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Diary May 1973

Tuesday May 1st

The day when I got my car and then saw it go back to the garage again.. Spent morning doing certain small things and then at dinnertime went to the bank to get my cheque to pay for the car. Went with Steve and Andy to get some fish and chips. Then went to get the car but Mr Smith wasn't there. During the afternoon I went back and this time picked it up. Took Andy out for a drive. Went as far as Hopton. When we got back to Boston Road the bloody thing conked out. Went back to the office. John came out and looked at it. We then went and saw Smith. He came out and saw it but said he would have to take it back to the works. After work Andy drove me down to the garage and I decided to leave the car as he had not found out what was wrong. Went home and had tea with John and Andy. Went out to sort out a townswomen's Guild evening and then returned to the digs. Tony came round and we all went to the bowling alley at Yarmouth. I cam second in all three games, scoring an average of just over 100. Afterwards we came back to Lowestoft, bought some Kentucky Fried Chicken and took it back to the office to eat. Spent one hell of a time telling jokes in the office before returning home and going to bed at 2.05 a.m.

Wednesday May 2nd

When I got to the office I phoned up the garage but they said they still hadn't cleared the fault. Later in the morning they phoned up to say it was a blocked jet and they had cleared it. Went down with Tony and, after taking him for a run, ran him back to the office and then went on to the Town Hall to meet some civil defence people from Austria. Returned to the office and went to get some fish and chips from Bevan Street. After dinner I went to see a 73 year old walker in Oulton Broad. As she was out I went on to Blundeston Primary School for a story about kids gymnastics. When I came back to the office Nigel told me about a chap from John Colliers who had been walking down the street when he saw money blowing about. I went down to see him and then went back to the office to write the various things up. Left the office near 6 p.m. Came home and then spent the evening watching Lowestoft Players rehearsing for Carousel. Came home, watched Liza Minelli Show and had a bath before returning to my room and going to bed at 11.10 p.m for some well needed sleep. Posted tax things at dinnertime.

Thursday May 3rd

Woke up very much later than usual at 8.50 a.m having got back much of the sleep I needed. Went into work and spent morning getting STD ready. Also went to try and see Lucy Jones. She was out same as she was in the afternoon when I called round. A dinner hour I went down with Tony (who will soon be leaving to take up the editorship of a sex paper!), Steve, Andy and John. Afterwards we went on to Tuttles for some coffee. I then went and got Shipping, Trawl Diary. After going to see Mrs Jones, finished work at about 5 p.m and read my music papers until it was time to go to shorthand. At 8 p.m Duncan, me , John and Andy Knowles and Nolan from the Yarmouth Press Agency went to the Volunteer. Then went on to Shades and Maxims before finishing up at the Cliff. Came back to Lowestoft and had some chips before going to bed at 11.35 p.m.

Friday May 4th

Spent the morning messing about and did hardly any work although I did phone Peter Anthony up. During the morning I went with Andy and saw George Day and arranged to put the car in for a service on Monday week. At dinner I had some Kentucky Fried Chicken and then went to the Foxburrow with Andy, Tony and John for John's farewell drink. Also went into Morlings and bought Blue Boy by Jan Akkerman and See My Baby Jive by Wizzard. Then went to Tuttles coffee bar where we remained until about 3 p.m. Went back to the office and then went to see a woman whose Golden Wedding it was. She was bloody awkward and in the end I more or less told her to forget it. Hung around the office until 6 p.m and then went back to the digs with Andy and John. Had a coffee before leaving. I took Andy to Beccles and then went on to Norwich where I took John's big black chair home. Came home with John and then went round to see N and G before going back to johns for tea. After tea we went to Stokesby and I let John have a drive of my Fiat. From there we went on to the Brick Kilns and then I took John home before returning home myself and, after watching the cup programme on TV I went to bed at 12.05 a.m.

Saturday May 5th

Cup Final day and so consequently I spent all day watching TV to see Sunderland defy all the odds to beat Leeds 1-0 with a goal from Ian Porterfield. Woke up to a telephone call from Mike. After tea he phoned up again to ask me out for a drink. After having a bath I picked him and Jeannette up at hers at 8.30 p.m. After a ride round we went to the Red Lion at Drayton and then had scampi and chips from the Reepham Road fish shop. I then drove them back to Jeannettes before going home to watch the end of Match of the Day. Went to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Sunday May 6th

Had to work today unfortunately so I drove back to Lowestoft at 9.15 a.m. Went back to the digs and had a shave before going down to Royal Plain for a ceremony of the Piron? Brigade to commemorate their billeting in Lowestoft during the war. After getting cold through I returned to the office to write it up. Then returned home and cooked myself some dinner. At 2.30 I went to Crown Meadow where I saw Alderman beat Mutford 4-1 in the Sunday League Cup Final. Then went to Oulton Broad and got some petrol before returning to my digs and having tea. Decided not to go to the Players rehearsals as I was too tired and so after tea I stayed in and watched TV and played records before going to bed at 11.30 p.m. Decided to check mieleage on car. When I put four gallons in it was on 966.

Monday May 7th

Quite a busy day although I spent it all in the office. It was mostly small stories but plenty of them. Decided not to go to Carrow Road and see the Taxaco Cup Final as I couldn't really afford it and couldn't be bothered to go all that way. Took the parcel down to the station after work and then returned home for tea. After tea I went down to the Sea Cadets who were being presented with a cheque for 500 by the Lions towards their new HQ in St Peter's Street. I also got roped into a walk on June 3rd round Normanston Park. Returned home and spent the rest of the evening listening to some of my singles. Heard News at Ten to get the City result. Heard beforehand that City had lost 2-1 giving Ipswich the trophy on an aggregate score of 4-2. Retired to my room and cleared the mess up and listened to some records before going to bed at 11 p.m. During the evening I finished off and posted my letter to C.

Tuesday May 8th

Quite a hectic day. Spent most of the morning in court and then when I had finished I had to write a couple of the stories up for the EDP. At dinnertime I phoned John up at the Norwich Mercury and arranged to meet him at the Yarmouth Bowl during the evening. Spent the afternoon doing court and a lot of small things although I kept getting stopped by various people coming in. Left office and went home to cook. Andy came round and shortly afterwards Tony. At 7.30 p.m we drove over to Yarmouth and had three games of bowling. While there we were joined by John Jenkin who had come down from Doncaster. After we left the bowl we popped into the Foxborrow for a drink and then got some fish and chips from the Dolphin and went back to the office to eat them. Came home and finally got to bed at 12.45 a.m.

Wednesday May 9th

Potentially a very good day that in fact fizzled out into nothing. Spent the whole of the morning in court and got very court up in an extremely boring dangerous driving case. After dinner I had to go back to get the verdict. During the afternoon Roy phoned up to tell me that the holiday had to be paid for this week. George also phoned to say him, Mike and Jeannette would come round for tea at about 9 p.m on Friday. Spent the rest of the afternoon typing up court and various other things. Came home and really rushed around to have a bath, tea and semi clear everything up. At 7.20 p.m I went to Crown Meadow to see a reserve Norwich City beat Lowestoft 1-0 with a goal from Self. Afterwards I went back to the office to phone copy over to Ipswich. The woman at the other end said she would phone back but after half an hour I phoned Ipswich back but got no answer so I left the office. I had intended going to the Clappertons Club to ask Sue out again. But by now it was too late so I decided to phone her up tomorrow under the guise of doing a story on the club and then asking her out. When I got home I decided to watch the EUFA Cup Final on television but it was the last straw when I heard it was postponed and replaced by some fucking crappy Frank Sinatra show. Decided to have a glass of milk and then go to my room instead. Went to bed at 11.05 p.m.

Thursday May 10th

Was surprised when I woke up to find that it was 9 a.m. Managed to get up on time, however, and go into work where I began by writing up last night's match. At dinnertime went to the Wimpey with Tony and Andy. Came back to the office and then went down to get STD, which took most of the afternoon to write up. Towards the end of the afternoon with Andy's help I composed a letter to the EDP and EEN about Norwich City's lack of public relations. After taking the parcel down to the station I returned to the office for shorthand. At the end of shorthand me, Andy Knowles and Duncan went across to the Volunteer where I wond 60p on the machine, We then went on to Maxims and Shades and then to the Cliff where we had a meal before I returned to Lowestoft. During the evening I arranged to go to a disco with them on Saturday night. Got home and went straight to my room before going to bed at 11.50 p.m.

Friday May 11th

This marks 20 complete weeks of writing the diary up and also marks an enjoyable day. When Igot into work in the morning I phoned Sue up at Mann Eegertons. She told me to phone up some night and she would arrange to go out for a drink. I am thinking of either taking her ten pin bowling, for a meal or a drink at Southwold. In the post I got a letter from John Downing saying I had failed my 100 wpm shorthand. I later found out that Tom and John had passed. Did absolutely nothing all day. At dinner hour went down to the Wimpey, then Tuttles with Tony and Andy. Left work at 5.30 p.m and had a hectic time tidying everything up and getting everything ready for cooking before Mike, Jeannnette and George came round at 9.10 p.m. Had a good meal, listened to some records and told some jokes before they left at about midnight. I left everything in a mess and retired to bed half pissed at 12.25 a.m.

Saturday May 12th

Got up slightly later than usual and went into work. During the morning I did a golden wedding in Haward Street and also went to see a chap who had traced his family history back 200 years. He wasn't there so I decided to return in the afternoon. Phoned up Mrs Benns who has been a supporter of Oulton Broad for over 40 years and arranged to see her on Tuesday. After dinner I phoned home and went to see the family tree man. Helped Glynne complete his football records and left the office at about 5 p.m. Came home and then went down to the Kentucky Fried Chicken place. At 7.30 p.m I went over to Andys at Yarmouth and there watched the England v Northern Ireland match before going with Andy and Duncan to Maxims, Shades and a dive called Bricks which I found to be an incredibly boring place. We left there at about 12.30 a.m and then after having a hot dog went back to Andys for a coffee. Drove home and went to bed at 1.40 a.m.

Sunday May 13th

Woke up late and got up at about 11 a.m before driving back to Norwich. When I got home I phoned up Mike and then had dinner. After dinner I took nanny and mum out for a drive all around Wymondham, Attleborough and Watton. On the way home I went round to see George and see if he wanted to go for a drink during the evening. He said no but we arranged to have a game of tennis in the evening. Came home and washed the car. Decided not to play tennis as it was wet. Had tea and then a bath and spent the evening listening to my tape recorder. Went to be at 11.10 p.m. Nanny gave me 100 as promised.

Monday May 14th

Began the drive back to Lowestoft at 11.a.m. After going back to the digs I took the car to George Day for its service. Then walked up to the office. At dinner hour I went down to the Wimpey with Andy and Tony. Then went to Tuttles and then went to see George Day and pick up Andy's car. He then drove me to my digs where I listened to the radio and record player until 4 p,m and then went to Halfords and bought a couple of mats for the car. Went back to the office until 5.30 and then went for the car. Only very very minor faults so I brought it home. After tea I went to the office to phone Sue up. Unfortunately she was out playing netball so I couldn't arrange a date. I will have to phone her up at work tomorrow. Spent the evening at the pictures with Steve. We went to see Cabaret - a brilliant musical starring the incredible Liza Minelli. Afterwards I drove Steve Home and then returned  home myself before going to bed at 10.45 p.m.

Tuesday May 15th

Went in to work early and phoned Sue up. She said she wasn't free until Monday but asked me to phone on Saturday night at 6.30 p.m. It wasn't until later that I realised The David Bowie concert was on Monday. During the morning I went down to the Town Hall for a civic reception for some sports children from Frankfurt. At dinnertime went down to the Grenadier with Steve to get some fish and chips. Spent afternoon catching up on various things. Waited to take the parcel down to the station and then returned home. After a bowl of soup I went down to the new record shop. It was a load of rubbish as expected although I did pick up To Know Him is to Love Him by the Teddy Bears and It's Only Make Belief by Conway Twitty for 10p each. From there I went on to Dell Road to see Polly Benns. She and her husband were very interesting and I spoke to them for a good while about football. Then went on to Crown Meadow and saw the last 15 minutes of the Norwich Premier Cup between Yarmouth and Gorleston. Returned to the office and phoned the Benns up to say that Gorleston had won 2-0. Then went to get some fish and chips before coming back to the digs and going to my room. Finally went to bed at 11.05 p.m.

Wednesday May 16th

Started and indeed spent most of the morning writing up the Oulton Broad supporters story. At lunchtime I went home and changed into my best suit for two reasons 1/ During the morning I split my trousers and 2/ I had to go to the Rotary lunch. At 12.50 I went to the Victoria Hotel and had a fairly good lunch at the expense of the rotary club. Heard a chap speak on North Sea gas and then went back to the office. Spent the afternoon writing it up and clearing small stuff. During the afternoon Peter Anthony phoned up and I arranged to go for a drink Sunday evening. Left the office at 5.45, came home with Andy, had a coffee and then went down to the record shop. Bought another Conway Twitty single and one by Eden Kane. Came back to my flat and then went and got some fish and chips. Had a bath and spent a quiet evening listening to records before going to bed at 11.35 p.m. C the new girl receptionist started today. She's not as pretty as we thought at first. Learnt tonight never to write the diary up before I go to bed. Just when I was saying spent the night listening to records I got the TV going which enabled me to see the Scotland v Northern Ireland match. Also when I was having my bath Steve came to the door to tell me he would like to stay in the flat as his digs were no longer available.

Thursday May 17th

An extremely hectic day. Started off the morning in court where I had to deal with an assault and an irate bus passenger. At dinnertime I went down to the Wimpey with Tony, Andy and Steve. When I returned to the office I had to go down to Bingham's restaurant where I met money grabbing, mean AW. When I returned I had to write out my court, do the ad feature and various other things. Hence I didn't get to shorthand until almost 7 p.m. Left the office at 8 p.m and went bowling with Andy Knowles, Andy Lemon and Duncan. I came second twice and third once with Duncan winning all three games. Afterwards we went to the Wimpey on Regent Road and then, after running Duncan and Andy home I returned home myself and went to bed at 11.45 p.m

Friday May 18th

Although I really started my holiday yesterday I went into work this morning although not until 10 a.m. I went in primarily to get my Carousel feature done. This I did by dinnertime when I went down to the Wimpey with Steve. On the way back we went into Morlings and listened to a side of Red Rose Speedway which was very good. Came back to the office for a short while and then went back to my digs and got my stuff ready for the week. During the morning Roy phoned up. Drove home to Norwich. After tea I phoned Mike up and arranged a game of tennis for Sunday morning. Spent the evening watching TV before going to my room and listening to records before going to bed at 11.05 p.m. During the week a number of letters concerning Norwich have been printed in the EDP and EEN. They came from me, Andy and Steve and one from Paul which I knew nothing about. Also during the day I phoned Mike Walpole up to ask for some union application forms. In the meantime Steve gave me his spare press card.

Saturday May 19th

I had to write this up on Sunday morning as I didn't remember much about the night after about midnight. Got up later as it was the first day of my holiday. All I did during the morning was have a bath. George phoned up and asked me for a game of tennis in the afternoon which I turned down because I wanted to watch the England v Scotland match which I duly did. After an early tea I drove back to Lowestoft. Phoned Sue up from a kiosk in Fir Lane but once again she wasn't in. I think I will give the whole idea up. After spending some time in my digs I went to the Volunteer and got some wine and then drove over to Kessingland for Tony Slinn's farewell party. When I got to his house only John Vincent, Andy and Tony's girlfriend were there. We went down to the King's Head and stayed there until closing time when we went back to his house and raved up. I didn't remember too much as I got really pissed. I remember dancing with Y and then the party breaking up when Andy refused to play any more records and Y boyfriend threatened to smack him over the head with a bottle. After the break up I went to bed in Tony's spare room at about 2.30 a.m give or take an hour.

Sunday May 20th

Surprisingly I got quite a bit of sleep and woke up at about 8 a.m. Suddenly felt sick and spewed up in the wash basin in the room. Felt better after that only to spew again when I got up. Felt better and left Tonys. Went back to the dogs and got the old bed clothes before driving back to Norwich. Went round to see Mike and then brought him back to mine to listen to a few records. After dinner I had my first game of tennis of the season against George. After struggling for a long time I eventually beat him 2-6, 6-4, 6-1, 9-7. I was absolutely exhausted when I got home but managed to have tea and a bath. Phoned Paul up and had a long talk with him before going round for George to see if he wanted to go out to North Walsham to see Peter Anthony. He was too tired so I went on my own. We spent the evening at a pub at Skeeton (or some such name). Went back to his for coffee and then drove home and went to bed absolutely knackered at 12.05 a.m. During the evening made tentative arrangements to have a party at my digs on June 2nd.

Monday May 21st

Didn't wake up very early and consequently didn't get up very early either. After I had been up a while I phoned Tom up at Beccles to arrange to meet him at the Bowie concert. Infortunately it was his day off. Spent the morning listening to records. At dinner hour Mike phoned up to say he had passed all his exams but Roy failed the lot. Granddad was taken off to hospital because of his illness. Vera phoned up and then during the afternoon there were further phone calls from Tom to arrange to meet him tonight at 8.45 p.m and Mrs O' Callaghan. After tea I went round to see Mike and then from there to see Paul to say I would be round later tomorrow as I had promised to g and see granddad early on. From there I went to see David Bowie concert which was very disjointed and loud and he did nothing with the acoustic guitar and gave no encore. Apart from that on several of the songs he just missed the notes completely. Afterwards I drove home and went to bed at 11.40 p.m.

Tuesday May 22nd

Had tp get up earlier than expected as Mrs O'Callaghan phoned up again. I then ramn dad round the road to see how nany was. When I got back I phoned up the Journal to tell Andy to meet me outside the library on Thursday. Spent the rest of the morning listening to records, then after dinner I went up the city to have a look round the second hand record shops and get a refill for my poetry book. When Iwas on my way to Smiths I saw Lynn coming out of school. It was the first time I had seen her since we broke up nearly two years ago. I was sure she recognised me. I came home and had a bath and tea before going with mum and Vera to see granddad in hospital. After running them home I went to see Paul and spent the evening with him listening to records and arguing about football. During the evening Mike phoned up to ask me out for a drink tomorrow. Came home and went to bed at 12.10 a.m. At tea time I picked mum up from the school as she had a puncture on her bike.

Wednesday May 23rd

Got up at 9.30 a.m and took the dogs down for their clipping. Came back and spent the rest of the morning listening to the radio and writing up my poetry. Also phoned John up to arrange to meet him for the Monty Python concert. Spent the afternoon listening to records. Mike phoned up to arrange for a drink in the evening. At 5 p.m I went to pick Mum up from the school. George also phoned up to arrange to be included in the drink. At 7 p.m I went round to Roys to pay him for the holiday. He said he would be going for the drink as well so after calling home we picked up Mike, George and Jeannette in that order and then went out to Bramerton Woods End where we stayed until not short of closing time. Drove back into Norwich, got some fish and chips at Reepham Road and then went back to Georges to eat them. I then ran Jeannette, Mike and Roy home in that order before coming home myself and going to bed at 12.25 a.m.

Thursday May 24th

Didn't get up until about 11 a.m and then spent the morning lazing about as I felt really tired. John phoned up to say that his new girlfriend would like the spare Monty Python ticket. I continued feeling tired all day and did nothing during the afternoon except ring George up and tell him he couldn't have the Monty P ticket. During the afternoon Harry and Gladys came round and at 5 p.m I ran them home before going down to school to pick mum up. After tea I watched TV and had a quick wash before going to the Theatre Royal at 8.30. There I met Andy Lemon, Andy Knowles, John and his new girlfriend. The show was really funny and a good tonic. Before the show Andy told me that I had made quite a spectacle of myself at Tony's party. After leaving the theatre I drove back home, getting some fish and chips on the way before going to bed at 12.10 a.m.

Friday May 25th

Did very little today but continued to have a good rest. During the morning I wrote a couple of poems. After dinner I washed and polished the car and phoned up Top Rank to tell them that the TV had gone wrong. Spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the radio. Spent the evening watching TV until 10 p.m when I went to get some fish and chips. Mum and dad went up the hospital and granddad wasn't too well. They also found out that Mrs Smith is in hospital. At 10.45 p.m went to my room to listen to the radio before going to bed at 11.35 p.m. Nanny gave me 5 today.

Saturday May 26th

A real tennis day. Woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Arranged with Mike to play tennis in the afternoon. Spent the morning listening to the radio and watching TV. At 2 p.m I picked Mike up and we spent the afternoon playing tennis at Waterloo Park. I beat him 7-5, 6-0, 3-6, 6-2 and then won a fifth set 6-0. Returned home, had tea and a quick rest before going down to Heigham Park where I beat George 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 and 5-0 in a further set. Afterwards I went back to his and listened to his cassette of Dingly Dell. Returned home hoping for a bath but couldn't have one because the water wouldn't heat up. So I watched TV then went to bed at 11.45 p.m prepared to play George at 9 a.m tomorrow.

Sunday May 27th

Another exhausting tennis day. Got up at about 8.30 a.m and drove down to Waterloo Park to meet George for our early game. The park was shut and George wasn't there so I went round his to find he was just getting up. We eventually had a game at Higham Park and I won 6-2, 6-1, 6-1, 6-0. From there I went round Mikes and caught him just getting up as well. We went down to Waterloo Park and again I won, this time 6-1, 6-4, 6-1. Came home and after dinner finally managed to get a bath. After tea I watched television for a time before going round to Georges. There I had a coffee before we went to the Tuns for a drink. After winning 75p on the fruit machine we went back to Georges for another coffee. Returned home and got some things ready to return to work tomorrow and after listening to some albums went to bed at 11.05 p.m. Decided to get the following records although how many of them I actually get is another matter - One Man Band by Ronnie Dyson, Carny by Leon Russell and Red Rose Speedway by Wings.

Monday May 28th

Drove back to Lowestoft extra early with the intention of missing out the holiday traffic. I needn't have worried, however, as there was hardly a car on the road. When I got into work I spent all morning on the files. At dinnertime went down tot he Wimpey with Andy. There we met Patsie and the three of us went to Tuttles. From there we went on to the fete at Oulton Broad and then had a walk round Oulton Broad and then returned to the office via Sparrows Nest where I tried without success to speak to the new organist. At 5.30 p.m I left the office and came home and had tea before going out to Oulton Broad to see somebody whose chimney had collapsed. Unfortuinately they were out so I went on to the Sparrow's Nest where I saw the Lowestoft players production of Carousel which was really excellent. Afterwards I went back to the office and sent some copy over for the EDP/EEN and then returned to the flat. Spoke to Christine for a while and then had a drink before retiring to my room and going to bed at 11.55 p.m.

Tuesday May 29th

Because of Tony leaving, the office is rather understaffed and consequently I had a hell of a load of work today. Started and indeed spent most of the morning writing up my Carousel copy. At dinnertime I went down to the Casbah with Andy and Tony who had come back to the office. Spent the whole afternoon writing up a bloody boring dog show. Left the office at about 6.30 p.m. Steve was moving in today and was already at the digs. He had to go to a council meeting. So I spent the evening playing records including my two new albums - One Man Band by Ronnie Dyson and Red Rose Speedway by Paul McCartney. Also had a bath just before Steve came in with some chips. Continued listening to recrods before finally retiring to my room, sorting out my record collection and going to bed at 12.15 a.m.

Wednesday May 30th

Spent the first part of the morning in court and consequently the second part writing up court copy and sending it over to Norwich. At dinner I went with Andy to the Copper Kettle but, as it was full, we went back to Anthonys and had a big meal. Spent the afternoon doing small things and at 5.45 p.m I took the parcel down to the station before returning home for a quick snack before going over to Kessingland for the parish council meeting. I had to stand outside for about 30 minutes while they interviewed candidates for the post of clerk. It seems I have been adopted as reporter for them now Tony has left. Got home at 10.15 just in time to see the last 10 minutes of the Ajaz v Juventus European Cup Final. Then cooked some fritters for me and Steve before retiring to my room and going to bed at 12.05 a.m. While waiting for admission to the council I wrote a poem to Y whom I must admit I have a crush on at the moment.

Thursday May 31st

Got up earlier than usual and went in to work by 9 a.m so I could write up my Kessingland Parish Council copy. At 10.45 I walked down to Jewsons timber yard to do a Rover feature for Andy on Arthur Walpole, a saw doctor. At dinnertime I went down to the Wimpey with Steve and Andy and from there went on to Tuttles coffee bar. After I went and got the Shipping, Trawl, Diary before coming back to the office. I dropped a hint to Y that she still hadn't had a drive in the car. She said how about tomorrow and I said I would drive her out to Hopton for a drink. Spent the rest of the afternoon writing up STD and the saw story. At 5 p.m I came back to the flat with Steve and we had a cup of coffee and a bite to eat before going to shorthand. I left shorthand early to go to the unveiling of a plaque in memory of Major Oakes at the Drill Hall. From there I went on with Andy Knowles and Duncan to the bowling alley in Yarmouth. After three games we went back to the Cliff and Duncan and myself spent a good deal of the time reminiscing about college days. Left there and drove home and brought the possibility of a party a step nearer by getting Christine's permission. Finally went to bed at midnight.