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 Leon Jackson

British singer

Right Now





Leon Jackson

Leon Jackson - Right Now (2008) - 2

Don't Call This Love, Creative, Stargazing, All In Good Time, Right Now, You Don't Know Me, Ordinary Days, A Song For You, Fingerprints, Could Do Better, Misty Blue. Caledonia, When You Believe

Winning X Factor is always going to be a millstone around a singer's neck, simply because it means the artist has already become Media fodder. The chances are anybody winning one of these ridiculously over-hyped "talent" shows are likely to soon fade into obscurity. Sadly Leon Jackson is destined for this once the screams of the impressionable teenage girls have died down. At the end of the day Jackson will have to survive on 1/ his talent and 2/ the strength of his material. On the evidence of this album he has failed in both areas. Jackson seems to be sitting uncomfortably between the old fashioned crooner and the modern pop and it just doesn't work. His voice is average at best and the material is relatively weak. He destroys Leon Russell's Song For You - one of the most heart-rending ballads made mundane. The only saving grace is the single "When You Believe" which is a decent pop ballad but cannot raise the overall feel of the CD