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 Joni Mitchell

American female singer songwriter






Joni Mitchell


Shine - 4

After nine years of silence Joni comes out with a new album. I have thoroughly enjoyed her previous journey through her classic songs, setting them to a classical base. So what could we expect from her 17th studio album. Sadly the answer is "a great disappointment." It really does sound like Joni has run out of ideas and any amount of marketing hype telling us that this is a return to form, a vital album and Joni on top form is just simply marketing hype. The voice is still there, perhaps deeper than in the great days, but the lyrics are becoming trite. There's only so many times that you can rail against abuse of the environment. Sadly Joni has reached saturation level on this subject and the whole concept has become dated. In other words she has nothing more to say on the subject, however many interviews to the contrary she does. The album lacks ideas and that's pretty much illustrated by a new version of Big Yellow Taxi that gives us nothing new apart from a couple of new lines that includes changing "They took all the trees and put em in a tree museum and they charged the people a dollar and a half  to see them into "They took all the trees and put em in a tree museum and they charged all the people an arm and a leg to see them."- wow it's scarcely pulitzer prize re-writing, but it does sum up the lack of originality here.