or take in. Here the answer is mixed. Yes we all feel miserable and yes we all want to be miserable at times. But we don't want to make a career out of being depressed. So does Morrissey need to lighten up? Well a good cause of life coaching obviously wouldn't go amiss but then what would he sing about? That said Years of Refusal isn't a bad album by any means. It's just that Morrissey will be 50 this year and I can't help feeling it's time he grew up a little. Here he bemoans once again that nobody loves him, nobody cares. Well love old mate is a two way street. You have to give as well as take. So when we get lyrics like "Nobody wants my love, Nobody needs my love" and "I was wasting my life just thinking about myself" it's almost time to heave up with embarrassment. If these aren't bad enough we then get "yes there are things worse in life than never being someone's sweetie." Is sweetie the kind of word a 49-year-old usually users? I would suggest not. But let's not be negative. Morrissey has to express his views about love and sex through his music. We know this, so we either listen to the album and its well constructed melodies or we ignore it. The choice is ours. At least you know exactly what to expect.