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David Mason

David Mason is a poet and former restaurant owner who moved to Norfolk at the beginning of the 1990s and today works in schools throughout Norfolk -teaching children the joys of poetry. 

David was born in 1960 and studied biology at Manchester University before embarking on a career in sales training with a pharmaceutical company.

In 1992 he began working at the Alfresco Eating House in the delightful Norfolk Broadland village of Ludham. This decision to move to self employment created the atmosphere for him to pursue his interest in writing which has seen him produce two extremely original volumes of poetry over the last couple of years.

David has also undertaken a number of "poetry" evenings for charity where coffee, wine and chocolate cake also play an important part in the evening.

His books to date include "Free Entertainment, a collection of poetic tales," "Inside Out" and his latest collection "Get a Life." In addition he has recorded an audio tape "Speaking Out".

The following three poems come from David's 1996 collection "Inside Out". They are copyright and reproduced here with David's kind permission. 


What is sad?
What is happy?
It makes me sad
To think I won't be happy again.
I'm so happy,
I dread the thought of sadness.
Good things make me happy,
Bad things make me sad.
But is there anything good
About being happy?
Is there anything bad
About being sad?
It makes me happy to know I feel,
I should be sad if I didn't


By the shattering
Of cut glass
On polished stone
To find the red rose she gave
Gulping air,
Shuddering cold,
Drying to death, dismembered,
A loss of petal limbs.
Traces of carnage litter tiles.
Contemplating my loss,
The cat creeps in placing
A friendly paw upon me, whispers
"It would never have lasted anyway."


The last bastion of the male preserve,
A fruit of indulgence
Developed over years,
Fed upon a nutrient rich assortment
Of beer, chips and indolence, is the gut.
Nurtured from a tiny swelling seedling,
Fast breeders may force feed,
Most opt for a steady increase of excess.
An outcome comes out,
First showing as a curled lip
Spilling over trouser belt, Then ballooning in time
To accommodate the waste in life,
Finally forming a baby stomach
Attached to the proud father
And so attractive to the female of the species.

All poems copyright David J. Mason and taken from "Inside Out - More Poetry by David J. Mason.

David has his own web site which can be accessed by clicking here.