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Chapter 11 - The Future

The older you get the less you like to look into the future as there is less and less of it. I now think it pointless to make grand five and 10 year plans as you are simply wishing your life away.

As I write this I am as busy as ever. In 2007 I retired as a governor of Hethersett Middle School as I had largely lost interest in the huge amount of paperwork that comes from both county and government level. I still love the school but the burden of being chair of governors had become just too much. It is a totally voluntary and unpaid job and I  reached the point where I needed a rest from all the meetings etc involved in the process of running a school. I will always remember my 17 year association with the school with fondness. The school recently changed its name to Hethersett Junior School.

I am as involved with Hethersett Athletic as ever. We now run 15 teams at all levels and are one of the most successful sides in Norfolk and seem to be expanding all the time. The future holds many exciting times for the football club, including the distinct possibility of having our own purpose built ground in the near future.

I also seem to have become completely immersed in sport in the village. In 2009 I took on the role of development officer for Hethersett and Tas Valley Cricket Club and in 2011 launched the Hethersett and Meltons Sports Association designed to bring together all the sports and leisure groups in the village with the aim of promoting sport and fitness and improving facilities.

Certainly my life never seems to stay still.

My main aim of the next few years is to continue my writing and to put as much of it as possible on the internet. The web is a wonderful source of information and knowledge and gives a marvellous outlet for all the writing I have done over the years. I occasionally give talks to local groups where I cover a variety of subjects. I entitle it "It's a Wonderful Life" after my favourite film.

In chapter three I talked about my nine months at Harlow College on a journalism course and the people I met and friends I made. At the beginning of October 2011 I returned to Harlow for a class reunion with many of the people from 1971. Apparently we started college on September 20th, 1971. There were 18 of the 44 present with a number of others taking a great interest in the event but unable to make it there physically. So thanks to the hard work of Simon Bucks and Pippa McLardy for bringing back some memories. Certainly it was strange to see people for the first time in 40 years. I would have liked to have said we hadn't changed, but that just wouldn't be true!!!!

There have been times in the past when I have got depressed, found myself angry and I often get irritable. But for all my shortcomings it has been a wonderful life and hope that it will continue to be for many years to come.

Peter Steward 2011