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 Leona Lewis

British singer







Spirit - 1.5

Given the choice of being pulled through a hedge of thorns or being forced to listen to this album again, I think I'd go for the former. When Leona Lewis won the X Factor I really did think she could sing and had talent. This album proves she can't and hasn't. To start with the material is dreadful. Booming bass, outmoded ideas - certainly going through the motions music. Take a formula, fit it to the voice and churn out an album. The result is quite hideous. Lewis' voice is charmless and strident. She destroys the classic "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Roberta Flack she aint). Elsewhere its just pumped out epics that merge into one another as Lewis showcases her raucous, grating voice. "A Moment Like This" was a decent song in some respects but this album is just an embarrassment and will end up in the remainder bins before you can say "cashing in on the Christmas market."