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Diary March 1978

Wednesday March 1st

Another very late night. This time, however, it was a much more enjoyable evening than last night. The reason was because it was St David's Day and we went to the Yarmouth Welsh Society and had a really good evening.

Up at the usual time and into work and, although I wasn't greatly pushed, I did find enough to do through the morning and afternoon. At dinnertime I had sandwiches in the office and then went to the Crown with Alan. We spent the lunch hour playing darts and then returned at 2.15 p.m to the office.

Spent the afternoon tying up one or two things and then left for home in the office car at 5p.m. Had a bath and got ready very quickly and then went round to Malcolm and Christines at 6.15 p.m. The idea was to have a drink before going on to Gorleston for the Welsh dinner dance at St Edmunds Hotel.

We set off at 6.45 p.m. We took my car and had Christine's friends Steve and Lynne with us. We arrived at Gorleston in nice time and had a drink before sitting down to dinner. The whole evening was in Welsh including the singing. Nevertheless the food was plentiful and the dancing afterwards very good. In fact it was a jolly and zany evening and came to a close at midnight.

At the end drove back to Christines and had a quick cup of coffee before coming home and going to bed very late again, but at least I have the office car and can go into work late.

Thursday 2nd March

Felt very tired this morning, but stayed in bed after Anne went to work. Got up, however, when the postman arrived with our home exchange directory. We're hoping to swap a home with somebody in the USA.

After getting ready I drove to Bungay to do the calls. Started at Bungay High School and then the newsagents and finished at the Angel to pick up Mrs Harrison's stuff. There I had a cup of coffee and then drove to the office and didn't do much work before going to the Crown for lunch. Stayed there for three-quarters of an hour and then went to the library before returning to the office for the Thursday afternoon stint.

I thought I had timed everything well but, with What's On to do and numerous other things it was a push to get everything done for the 4.15 p.m parcel. I managed that and then phoned some copy over before driving over to Worlingham to drop my Round Table nominations in to Brian Hawkin. Then drove home and had tea and watched television for a time before getting ready and driving back into Beccles with Anne.

She had a Ladies Circle meeting and I was going to the public hall for a meeting about the twinning with a French town. I arrived late but didn't miss much at all and they got no further ahead at the end than they had been at the start. Luckily it didn't go on too long and I was out by 8.30 p.m. Returned to the office and put over some late football copy before going to the Crown. There  I met Alan and we resumed our darts match. At 10.30 p.m I walked to the King's Head and picked Anne up and we drove home and went to bed.

Friday 3rd March

This was supposed to be my long weekend but I decided to go in today because Alan and Christine had a shorthand exam in Lowestoft and there was nobody in court. What with that and two jobs tomorrow and one on Monday night and an intention of going in on Monday, it doesn't say much for a long weekend. Still I am probably happier at work.

It was a good job that I went to court because there was an interesting case that was worthwhile. Court lasted until about midday and at the end I had fish and chips in the office and then went down to the Crown after I had finished my court cases. Stayed there until 2 p.m and then spent the afternoon finishing the court and typing out a draft letter to send to the exchange places.

Left at 4 p.m and came home and had tea. At last during the evening had a restful time and spent it typing out letters for the exchange and watching television. When we went to bed at 10.15 p.m it was earlier than for quite some time.

Saturday 4th March

Another busy day with a change of plan in the evening thanks to another Tony blunder. Up a little later than usual and, after breakfast, set off for Yarmouth to do some shopping. The main idea was to get Anne some shoes. That we did and also had some coffee in Palmers before driving home and arriving back at 12.45 p.m. Had dinner and watched the television for a while before driving into Beccles to see them play Hoveton.

It was an extraordinary game. Beccles were 3-0 down after 17 minutes and 4-0 down at half-time when I went to put my copy over. Then in the second half they made a tremendous comeback to score four goals to level it. Then Hoveton scored the winner with 10 minutes to go. At the end I returned to the office to put my copy over and then rung up a chap about the supposed rotary do in the evening and found that we weren't really invited because Tony hadn't answered their invitation.

So that left us in a bit of a mess, so when I got home I booked a table at the Harleston Swan. Then had a bath and slowly got ready and left for Harleston at 7.30 p.m. When we got there we found the meal wasn't booked and so they had to do a lot of scampering about to arrange a table. The meal was basic, but solid. At the end we had coffee in the lounge although it wasn't particularly successful because there were a party of people there who pretended that they owned the place and had the right to take it over. So we left and came home in time for Match of the Day. At the end of that I went to bed.

Sunday 5th March

The usual restful Sunday, although I got out on a couple of occasions today. It was a lovely bright sunny day at 7.30 a.m but slowly it got rather cloudy and rather cold which just proves that the winter is not over yet. Got up at 9.30 a.m and had a cooked breakfast and then, when Anne went off to church, I set off for a bike ride.

About 35 minutes in all and as far as Bungay and back. A bit cold and tiring. Came home and had dinner when Anne got back and then spent the early afternoon watching Match of the Week. Then it was car cleaning time and digging the garden, both of which are highly boring. That took about an hour.

Spent the rest of the day doing very little except watching television. During the evening phoned home and Gladys' home has already been sold and they got 6,800 for it which seems a very reasonable price.

Monday 6th March

Quite a satisfying day and once again the start of another hectic period. I think I shall be in two days of the next 10. Although in theory it was another day off I decided to go into work for one or two reasons. Firstly I don't particularly enjoy just sitting around at home on my own and secondly I had plenty of work to do. So up at usual time and into work.

Spent the morning doing the weekend football and a few other things. Had sandwiches in the office at lunchtime and then had a quick walk round town. Then in the early afternoon I went to see Norman Burtenshaw to talk about the Ball of the Month presentation and also to check the position regarding the track suits for the football club. Then returned to the office and finished off the things I had intended doing and went home at 4 p.m.

Anne cooked a meal and I watched television for a time before setting off for Beccles on a two pronged mission. The first stop was at Eric Brooks' to get my second Samaritan feature. This time it was to meet some of the other Samaritans to get at the organisation from their point of view. It started slowly but gradually they warmed to me and I warmed to them.

I think I probably looked to them as if I was a client and really I found some easier to talk to than others.. Nevertheless spent an enjoyable hour there before leaving. I am quite excited by this as it is the most ambitious feature or set of features I have ever done. It should be quite successful by the time its finished. At the end drove to the sports club for the football club meeting. Quite lively and I got involved in one or two debates. The only problem is it went on rather and by the time I got back home it was 10.20 p.m and Anne was in bed. I didn't feel like going immediately so I watched television for a while before going at 11 p.m.

Tuesday 7th March

A good excuse this evening to have a chat with people I haven't seen for some time. The occasion was the quarter-finals of the Mercury Darts at Norwich and I went up because we had two local teams in it.

Up at the usual time, but as I had the office car I went in slightly later, Spenty the morning clearing up various things that came in and churning through a load of stuff. At lunchtime had sandwiches and then went to the library and butchers before returning to the office and worked through until 5 p.m when I came home in the office car. Had tea and a bath and at 7.10 p.m Anne left for Beccles and I set off for Norwich.

I arrived perfectly on time at the Pinebanks Social Club for the start. There were plenty of colleagues there and the drink was on the house all night. As far as our teams went we had a defeat for the Chedgrave White Horse but a win for Beccles Black Boy. That ensures us of another free night out in April 4th at the Talk of the East. In all it was a pretty enjoyable evening and by the time it had finished it was past 10 p.m and by the time I got home it was almost 11p.m. Co-incidentally I arrived back at exactly the same time as Anne and we went to bed shortly afterwards.

Wednesday March 8th

A slightly more boring day than of late mainly due to a dull annual meeting at work in the evening. Into work at roughly the usual time and got through a fair amount of stuff. For a start there was last night's darts story and then What's On and in between various stuff that had come in. So on the whole it was a fairly satisfactory amount of work.

At lunchtime I stayed in the office and had sandwiches while Anne went for her piano lesson. Then I went to the library to change a few books. Left the office at 5 p.m. I had Christine with me as she was going to a cookery demonstration with Anne in Norwich. We had tea and then a short rest before they set off for Norwich and I for Beccles. I handed the car over to Tony so he could go to Bungay and then went to the Carnival meeting.

It was very boring and tediously slow and went on until 9.15 p.m. At the end I had to wait for Tony to return from Bungay with the car. So I went to the Crown and met Alan and had a drink and game of darts before picking up the car and driving home in time to see football on television.

Anne and Christine arrived shortly afterwards and we stayed up chatting for a while as Christine was staying the night. Eventually we went to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Thursday 9th March

A ridiculous evening. It was supposedly the Round Table AGM but when we got there Ken Thomas stuck his oar in by saying that the date was unconstitutional and against the rules. So despite all the discussion we couldn't hold the meeting.

Got up a little earlier than usual because for some reason I woke up feeling very fresh and alive. So I took the chance to write my Round Table report. Anne left at 8.45 a.m and myslef and Christine hung on until about 9.15 a.m before setting out for Bungay. We started at the secondary school and there got involved with a story about teaching sanctions in the area.

Then on to Mrs Harrison's and the newsagents and finally Clays to pick up a picture from George Wilson. Then back to the office and spent the morning clearing up all the Bungay stuff. At 12 p.m went down to the Crown for dinner and spent an hour there before getting down to the afternoon work which was a solid wedge of clearing up. I finished nicely on time at about 5.15 p.m and came home.

Had a quick snack and then a both and got ready to go out yet again. This time myself and Anne set off at 7.30 p.m. She was going to a fashion show and Border Players and I to the Round Table meeting, all prepared to give my annual report. We didn't get that far but spent the evening arguing about rules etc and the whole thing got bogged down and terribly boring. In the end we had a buffet and then came home. I had to rely on a lift from Ron Wooltorton. Got home and went straight to bed.

Friday 10th March

A very enjoyable evening at the Italian restaurant once again. It was a fairly busy day and the weather was amazingly warm. Got up at the usual time and into work and, before going to court, I ran Christine up to the youth centre where she is doing a feature on the WRVS.

Court had started at 9.30 a.m so I missed half an hour. It was another 24 caret bore and I really dislike court work now. By the time I left at 11.30 a.m there was only one case worth reporting. Back in the office I hung around until Anne came fro dinner. Then had our sandwiches and the usual shopping expedition.

Decided early in the afternoon that I wasn't going to do any more work as I didn't feel like doing my Samaritan feature. In the end it didn't particularly matter because my first feature hasn't yet appeared. You do all the work and then they use features when they are short of space. Left the office at 4 p.m and came home with a slight headache. Did a bit of gardening and then walked round to see Adrian to ask him to do some jobs over the weekend. Then it was back home to watch television for a while before having a bath and getting ready. At 7.30 p.m we drove into Beccles and met George and Allison in the King's Head. We the went on to the Italian restaurant.

The meal was excellent and it was a nice evening. We stayed there until past 10 p.m and then returned to the King's Head for a final drink before driving home and going straight to bed feeling very full yet again.

Saturday 11th March

Another pleasant day in what has so far been a fairly pleasant month. Got up at 9 a.m and after breakfast spent the early morning watching the television. At 11.45 a.m we set off for Beccles. The aim was to do a small amount of shopping and also to pay a quick visit to a craft fair in the public hall. That didn't take too long and on the way home we called at the apple farm. Arrived back at about 1 p.m.

Had dinner and watched some sport on television. Than at 2.45 p.m I drove over to Loddon to see them play Swaffham. It was a bloody messy game although they won 2-0 to keep their unbeaten record. All I can say is if they play like that in the Premier Division they will lose every week. They seem to be a mere shadow of both Beccles and Wroxham who went up last season. At the end came home and had a cup of tea and watched television for a while before getting ready and at 7.10 p.m setting off for Hedley Hpuse at Carlton Colville for the dinner-dance of the RAF Association.

We arrived well in time and found that we were sitting on the top table. Then I happened to look at the toast list and saw I was saying thanks on behalf of the guests. So during the meal I had to hastily have  a think about what I was going to say. In the end it went smoothly, however, and after the tables had been cleared we stayed for some dancing before leaving at 10.40 p.m.

We were leaving early because Joan and Peter were due to arrive during the evening. When we got home they had not only arrived but gone to bed, so I watched the end of Match of the Day and then went to bed.

Sunday 12th March

Got up surprisingly early for a Sunday. The reason was that Joan and Peter were setting off for Yorkshire at just after 9 a.m. So up at 8.30 a.m and had a cooked breakfast and saw them off at just after 9 a.m.

Spent the rest of the morning reading and listening to records. After dinner Anne went off to set the Border Players set up. In fact she was away until 7 p.m. So I watched television, read and had a bath. Also somebody that Anne knew cam to take our old fridge away, but it wouldn't go in their car so they went away empty handed. When Anne returned we had tea and then a very quiet evening just watching television and doing nothing. In fact it was one of those recuperating days when the only thing I did connected with work was the evening calls.

Monday 13th March

Back to the dentist today which didn't make it a very enjoyable day. Got up at the usual time and into work and, apart from doing the second Samaritan feature, I didn't intend doing very much.

It was rather a quiet day in the office as Christine was on a day course and Alan on a weekend off. Added to that Tony wasn't in a particularly jovial mood.

Spent the morning doing the Samaritan feature and then at lunchtime had sandwiches in the office with Anne. Spent the afternoon clearing up a few very small things and then at 3.10 p.m picked Anne up and drove over to Halesworth for the dreaded dental thing. It was a long drawn out affair because there were plenty of people in the waiting room. Anne had a long session and then I had a good old numbing and pulling about session and by the time we had got home it was 5.15 p.m. Ate a very slow tea and then watched television before setting off again at 7.15 p.m.

This time Anne was going to Border Players and I to the Samaritan headquarters at Lowestoft for the third of my Samaritan features. This time it was to see the Director to talk about the clients themselves. I was rather late getting to Lowestoft at 7.45 p.m. Nevertheless I was ushered into an upstairs members room. It was quite a useful interview and insight into the organisation. At the end I drove back to Beccles and stopped off at the office for a little while before going to the public hall to pick Anne up. She was by no means ready and I had to hang about until 10 p.m. I wasn't in any mood to deal with that as I was feeling very tired. Glad to get home and go to bed.

Tuesday 14th March

A full working day. Tonight I was supposed to have an evening off, in fact the only one of the week. But of course a job came up and there was nobody to do it so I was volunteered. Why not and with Anne once again going to the Border Players I might as well, especially as I can claim about 4 in all. Last week I decided to start an organ fund. With my expenses recently well into the 30s I can afford to put aside something like 10 which over a year would be over 500 and well towards an organ. With my new expenses my wages have gone up by about 1,000 which is something that will have to be taken into account if I move.

Went into work at the usual time and spent the morning mainly clearing stuff up. Did go out with Lee to March View in Beccles to do a story about some waste land not getting planning permission. At lunchtime I had sandwiches in the office and then went to the library. Spent the afternoon on various minor stuff and, apart from going to Boots, did only a small amount. Left early at 4 p.m and drove Anne home before going on to Ditchingham to see a oman who has been a member of the local WI for 59 years. A pretty staightforward job that one.

Was back home by 5.15 p.m and helped Anne with the cooking by making some lemon curd. Then after tea at 7.10 p.m returned to Beccles. Anne once again to the Border Players and me to Worlingham Parish Council. This time it really dragged on and on and it was 9.40 p.m before it finished. I quickly called in at the Crown for a drink and game of darts with Alan. Then off hurriedly to the public hall to pick Anne up. We came home and went to bed at 11 p.m.

Wednesday 15th March

Right in the middle of a whirlwind period at the moment when there is little time to think or do anything. Got up at the usual time and into work and it was one of those days when I just couldn't get going. I think it's the pile up of work and the incredibly long hours I have been doing. So I spent the morning clearing up a few things and then doing very little. At lunchtime had sandwiches in the office and then, when Anne had returned to work, went down to the Crown with Alan and Christine.

We stayed there for quite a while and it was 2.30 p.m when we got back to the office. Managed to get quite a bit done in the afternoon and was more satisfied when I left than I had been at lunchtime. So I cam home in the office car having declined to go to a union meeting in Norwich.

Had a quick tea and then at 7.10 p.m I drove into Beccles, closely followed by Anne in our car. We met at the office in order to pick up a flower arrangement from the office. We had picked it up at lunchtime and it was for the Border Players production. Then I went to the RAF Association club for the annual meeting. I got there are 7.30 p.m but it didn't start until 8 p.m. Nevertheless they were very kind and helpful although the meeting was a bloody bore. In fact I nipped out just before the end at 9.45 p.m The idea behind that was to get home in time for the football on television. That I did and at the end I had a long bath and then went to bed just as Anne was arriving back.

Thursday 16th March

This could be an important day in my life because I cut all loyalty ties with the firm thanks to one episode which made me rage. During the morning Tony got a  call from __ stating that my expenses were too extensive and he was sending them back. That made me fume. Firstly he hadn't the decency to tell me and talk about it. Secondly it means I will be getting no expenses and thirdly considering the efforts I have put in over the past few weeks I deserve them. Tony tied to calm me down but I was fuming and spent a good two hours in the morning writing a letter to Maurice Beales pointing out how much voluntary work I have put in. I intend going over __ head and stabbing him in the back as he has done to me. Also if I don't get any satisfaction over this I shall play everything by the rules. No off diary work, no more than two evening jobs a week and time off when I do.

So during the afternoon I typed it out, parceled it up and at 6.15 p.m sent it up on the bus. It might stir something up but I promise I will have those expenses and if I can get one up on __ in the process then so much the better.

Towards the end of the afternoon __ phoned up and I told him I did not intend discussing the matter but was writing to Beales. So we will see where it goes from there.

Outside that dispute it was a hectic day. Got up at 9 a.m and went to Bungay to do the usual calls. Then drove to Beccles and the rest of the morning was spent on the letter. At dinnertime myself, Anne, Alan and Christine went to the King's Head for dinner and that was pleasant. During the afternoon I tried to get everything cleared up but my mind wasn't on my work.

At 6.45 p.m I gave up and drove the office car home for a quick change. Anne was coming in early for the Border Players so I missed her. Got home and did a quick change and then drove to Loddon. This time to pick Nina Williamson up. That had been set up last week when I told her Anne would pick her up, forgetting she was in the Border Players. So I drove her to the Ladies Circle meeting and got to the town hall just in time for the twinning committee meeting. Waffle, waffle and yet more waffle and I listened for two hours and then said something that caused merriment. At the end I returned to the office to finish my work off and then went along to the Border Players to see the last act of the play. It seemed to be okay although the hall was only half full.

At the end I went to the King's Head with Alan for a drink and there met Anne and half the members of Ladies Circle. We had a jovial drink and then Anne went home and I ran Nina to Loddon before coming home myself and going to bed straight afterwards. I think today I lost all my remaining allegiance to the company. As far as I am concerned they can go and get stuffed. This could be a turning point day. On top of all the other problems it snowed heavily again during the night and was fairly thick on the ground in the morning.

Friday 17th March

The hatred goes on. I had no reaction from Maurice Beales. I expect that will come on Monday. When I got the copy of the Beccles and Bungay Journal my Samaritan feature had not appeared. That makes three weeks in a row. As far as I can see there is no room for creative writing in Eastern Counties Newspapers. I am not an individual to them, just a number.

Also in the afternoon Alf Loades came into the office to chat about the proposed rotary club scholarship. It is for September 1979 and I think I could go to the United States. Obviously there's a lot of ins and outs to look at. Also today we got our first offer of an exchange in America from somewhere near Baltimore. Life is certainly not slow at the moment.

Got up at the usual time and drove into work in the office car. Actually the office car is being changed today. I was in early in order to go to an early court for an indecent assault case. That was adjourned and, rather than sit through a theft, I decided to go back to the office. Spent the morning getting my desk in order and then at midday had sandwiches in the office before doing the usual round of calls at the shopping centre. Then I went to the Crown with Alan for a drink and game of darts and we were joined by Tony. I came back to the office at 2 p.m in time to see the disastrous paper. Also I had Eric Brooks and Alf Loades coming into the office, but they didn't come until 4 p.m and then both arrived together. So I had to do some swift organising and by the time I had finished it was 5 p.m.

I borrowed the office car and came home and had a quick tea. Anne left at 6.15 p.m but I had a short break before setting out for Beccles at 7.30 p.m. This time it was the Waveney House Hotel for a meeting of the local Cheshire Homes Support group. I was representing the Round Table, but of course like all meetings, it was boring. Its only grace was a 9 p.m finish.

At the end I returned to the office for a short time and then went to see the last act of the Border Players production. There was even less people in tonight than last night. At the end myself and Anne went to the Hickmans for coffee (Heather had been at the play). We stayed there until well past midnight before driving home in quite a keen frost and going to bed.

Saturday 18th March

Another one of those extremely hectic Saturdays, although things did appear to go considerably more smoothly than in the past few days. Perhaps that was because I wasn't working., although I of course ended up doing two jobs voluntarily, which just sums up my letter to Beales.

It was later than we intended when we got up and, after breakfast, we set off for Norwich. Did the usual shopping and gazing in Norwich before driving to Mums and having dinner. Then at 2.35 p.m I drove to Britannia Barracks to watch Beccles play CNSOBU. That's a pretty lucky ground for me as I remember the many fine games I played with the school there. Indeed Beccles won 2-1 with one of their best performances of the season and they thoroughly deserved their victory. At the end I drove back to Mums and, after a quick cup of coffee, we set off for Ellingham. There was little time to do anything but have a quick tea and get ready and drive into Beccles yet again.

Of course Anne was off to the Border Players and this time I was going to the Sir John Leman School for a classical music concert by the Norfolk and Suffolk Youth Orchestra. It was quite enjoyable and a very varied programme and luckily it finished at 9.15 p.m in perfect time for me to call at the office and then catch the last act of the Border Players once again. At the end the chairs were put back and we had the usual end of production party which went okay but they aren't a very friendly crowd.

We stayed, however, until after midnight, which in fact with the clocks going forward was 1 a.m. Still at least I can take it easy tomorrow as there is absolutely nothing happening, although I have a number of small jobs to do.

Sunday 19th March

At last a fairly quiet day. With the clocks going forward it was not surprisingly after 11 a.m when we woke up and I slept in half an hour before getting up and having a cooked breakfast and unloading the car from last night.

Spent the rest of the morning quietly listening to a new Al Stewart LP I bought yesterday. The early afternoon was spent watching yesterday's League Cup Final on television. Then I washed the car as quickly as possible because it started to rain and so I came back in and spent the rest of the afternoon watching television and then had tea. Spent a very quiet evening again doing very little except read and watch television. Had a long soothing bath and then went to bed fairly late after watching the Professional Football Writers' dinner on TV.

Monday 20th March

I think I have claimed a moral victory in the expenses battle. I heard today through the grapvine that Maurice Beales, although refusing to intervene, had told __ that I was a good worker. Later in the day __ phoned up Tony and there are still a number of things to be sorted out and __ will be phoning me after I have received a letter from Beales.

The rest of the day was pretty routine except for another visit to the dentist. Up and into work at the usual time and spent the morning working through a wealth of stuff stored up over the past few days, At lunchtime I had sandwiches in the office and then had a quick look round town with Anne. During the day we had a college lad in the office. He's there for the week and quite a nice bloke.

Spent the early afternoon carrying on with the workload and then at 3.55 p.m drove to Kenpack to pick Anne up and we drove to Halesworth. Luckily this time I only had a couple of small fillings although I had to have injections again. At the end we drove home and had tea and then at 7 p.m I drove to Loddon for the South Norfolk Sports Council meeting. What a bloody bore. I would have thought it would have been more interesting as it concerned sport, but I was wrong. Really glad when it was over at 9 p.m. Came home and spent the rest of the evening watching television before going to bed at 10.45 p.m.

Tuesday 21st March

Act Three in the expenses saga and I got absolutely nowhere today.When I got in at 9 a.m a letter was waiting from Maurice Beales. It said absolutely nothing and was totally non committal. Then in the afternoon I phoned __ and must have had half-an-hour talking. He wouldn't move an inch and neither would I and by the time we finished I was in exactly the same position as when I started. It was the equivalent of talking to a brick wall.

At the end I was quite happy really because it bought me to a definite decision. There is absolutely no future for me with Eastern Counties Newspapers and I will start looking seriously for another job.

After going into work the first thing I did was go with Lee to Ringsfield School to see a chappy who has been making fibre glass pedal(?) snails - very colourful. Back from that I spent the rest of the morning mainly on football until 11.45 a.m when I went to the sports centre. Peter Layton had come down for a visit and we were having a game of squash. It turned out to be a really good game and one of the closest I have had. It ended up 8-10, 11-9, 7-9, 5-1 which is as close as you can get. Afterwards called back at the office and then went on to the Crown for lunch.

Stayed there until 2 p.m and then set off for Loddon to do an Easter story at the secondary school. That was a quick one and I was back in the office by 3 p.m for the chat with __ that rather destroyed the rest of the afternoon. The ironic thing was that a young lad came in to see me about how to become a journalist. Am I really qualified to say?

I left the office at 5.15 p.m and came home in the office car and had tea and a good complain. Then I watched television for a short while before driving into Beccles for a concert at the Methodist Church. In fact  it was Steiner's Crucifixion and, although it was very well performed, it's not really my type of music. At the end we had a cup of coffee and then came home and watched television before going to bed at 10.20 p.m.

Wednesday 22nd March

To all intent and purposes this was a Thursday - the reason being that the paper comes out a day early this week to allow for Easter. So i brought the office car home last night and started the morning by going to the calls in Bungay. On the way I stopped at All Hallows Hospital to hand over the 30 that Mum had given on behalf of Gladys.

The calls didn't take very long and at the end I drove back to Beccles and spent the morning sorting out as many stories as I could. Then at dinnertime I had sandwiches in the office and then spent an hour applying for more jobs. I got a UK Press Gazette today and there were four jobs that looked quite interesting. One was a sports reporter in Birmingham, two as head of  branch offices that seems rather similar to Beccles and a fourth a sports editor at Aylesbury. I will post them and then just see what happens. Spent most of the afternoon during What's On and finished around 5 p.m.

Came home and had tea and then, after watching some football, set off again. This time it was to Lowestoft for the annual meeting of the Samaritans. I picked Christine up at the office as she was going to the Waveney District Council meeting. I arrived nicely on time and if I was rather depressed at the start, I felt a lot worse by the time I left the meeting. The problem was that there was a film at the end of the meeting entitled "Grief". It was about death and not a very good choice. Indeed I was glad to get out at 9 p.m as I had to pick Christine up. I drove her back to Beccles and then came home myself and spent the rest of the evening watching television including the League Cup Final replay and by the time I got to bed it was almost midnight.

Thursday 23rd March

Just as I apply for two sports jobs I get an exclusive national sports story. And I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. It occurred when I went into work at the usual time with the idea of having a quiet day.

Then Norman Burtenshaw rang to say he had been contacted by Press Agencies and the nationals about a controversial interview by Phil Thompson on the television last night. He wanted to give the story exclusively to the Beccles and Bungay Journal. So I hurried round to see him and got the story and then quickly telephoned it over and, as the paper was out a day early, it got good prominence in the weekly. Later in the day he said I could send it to other papers, so when I got home from work I phoned it to the Press Association, Apart from that it was quite a lively day.

I spent the rest of the morning sorting out various things and at dinnertime the office adjourned to the Crown for a drink. Started the afternoon by driving Mark Tweedie out to a job at North Cove and then went to the library and did some necessary shopping. Left the office at just after 5 p.m. I have a week's holiday coming up and it will be very welcome. During the afternoon Anne posted my four job applications off.

Once at home I dealt with the PA copy and then had a quick snack before having a bath and getting ready and driving back to Beccles for the Round Table meeting. A jovial affair and it had the advantage of being a much shorter meeting than usual. We had a session of Call My Bluff, which I enjoyed as I was on the panel. Then a nice buffet and a short business meeting. I left at just on 10 p.m and drove home and went to bed with the prospect of having to get up early tomorrow to drive to Yoirkshire.

Friday 24th March

Sending that football copy over to the Press Association certainly seems to have worked because it appeared in the Yorkshire Evening Post tonight. It should make me some extra cash which will all boost the organ fund which already stands at 38.

It was a very long day thanks to the early start. Got up at just after 7 a.m and set off for Yorkshire at 7.30 a.m. It was a pretty easy journey due mainly to the early start. We got through Norwich with no trouble and didn't hit any real traffic until we got to the A1 and then it was rather chaotic. Nevertheless reached Yorkshire by 11.15 a.m, well in time for dinner. Then had a quiet afternoon doing very little except reading because I felt very tired.

After an early tea we set off for the rugby league match at Featherstone against Wakefield. There was plenty of traffic going to that and we arrived just in time. When we left early with 15 minutes to go the score was 16-11 to Wakefield. The final score was 19-16 to Featherstone, so we missed the excitement. The reason for leaving early was because Anne wanted to go to the Good Friday church service. It did give us a chance to get out before the crowds. Once home spent a quiet evening reading and watching television and had a fish and chip supper before going to bed.

Saturday 25th March

A much quieter day than many of late. Had a nice lay-in which went much of the way to make up for the fatigue of yesterday. So it was about 10 a.m when I got up. Spent the morning watching television and reading and had the usual early lunch.

Then spent the afternoon watching the sport including the boat race. In fact has a bit of luck in that I had 50p on a 9-2 winner which paid for an evening out.

Had tea and at 6.30 p.m drove to Brotherton to drop some material in to Christine and Ian and we stayed there for about half an hour before returning home and watching television for a short while before setting off for a drink. We went to the Cobbler just outside Pontefract. It's a wopping great pub with plenty of room for everyone. We stayed there for a drink and then drove back, stopping at the Chnese takeaway for a meal. Watched Match of the Day and then went to be.

Sunday 26th March

Again a nice rest today and indeed I rather overslept and it was 10.45 a.m when I got up. Spent the morning reading and then had dinner. Afterwards had a game of scrabble and then a bath and got ready to go out to tea.

This time it was to Ada and Johns and it was a rather slow affair. There was plenty to eat and afterwards I played a few games with the kids and spent the rest of he time watching television. I was quite glad to leave and return home at 8.30 p.m in time for supper. I really eat too much when I come to Yorkshire, but at least I have got a game of squash lined-up against Ian next week. Once back at home there was Love Story on the television (that makes four times I have seen it). Indeed I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and reading before going to bed.

Monday 27th March

Another quiet day terminated with an evening journey back to Norfolk. Got up at the usual time for Yorkshire and spent the morning after breakfast reading. Also watched a film on television and then had dinner.

During the afternoon Anne went off to see the rugby league match. I stayed at home to watch the sport on television. Today I backed four horses at a lay-out of 1. Three lost and the other won at 5-2, so in the end I lost 3p! Anne came back at 5 p.m and we had tea and then set off for Norfolk. Anne's mum and dad are coming back for a short break. There was plenty of traffic on the way back from holiday on the A1. Still it was a fairly smooth run and we were home by 9.30 p.m. Watched television and then had supper before going to bed.

Tuesday 28th March

Quite a pleasant day except for bloody awful weather. Had a long lay-in, although we didn't mean to. The main reason was we didn't wake up until after 9 a.m. Then had a leisurely breakfast before driving into Beccles at 11 a.m.

I had plenty to do and this included a small amount of shopping and a visit to the library. Eventually we came home and had dinner and then a quiet early afternoon. At 3 p.m Mum and Dad arrived for a cup of tea. They, as usual, only stayed for about an hour before leaving and the rest of the day was spent very quietly. It's nice to have a break and I already feel slightly refreshed from my recent flare ups at work.

Had tea fairly late and then spent the evening watching television, reading and playing games. Had a bath and once again went to bed early.

Wednesday 29th March

A more active day, helped by a nice sunny morning that unfortunately turned nasty in the afternoon. Got up a little earlier as the sun was streaming in the window. So after breakfast it was out into the garden to prune the roses. It was quite a task, but made the whole place look much tidier at the end. Within the next few days I will get round to cutting the grass.

By the time I had finished with the roses there was just time to get ready before going to lunch at the Tft Lion. Had a nice meal and drink there and then continued to Yarmouth. Parked the car in Regent Road and had a look round the shops and the market. Just got back to the car when there was a downpour.

We had a drive along the front before returning to Ellingham and having an early tea. Once again it was a quiet evening with plenty of good things on television. In the end because of this it was pretty late when I went to bed.

Thursday 30th March

Drove round some unexplored parts of Suffolk today and the weather was rather pleasant and Spring like. Up at 9 a.m and, after breakfast, we set off with our destination being Lavenham. Drove through onto the Ipswich Road and then through Stowmarket and arrived at about midday.

A charming old English village, it was fairly quiet although I expect that during the season it throngs with people. We had a walk to the church and then to the market place where we stopped for dinner at the Angel Hotel. It was a straightforward meal. Afterwards we set off again and this time drove through Hadleigh and across the A12 to Dedham. Again a walk along the main street and a vist to the church and then we set off for Flatford. Unfortunately took a wrong turning and ended up in Colchester, which made me rather irritable.

In the end picked our way back to the A12 and eventually found Flatford Mill. Had a walk and then a cup of tea by the river before driving home. Arrived back at 5 p.m and had tea soon afterwards. Then spent the first part of the evening watching television. Had a bath and eventually got ready to go to Bungay Fleece for the combined Round Table and Ladies Circle evening. We got there at 9 p.m and stayed until closing time and it was extremely enjoyable with plenty of people to chat to. As I said we left at 11 p.m and came home and went straight to bed.

Friday 31st March

What do you think of Nottingham? That was the question posed today following a phone call during the morning. It came in answer to one of my job applications and turns out to be the Head of the Nottingham office of a Derby Press Agency. It would be a complete change from my present job and I don't know whether it will be suitable.

The bloke who rang up seemed to be rather desperate to get somebody and he had made efforts to get my telephone number. He will be phoning me up on Monday to arrange an interview. I will have to judge it on that although one thing is certain I will not move without more money.

It was on the whole a rather pleasant day. The weather was quite pleasant and I got up at 9 a.m. The morning was spent gardening and that meant cutting the grass at both the front and the back and by the time I finished it looked quite neat. Had lunch and then got the unexpected phone call.

Then got ready and at 1.30 p.m drove into Beccles and left the car at the exhaust centre. Then had a quick look round the auction sale before stopping off at the office on my way to having a haircut. That took about half an hour and then we set off for Norwich.

Arrived at 3.15 p.m and parked in the Rouen Road car park and then had a quick look round the city before having afternoon tea at Bonds. Then drove just ahead of the rush hour to Daniels Garden Centre to get some tomato plants. Then it was off to Yorkshire again.

A straightforward drive and we were there nice and early at 8 p.m. Went to get some fish and chips for supper and then spent the rest of the evening watching television before going to bed.