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Diary March 1973

Thursday March 1st

The first day of March and the beginning of another month.. Got up at the usual time and had a horrible breakfast because I had to use saccharin instead of sugar. Spent morning doing sport for Glynne and getting as much of the shipping trawl diary done as possible so that I could spend the afternoon working on a story about strikes. At dinner I went down to the Wimpey with Andy and John. Spent the afternoon chasing the strike story up and finally finished it in time to go home and have some soup before going over to Gisleham Parish Council. I took a little while finding the place as it was way out in the wilds. The meeting, which included rate precepts and a parish meeting, ended at 9.15 p.m. Returned to Lowestoft and got some fish and chips. Spent a while talking to Christine and then went to my room to listen to RNI and read until going to bed at midnight.

Friday March 2nd

As usual Friday is always a casual day, so I sauntered into work after filling the car up with oil. Started the morning by reading the papers and then wrote up last night's council. After that I went out to see a chap in Hollingworth Road who had painted a huge cod on his garage door. He wasn't there but his wife told me to return at dinnertime. Went back to the office and played a quick game of office football before going to see the garage man. He was a very nice chap and I got an amusing story. Returned and went to the second hand record shop where I bought Rolling Stones Greatest Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) for 1.25 and Strawbs Bursting at the Seams for 1.50. I had checked with Morlings to find out if any of my records had come in. Then got some dinner and had a hair cut. It's pretty short so it should last a good while. Returned to the office and typed up the artists story. Hung around the office and then phoned up Brian Solomon about some puppets coming to the Sparrows' Nest. I went down to see him to get some literature on them before going back to the office. Went to the bank, returned to digs to get some stuff for the weekend and then returned to Norwich. Watched Sale of the Century, Morecambe and Wise and then had a bath. Mike phoned up at 10.15 p.m to tell me to pick him up earlier because of the amount of traffic tomorrow. Then went to bed at 10.35, putting my watch on 10 minutes to make sure I get up in the morning for the big day at Wembley.

Saturday March 3rd

A day that will be remembered for a hell of a time and not just because of the League Cup Final. Its unusual nature began when I got up at about 6.30 a.m, got ready and picked Mike up. Then went to pick Jeannette up and went round her Uncle Peters and Aunty Bettys to have coffee before the coach left. At 8 a.m we boarded the coach and had gone no further than Hethersett when one of the tyres burst. We pulled off the main road into a garage and, after a while, the tyre was changed. Setting out again it was soon obvious that something was wrong with the coach so we were driven out to Wymondham College where, after another long wait, we transferred into another old banger. By this time we were well behind all the rest of the soccer traffic. After a hold up and toiled stop at Newmarket we suffered other hold-ups at Royston and Baldock and also a diversion off the motorway around Hertfordshire. We finally got to Wembley at 3.15 p.m - just 15 minutes from the kick off.

We took up our places and saw City go down 1-0 to Tottenham thanks to a second half goal by Ralph Coates. The only amount of satisfaction was I won 2.30 in a coach sweepstake for picking the scorer of the first goal out of a hat.

The next twist in the days proceedings happened after the match when we couldn't find our coach. After walking up and down Wembley and passing the intended time of departure we found some more of our party and eventually found the coach at the back of the coach park. Left Wembley at about 7 p.m and stopped at Hitchin on the way home for a drink. The pub, which had a no coaches sign outside but which had about eight coachloads inside, didn't take very kindly to our stop and, after a few drinks, shut their doors for the night.

The drive home was largely an uneventful one and we arrived home at about 1 a.m. I ran Jeannette and Mike home and then returned home myself at 1.15 a.m before finally going to bed at about 1.35 a.m.

Sunday March 4th

After yesterday this was a very quiet day. Got up at 11 a.m and spent the morning listening to my two new albums and reading "The Upper Pleasure Garden" a book about a reporter that Steve loaned me last week. Went round the road for dinner and then spent the afternoon listening to records and watching TV. Saw the League Cup Final and then phoned Mike up to discuss it. I told him I might go out for a drink in the evening but later decided against it. After tea I watched TV and had a bath before going to bed at 10.45 p.m.

Monday March 5th

Found it very difficult to get up early today, probably because I was still suffering from Saturday's exhaustion. Managed to get up at 7.45  and drove back to Lowestoft. Spent first part of the morning doing Juvenile court and having a discussion with Inspector Balls on the match. Spent the rest of the morning writing up court. At dinnertime I bought a new football for our office games as the old one had gone flat. Spent the afternoon doing odds and ends and the files. Came home and cooked tea. Watched Opportunity Knocks' songwriter show and Coronation Street followed by World In Action and Bless This House. I then switched to records and played the Strawbs album, During the evening I finished reading the Upper Pleasure Garden. John cam in at 9.30 p.m having been to a judo demonstration. When Christine came in we had a drink, then she gave me a lamp for my bedside which I fitted when I retired to my room. Cleaned up the room a bit by clearing up my records and went to bed at 11.30 p.m. Reminded myself to get a new diary for tomorrow's entry.

Tuesday March 6th

Spent all day wrapped up in court. The court lasted all morning and then I spent the entire afternoon writing it up. During the morning Inspector Balls paid me the 25p which he owed me for the bet on Chelsea v Ipswich FA Cup result. George wanted his children to spend a week of their holidays at an adventure camp at Harlow so I tried to phone Brian Downie up about it with out any luck. At 5.45 p.m I took the parcel down to the station. Then returned home and had tea. John didn't go home because Lorrie's mother was ill so, after tea, we went to the Five Bells in Wrentham and the King's Head in South wold. Then returned to Lowestoft, got some fish and chips, washed up and retired to go to bed at 10.35 p.m. At dinner got a new diary and record labels.

Wednesday March 7th

When I got to work I had very little to do so I more or less had to make work up. Did a story on Sparrows Nest Players' production team and then spent most of the morning on the files, sorting them out etc. At dinnertime I went down to the record shops and bought The Shadows Greatest Hits for 90p and four singles - I Saw Her Again by the Mamas and the Papas, The Universal by the Small Faces, Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul and Mary and Let's Go to San Francisco by the Flowerpot Men. Followed Steve back to his digs so he could park his car and come to Norwich to see the match with me in the evening. Drove him back to the record shop so he could buy a couple of Beatles albums.

Spent the first part of the afternoon doing odds and sods and then took John down to the Theatre Centre to see Patrick Redsell. He was without his car and so when we returned I took him to Watson's Garage to pick it up. Finished off the Sunday League at the office and then drove with Steve to Christines where I had some tea before going to the match with Steve and Christine's dad. City drew 1-1 with Coventry and still remain in deep relegation trouble. During the day I heard that we had signed Ian Mellor from Manchester City for 65,000.

After the match I took Steve home and then returned home myself, watched Spurs beat Vitoria Setubal 1-0 in the EUFA Cup quarter-finals before going to bed at 11.45 p.m.

Thursday March 8th

A pretty ordinary Thursday as usual. Drove Steve back to Lowestoft and, after a brief stay at my digs, went to the office. Spent the morning doing a flower show write up and a story on VAT. The fire siren went twice and I went with Steve to the second fire which was in a garage at Kirkley Run. Had dinner with Andy and John in the Chinese. Spent the first part of the afternoon doing Shipping, Trawl Diary and then at 3.30 p.m went to a safe driving presentation. At 6 p.m went to shorthand where a date for the 100 words per minute for April 19th was confirmed. Afterwards went to get some fish and chips and ran Tom onto the Beccles Road before returning home and playing some records including the Tom Clay which I got this morning from Andy's mail order firm. When I got home my new book club book "An Accidental Man" by Iris Murdoch was waiting for me. After messing about and sorting one or two things out I retired to my room and listened to a few more records before going to bed at 11.10 p.m

Friday March 9th

A real crappy day. Morning wasn't too bad. I spent nearly all of it writing up some copy for The Stage and sending it over. Peter Anthony phoned up and arranged to go down to Harlow at 8.30 a.m next Friday. At dinnertime I had a game of football with Tony and smashed Glynne's coffee mug. On the way back from dinner I called into Morlings and my Richard Harris album had arrived. Did absolutely nothing during the afternoon and the highlight was a phone call from George. He wanted to go out for a pub crawl but because of the Rotary Club dinner I couldn't. I arranged to meet him for a game of football on Sunday. Came back to digs and played my new album and then had a bath.

At 7.40 p.m I drove along to the dinner at Corton. It was a first rate abortion. I had to wear a bow tie for it. I couldn't find anybody who knew much about it. After standing around for a long time I found a chap who said they hadn't catered for us but he would get me a place if somebody dropped out. Well that was it. I left and came home, changed back and went and got some fish and chips. By this time I felt completely inadequate and an utter failure. Still I must stop feeling sorry for myself. Came home and watched Justice before returning to my room to listen to some albums. Went to bet at 10.50 p.m. Wrote a poem to Lowestoft South Rotary Club:

Fuck you

Fuck You, South Lowestoft Rotary Club

Who do you think you are?

Fuck you.

During the morning Mrs Davies phoned up to ask me to her daughter's wedding reception tomorrow.

Saturday March 10th

As it was Saturday I got up slightly later today and went into work. Went down to Tuttles with Andy to see the unveiling of a plaque. Bought a book entitled "Confessions of a Driving Instructor" and when I got back to the office spent most of the morning reading. Phoned up a chap for a Rover note who was going to live in a telephone exchange. At first I was told that he had the Nationals with him and would phone back. When he phoned back he told me he thought my first call was a hoax. After that he said he didn't want to see the paper. Spent the afternoon watching Lowestoft beat Histon 2-1 in a very boring football match. Went back tot he office to write my copy up and also sent it over to Cambridge and then went back to the digs to collect some stuff for the weekend. Drove home, had tea and watched television before going to bed at 11.20 p.m.

Sunday March 11th

Had to get up slightly earlier than usual for a Sunday at 9.30 a.m in fact in order to send some more copy over to Cambridge on yesterday's match. Phoned Mike up after and arranged a game of football for the afternoon. Spent rest of the morning playing records before going round the road for dinner. Then went and picked Mike and George up and went over the Rev for a game of football and training session. After the three of us phoned Roy up to ask him round Georges for the evening. His mother told us he was round Joannes so we went round to see him. He said they were staying in. Came home and had a bath and tea and then went round Georges and spent the evening in the company of George, Mike and Jeannette (for what little time they were around). Came home and went to bed at 11.35 p.m.

Monday March 12th

Made sure I had one day's lay in this weekend, then spent the morning listening to records. After dinner I ran the club book round to Nannys and then went up the City. I parked my car at Georges and then went to Wesleys and bought Jimmy Webb sings Jim Webb for 60p and Those Were the Days - Mary Hopkin, Robin's World by the Cuff Links and a Barry Ryan single. Ran out of money or I would have bought more. When I returned home Mum told me Peter Anthony had phoned up. After a while he phoned up again and asked me if we could go to Harlow at 7.45 a.m on Friday. We also decided to go in his car. Spent the whole evening watching TV and went to bed at 11.15 p.m. Cleared up some odd jobs by writing to Jennifer and Gladys.

Tuesday March 13th

Drove back for what will be my only full day in Lowestoft this week. Went in to work and spent the day in the office clearing up small jobs. Morning's work included files, ladies football and cine club. At dinner time I played the third and fourth place office football match in which I beat Andy. Spent the afternoon doing re-writes. Stayed on fairly late to take the parcel to the station then returned home. Had tea and spent the evening watching TV. Only real thing I did in the evening was run Christine into the town centre. Retired to my room to listen to records and went to bed at 11 p.m. Phoned George Day and arranged to take car in to have a faulty handbrake done on Saturday.

Wednesday March 14th

At last it's happened. Norwich City have won a match. It was only Motherwell 2-0 in the Texaco Cup but let's hope it leads to bigger things. When I woke up this morning I wasn't feeling too hot and it seemed that I might have a cold coming on. Spent the morning in court and writing the copy up. In the morning my car wouldn't start again so Steve ran me home at dinnertime to collect it. Mrs Davies of Sea Cadet fame came in in the afternoon and I talked to her about her daughter's wedding and her being a Samaritan. Rest of the afternoon I spent doing re-write stuff. Glynne decided to be bloody minded making me go up to Beresford Road to check the name of a church when he knew the answer all the time. Left the office at about 5.15 p.m and drove back to Norwich via Yarmouth. Went to the history making!!? match and then had a drink in the Rosary Arms before running Mike and Jeannette home. On the way home I bought some scampi and chips and ate them before going to bed at 11 p.m.

Thursday March 15th

A very busy day. Drove back to Lowestoft before going to work. Timothy Coleman, chairman of the company, was coming on a tour of inspection, so everything was incredibly spick and span. Spent morning in court and writing it up. At dinnertime I went down to the Wimpey with Tony, John, Steve and Andy. In the afternoon I was kept busy doing STD which Steve went and got to help me out. I finished work at 6 p.m, just in time to go up for shorthand. A rather annoyed me during the afternoon when he got the shipping from the front office without telling me and I consequently went on a fruitless journey. Shorthand took the usual crummy pattern. At eight I drove home to Norwich and got some fish and chips to take home. Spent what was left of the evening watching television and at 10.45 after watching the Miss England, Scotland and Wales beauty contest. I had a bath, ready to go down to Harlow with Peter tomorrow and finally got to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Friday March 16th

The day for another return to Harlow. Peter was a bit late collecting me, so we started at just after 8 a.m. We travelled smoothly, albeit slowly until we got to Newport when we were diverted through the countryside. Eventually got to Harlow at about 11 a.m and went straight up and saw Bill Hicks and Frank Warner. Bill soon left to go to a meeting. Cherry came in and we also met Joe Barratt and Ted Maudsley. Bill told me that following his letters C had six jobs offered to her but had turned them all down to take up a job as assistant manager of a discotheque in T.

M was back on a refresher course and so I met her and all the other people from the course I knew. It was just like old times really although it's incredible how cool M and me are to each other considering. She told me she was unable to come to my party earlier in the year because the brakes on her car had failed. Had dinner in the playhouse with M, Veronica Crighton (from King's Lynn) and Peter. After dinner we returned to the college after a drink at the Hair and saw Wilf who immediately roped us into one of his lectures. This year's lot are really slow and lacking in life. Afterwards we had a cup of tea in the common room with Wilf. He told us Brian Downie had been off work for six weeks with glandular fecer. At 3.45 p.m we went to see Sonia but she wasn't in so we went to see Peter's old landlady Mrs Green and talked to a student. Peter continued to talk about work. After having a cup of tea we returned to Sonia's again but she had gone to get some furniture so we decided to miss her out and went to see Brian instead. He looked really ill and he was going to the Canaries later to rest. We couldn't stay too long as he wanted to pack.

We set off for home, stopping at a Little Chef for tea and a pub in Essex for a quick drink. We arrived home at about 10.20 p.m and, after coming in for a cup of coffee, Peter returned home and I went to bed at 11.15 p.m.

Saturday March 17th

Had to work today but as it was a Saturday I didn't get up quite so early. Ran mum up the city, then drove back to Lowestoft. The first thing I did there was to take the car into George Day. Spent the morning reading papers but did go and see an old chap in St Peter's Street who was closing down a store because of VAT. At dinnertime I went and collected the car and a bill for 2.90. Then went to the record shop and bought With The Beatles for 1.20. Also bought Crocodile Rock by Elton John, Thank U Very Much by the Scaffold, Nothing Rhymed by Gilbert O'Sullivan and Go Now by the Moody Blues. Returned to digs to listen to the records and then went to Crown Meadow to see Holt beat Lowestoft Reserves 3-2. Returned to the office to hear that City had only drawn 1-1 with Leicester thanks to a Graham Paddon penalty. I then wrote up my football copy and then went back to the digs to get ready for the NUPE dinner. Left for the dinner in what I thought was good time only to find that the bridge had broken down and so had to go all round Oulton Broad. The traffic congestion was very heavy and I arrived late. The dinner hadn't started, however, as it had affected many other people in the same way. At the dinner I talked to a couple of union blokes and a girl who sat opposite. Heard a speech from Alan Fisher. I left after the meal and speeches and drove back to Norwich in time to see Match of the Day before going to bed at 11.30 p.m. As the clocks go forward tonight it could be taken that I went to bed at 12.30 a.m. And so to British summer.

Sunday March 18th

Got up at 11 a.m and definitely missed the extra hour lay in. Phoned Mike up to arrange a game of football only to find he was playing in the morning. Spent rest of the morning listening to records. Didn't go round the road for dinner as Nanny and Granddad had gone over to Ethel's as she wasn't very well. After dinner I went round to see George and went round to his parents house with him where we cleaned our cars. Came home and watched Match of the Week which included Norwich v Leicester. After tea I had a bath, watched On the Buses and then went round Georges. Had a cup of coffee before going on to the Cottage for the evening. At 10.30 p.m came home and watched a play about the pressures on a footballer before going to bed at 11.45 p.m.

Monday March 19th

After driving back to Lowestoft I spent the morning in juvenile court. At dinnertime went down to Tuttles coffee bar with John,. Steve, Andy and Tony. We talked over the possibility of putting up a dart board in the office following the banning of our football league after complaints from the cleaners. We also discussed the possibilities of giving A a dinner for completing 25 years as editor of the Journal. I am in favour because it means a nosh up and not for the sake of a man like A. It was decided against however after HP, Glynne and George said they were against it. Spent the afternoon writing up VAT story, Saturday's dinner and some odds and ends. After breaking off I went and paid my car bill to George Day before going home for tea. After tea myself and John went over to the Garibaldi at Yarmouth. There we met Andy and saw Lowestoft's Keville Arms beaten 2-1 by Aylsham Stonemasons Arms. After being the best team they really threw it away. Andy was invited to dinner tomorrow and I arrnaged to include him in the piss up with George on Friday. Returned home with John feeling slightly inebriated and went to bed at 11.35 p.m. Tony came out with a classic scrounge at dinnertime when he asked Andy for a spoonful of yoghurt.

Tuesday March 20th

A pretty hectic day. Woke up this morning feeling very tired and never really woke up during the day. Spent the morning in court which lasted until after 2 p.m. Then went back tot he office and wrote court up. Spent most of the afternoon clearing up outstanding work. Left the office at about 5.30 p.m. John had cooked tea for me and Andy who had come round. After a fine tea we went to the pictures. The ABC in fact and saw two really crummy films - Sexy Susan Knows How and Dany - or something like that. Afterwards we had a pint in the Volunteer and listened to the fat Irish landlady ranting on. Left and Andy came back for coffee and then left. Went to bed at 11.50 p.m.

Wednesday March 21st

Spent the morning catching up on outstanding work and at dinnertime I went down to the record shop and bought Please, Please me by the Beatles for 1.25. Also bought 12 singles for 1.50 including such classics as Tell Laura I Love Her and Poetry in Motion. They are numbered records 104-120 in my catalogue. After dinner I went with Andy along to the College of Further Education where the students were having a day strike against the low grants. Went back to the office and wrote it up. Spent rest of the afternoon sorting and writing stuff up. At 5.45 I took the parcel down to the Station and got myself some petrol. It was quite foggy. After having some tea I watched Crossroads and then drove Christine to the Marina and went on to Kessingland's parish meeting. The meeting went on until 9.55 p.m but would have finished a lot earlier if it had not been for a moronic little Scotsman making an argument out of everything. After the meeting got some fish and chips and came home and watched Derby reach the semi-finals of the European Cup with a 2-0 win over Spartak Trnava, Went to be at midnight. During the day I wrote a jokey letter to Nigel in the front office taking th episs out of him for bing at the film last night. Just before I went to bed heard City has lost 3-2 to Motherwell but still won thier Texaco cup match 4-3 to reach the final.

Thursday March 22nd

Spent most of the morning writing up last night's parish meeting and cleaning up the files. At lunchtime went down to the Wimpey with John and Andy. Steve was unable to come as he was off work sick. After dinner I went to get Shipping, Trawl, Diary and spent the afternoon writing it up and doing the Sunday League. At 6 p.m knocked off from work and went to shorthand. At 8 p.m went across to the volunteer and had a quick half before going to get some fish and chips and returning home with them. After listening to some records I had a bath. When Christine came home I had a talk with her and agreed to take her to Norwich to see a friend on Saturday. Finally retired to my room, sorted out my records and went to bed at 11.50 p.m. At dinnertime phoned George up and arranged for him to come over tomorrow night.

Friday March 23rd

Spent the whole of the morning doing nothing, just sitting around talking to Andy and Sally. At lunchtime I went to Jarrolds and bought a record box for my records. Christine (Steve's girlfriend) phoned up to say Steve would be coming back to work tomorrow. The afternoon followed the pattern of the morning, although I did a Rover note and a paragraph to send the the Stage. Ken Mason came in, He was taking a friend of his to the VD clinic. He told me that John and Lorrie had more or less broken up which surprised me very much. At 5.15 p.m I left the office and went to see Peter Calvert to ask him to do some work tomorrow. I then went home and cooked tea. George came round at 7.45 p.m and we went out with the intention of getting drunk but we failed miserably. We started out at the Commodore in Oulton Broad and then came back and ditched the car before going in to the Belle Vue in St Margaret's Road and then the Volunteer where there were as lot of noisy Scottish drunks. We then walked back to the Oxford in St Margaret's Road and took some bottles back to the flat. George met Christine before leaving. I arranged to run her to Norwich at 11 a.m tomorrow and then returned to my room and went to bed at 11.50 p.m.

Saturday March 24th

Got up at just on 10.30 a.m without the slightest hint of a headache from last night. Had breakfast and then ran Christine to Norwich before getting home myself at 12.15 p.m. I was told Mike had phoned up so I phoned him and he asked me to play football tomorrow for Percy Howes Ltd. We also agreed to have a kick around during the afternoon. After dinner I began my record filing system and watched World of Sport and then at 3.15 after Mike had phoned up again went round and had an hour of football. Went back to his and heard that City had been beaten 3-1 by Liverpool. Not surprising considering Cross and Cheesley were dropped and Briggs was at centre forward! Returned home and had a bath before tea. Spent rest of the evening doing the files and watching TV before going to bed at 11.55 p.m.

Sunday March 25th

Had the usual Sunday lay-in and then spent the morning listening to records until dinner. Also continued the filing system. Had dinner at home because N and G were still at Ethel's. At 1.45 p.m went round for Mike and then Jeannette before going on to Colney Lane to play football. Percy Howes lost 4-3 although I scored a couple of second half goals. Came home and just before I had a bath Geoff Wynne came in , back from another cruise. We decided to go to the cottage for a drink in the evening. After a bath I watched TV for a time and then went round to Geoff's. We went up to the Cottage and met Mike and Jeannette. Spent most of the evening up there but did go and have a drink in the Woolpack where we saw Jim Bone and David Cross. Went home and listened to part of the Million Sellers and half of the David Frost programme on the plight of Darlington FC. Went to bed at midnight.

Monday March 26th

Ever had a day when nothing went right? Well this certainly was although I must admit it improved as the day went on. Got up early and drove back to Lowestoft. Got to the office early. When Glynne came in he asked me and Andy if we had any knowledge of a Breach funeral. I denied it although it was the one I had delayed doing. If I had gone round and seen him when I was given the funeral I wouldn't have had to have lied my head off. I pretended to go home and search for it despite knowing where it was. Second disappointment came when we had to call the evening meal off because I had a council meeting. Went round to 26 Sussex Road to what I thought was the Breach's home. I later found it was 14. After dinner I spent the afternoon fucking around with files. At tea time I went round to the Breaches and then returned home and had tea and then went round the Breaches again. He took the form and said he would complete it and send it in tomorrow. Went out to Hopton Parish Meeting which only lasted an hour. Came home and went for a drink at the Volunteer with John, Came home and watched News at Ten and went to bed at 11 p.m. Today has certainly taught me one thing and that's not to put anything off. I'm going to clear my tray as far as possible each night so I don't have to lie my way out of the awkward situations.

Tuesday March 27th

Spent first part of the morning writing up the Hopton Parish meeting. At about 11 a.m I went down to the Denes High School and interviewed some kids about stop smoking posters they had designed. Came back to the office and at dinner went down to the record shop and bought an early Neil Sedaka album and a cheap Move album. Spent afternoon clearing up a number of stories and wedding reports etc. At 5.45 p.m I took the parcel down to the station and returned just in time to go to the pictures with Andy. We saw two really good films - Summer of 42 and Precinct 43. Very entertaining. Afterwards we retuend to the digs and I cooked tea for both of us. Watched the controversial programme on Andy Warhol which turned out to be a load of crap. Andy stayed until about 12.30 mainly due to being cornered by Christine who was very well boozed up. Went to bed at 12.40 a.m, leaving the washing up until the morning.

Wednesday March 28th

You could say I got caught up in my work today with court going on all day thanks mainly to two really boring licensing cases. At dinnertime I broke off and went down to the Wimpey with Andy. Steve told me that I would probably be in the branch football team to play Norwich editorial in April. After court I stayed in the office writing up the stuff for the Journal and Yarmouth Mercury. Left at 6.45 p.m and came home. Watched This is Your Life (Leslie Crowther). Went and got some fish and chips and came home and spent the rest of the evening watching television before going to bed at 11.05 p.m after watching Wales beat Poland 2-0 with Trevor Hockey scoring their second goal. Lord of the Rings book arrived today.

Thursday March 29th

As soon as I got to work I began getting the sweepstake ready. It got off to a slow start but by the end of the day I had managed to sell all 38 tickets with a kitty of 2.80p. I drew Astbury, Richelieu and some other French horse. Spent the morning getting the filing system up to date and then at dinner went to the Wimpey with Tony, Andy, John and Steve. Learnt that I would be playing for the branch office on April 10th. Found out on my way out to get the shipping, trawl, diary that we are going to have a new front office junior. There were two applicants and the one I saw got the job. She's quite a cute little bird. Spent most of the afternoon mucking about before going to shorthand at 6 p.m. At 8 I phoned Mike to tell him about my proposed plan to try and get a team into the Norwich and District Sunday League next season. He wasn't there, however. During the day I had phoned up Keith Skipper to find out the name and address of the secretary. Then went to the college to see the presentation to the youth orchestra's retiring conductor. Afterwards I went to the Volunteer and got some beer to take home, while John, who I met on the way, went and got the fish and chips. Returned home and watched the Benny Hill Show. Had a bath and retired to my room to listen to some records and dry my hair. Went to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Friday March 30th

Glynne, George and Co all went up to Norwich to see A receive his presentation leaving me and Sally in the office. Roy phoned up and we discussed the possibility of getting a team together. He's in favour so now it's up to me to try and get a pitch. He also said he would pick me up for the match tomorrow. Spent the rest of the morning writing up the conductor story and also a story about a sponsored school walk. Phoned home to say I would be home in the evening. At dinner I went to the record shop and bought 21 Years of Sports Report and also the MacArthur Park single. Went to Morlings but they didn't have my John Lees album. Spent the afternoon clearing up minor stuff. When A came back we had a drop of sherry in the office. Left office at 5.20 p.m. Retuned to my digs and got some stuff ready for the weekend. At home I spent the evening watching TV and continuing my records file before going to bed.

Saturday March 31st

Having just got dressed after getting up at 10.30 a.m I heard the phone ringing. It was Mike and I told him Roy said he would pick us up in the afternoon to take us to the match. I then rang Brian Ward of the Sunday League up and was disappointed to hear that he already had 12 applications for only two vacancies in the league. Nevertheless I will send for an applications form. I tried to ring the university up to get a pitch but nobody was in. Phoned Roy up to make sure about the afternoon then spent the rest of the morning listening to records. Roy picked me up at about 2 p.m and we went to Carrow Road and saw Birmingham beat City 2-1. I will now put it on record that I have given up hope of staying up. Paul and DK were at the match. Roy ran me home and I spent the evening continuing my record filing and watching TV. There was a very interesting sports night which included Match of the Day, the Grand National (won by Red Rum) and also Ken Norton beating Mohammad Ali. After putting the car away I finally got to bed at 1 a.m.