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 Nick Lowe

British Male Singer-Songwriter

The Old Magic (2011)



Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe - The Old Magic - 7

Stoplight Roses/Checkout Time/House for Sale/Sensitive Man/I Read a Lot/Shame on the Rain/Restless Feeling/The Poisoned Rose/Somebody Cares for Me/You Don't Know Me at All/Til The Real Thing Comes Along

Another great surprise of the year is this reflective almost meditative album from old rocker Nick Lowe that lends more to the ilk of Richard Hawley and the crooners than to out and out rock. In many ways there are parallels with the Glen Campbell album - man grows old, can't believe so many years are behind him, reflects on his mortality. And this is a very reflective album of the best kind - "I am 61 years old now, Lord I never thought I'd see 30" from Checkout Time - a desperate appeal to be remembered. Age is a theme throughout this excellent album. Lowe has forsaken his previous lifestyle to tell us that "I read a lot these days." But don't think that this is totally a depressing and miserable album. There is plenty of hope for the future. It all comes together to produce an excellent series of songs that could even reduce you to tears.