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Diary June 1973

Friday June 1st

Lazed around in the office for a while before writing up my unveiling story. Arranged to take Y out for a drink at midday, although just before I was called out to a fire at the Newcombe. I went with Steve and luckily it wa sonly a burnt out letter on the hotel facing and so I was back in the office by 12.10. Took Y out to a pub in Hopton and we had a couple of drinks before returning to the office. Tony was there so I went with him and Steve down to the Wimpey for lunch and then onto Tuttles. Spent the afternoon doing nothing. Left the office and came home. Decided not to have tea until later, so watched Crossroads and Top of the Pops. Then went down to the phone box to phone home. Came back and had a bath and then had a meal at 10 p.m. Listened to some records, wrote a fairly good poem and then wrote up the review of May? before retiring to my room and going to bed at 11.30 p.m. Trevor Hockey transferred to Aston Villa and three up and down next year.

Saturday June 2nd

Didn't do much in the office until 11 a.m when I went to a retirement presentation at the Royal George. From there I went to see a kid who was holding a fete in Marine Parade. On returning to the office I had a cup of coffee in the front office before breaking off for dinner. Went down to the secondhand record shop with Andy and bought some singles before moving on first to the Wimpey and then to Tuttles. After returning to the office we went on a fete tour firstly to Oulton and then Morton Road. Went back to the office and wrote my various bits and pieces up before going back to the digs to load up for the weekend. Drove back to Norwich but hadn't been home very long before John came round to ask if I wanted to go back to Lowestoft to see Tempest. I agreed and he drove me back. After stopping at the office for a coffee we went on to the South Pier. After a couple of drinks we went backstage and talked to the group which consisted of John Hiseman, Alan Holdsworth, Ollie Hassell, Paul Williams and Marc Clarke. They turned out to be an extremely loud and raucous group. After the concert John drove me back to Norwich once again and I got to bed at 12.15 a.m. During the afternoon I phoned Mike up to arrange for the party next week.

Sunday June 3rd

As soon as I got up I phoned Mike and arranged a game of tennis for the morning. We played at Waterloo Park and I won 6-3, 6-1, 6-2. Came home and went round to see Nanny to see if she wanted to be taken up the hospital in the evening. As she was going in the afternoon the question didn't arise. Spent the afternoon listening to records and then after tea drove mum and dad up to the hospital. Granddad seems recovered and indeed is being discharged tomorrow. Whilst at the hospital I went to see Mrs Smith and she too seemed somewhat recovered. Drove home and spent most of the evening listening to records in my bedroom and compiling an up to date list of my records which I had started in the afternoon. Watched the play on TV before going to bed at 11.45 p.m.

Monday June 4th

Spent literally all morning and afternoon listening to records and writing poetry. After tea I got my things ready to go back to Lowestoft as I had decided to go back tonight. Because of the party on Saturday I took my stereo back with me. As Steve wasn't back at the digs I guessed he would be in the office. When I got there I found my guess to be correct. he was doing a story on the RSPCA and after typing out my expenses I teleprinted it for him. We then went across to the Volunteer for a drink. He told me plans for the party were coming along fine, especially on the female side with C brining along some of her friends and the girls from Tuttles all coming. After we went back to the digs and listened to some records. When I retired to my room I spent a good while tidying everything up before going to bed at 12.15 a.m.

Tuesday June 5th

Spent all day in court and on court stuff. The Pakefield footpath question came up again and took some time. At dinnertime had a break and went down to Bevan Street fish shop with Andy and Steve. When I eventually came back from court I had two phone calls. One from Roy confirming that the party was still on and one from Mrs Davis. At 6 p.m I went home and had a bowl of soup before going to Normanston Park with Steve for a kick about. After quite a tiring game came home and listened to some records. Had abath and then had some tea. After going to the pub for a bottle of beer I had three games of chess with Steve before retiring to my room and going to bed at 11.45 p.m

Wednesday June 6th

Quite busy during the morning when my job included going down to the post office for the retirement of the sorting inspector. When I returned to the office I had to go and see a graphics display at the Arts Centre. Spent the rest of the morning writing those things up and also a crit on the Tempest concert. At dinnertime I went down tot he Wimpey with Steve and Andy. We then went on to Tuttles and then had a look round some auction stuff at Notleys. On the way back to the office I called in at the employment exchange and got another passport form. Spent the afternoon writing various things up. Left the office early at 5.10 p.m and went home to watch the England v Poland World Cup match. England lost 2-0 with what could only be termed an appalling performance. Afterwards I went to get some fish and chips before watching some more TV. Got my passport forms ready to send home for Inspector Page's signature. Listened to some albums before going to bed at 11.45 p.m.

Thursday June 7th

Another fucking awful day with fucking toothache. I could feel it coming on yesterday although it wasn't too bad. During today it got progressively worse. Spent the morning messing around with various things. At dinnertime I went down to the Wimpey with Andy and Steve. We then went to Tuttles coffee bar. Afterwards I went to the library to pick up Shipping Trwal Diary. When I got back to the office I wrote it up before going out to see a woman in Homefield Avenue about the disbanding of Kirkley Kapers. Then went on to Carlton Colville to try to see the chapwhose son had lost his handicapped walking apparatus. He was out so I went back to the office. At 5.30 p.m went to South Lowestoft record shop with Andy but they were shut. At 6 p.m went to shorthand. There was only me and Steve there and he had a migraine so soon left. After getting home and getting some fish and chips and listening to records I went to bed in pain at 10.30 p.m.

Friday June 8th

Another bad day health-wise. After a pretty restless and highly sweaty night I woke up with a bad headache. I reluctantly got up and went into work. The first thing I did was run Janet out to her home in Oulton Broad. I had coffee with her before going to South Lowestoft to see a couple who were celebrating their diamond wedding. Unfortunately I couldn't get a story because the old biy had just had a stroke and she didn't want anything in the paper. Came back to the office and at dinner went with Andy to the college annexe to watch the final counts in yesterday's elections. We then went to Anthonys for dinner although I could eat very little. Indeed I left early feeling sick and went back tot he office where I slumped in a chair for ages. Did nothing during the afternoon although I should have gone to see a chap about a warship. Decided to do it tomorrow instead. Left office at 5 p.m and came home. During the afternoon I phoned Roy, Andy Knowles and Peter Anthony about tomorrow's party. At 7 p.m Peter Anthony came up from King's Lynn and, after going to the South Lowestoft record shop where I picked up some singles and a Tom Paxton album, we got some fish and chips and brought them home to eat. Afterwards we went to the Foxburrow and then the Volunteer for a drink. Came back to the flat - had a coffee and then I went to bed leaving Peter watching the TV. In fact I had a nice early night at 10.05 p.m.

Saturday June 9th

Certainly the latest I have ever written the diary up. In fact it was past 3 a.m. When I woke up this morning I felt very much better although still not 100%. After having breakfast I went into the town centre with Peter Anthony and showed him around the office. Went into town to get some crisps and paper cups for the party. Then went on a job about a man who had first hand experience of the sinking of a U boat. Met Pete back at the office and, after going to the record shop where I bought Tramp Shining LP, we went down to the Wimpey followed by Tuttles. The afternoon was spent listening to records, having a bath, getting things ready for the party and watching TV. At tea time we went to the Chinese for a meal before coming home to await people coming to the party. Nobody had arrived by 9 p.m and we were beginning to get worried. Soon people began to turn up, however, and we ended up with near on 30 people. When Christine came back at just after 11 p.m she complained about the noise, so we all switched over to Tony Slinn's house and continued there until about 1.30 a.m. John got absolutely parelitically drunk  and we had to bring him back home and let him flake out on the settee. After a coffee and joke telling session with Peter Anthony, Peter Lynch, Tony Slinn, Andy Knowles and Duncan I retired to my room and sorted out my record collection before going to bed at the ridiculous hour of 3.20 a.m. This ends a very much shortened report due to the late hour and the amount of drink I've had.

Sunday June 10th

Unfortunately didn't get to sleep too early but didn't get up until after 11 a.m. John seemed to have recovered completely and stayed for a cup of coffee before going home to Norwich. Me and Pete spent the rest of the morning reading the papers before going to Anthony's for dinner. Afterwards returned to the digs and watched TV until about 3 p.m when Peter left. I watched TV a little longer before going to my room to tidy up a bit. During the morning we also tidied up Steve's room. After watching the Golden Shot I returned to my room and half wrote a poem before having a game of roller cricket. Listened to some records and had a couple of eggs for tea before continuing the poem. At 10.15 I saw the England v Russia soccer match on TV. England won 2-1 with a much better performance. After the match I went to bed at 11.25 p.m.

Monday June 11th

Slept through until late before getting up on time and going to work where I spent most of the day on the various filing systems. During the morning I did try to see the skipper of one of the ships who had sunk a German U boat. He was out, however. After work went back to the digs and had curry (yuck) for tea. Watched TV for a while before going to see the skipper again. Once again he was out so I went to the office. Phoned Bruce Clarke the organist up to try to arrange to see him. He too was out so I phoned Mike up to discuss the party. During the day I had phone calls from Roy and George. Came home and got myself some fish and chips. Watched a movie quiz and then went to bed at 11.40 p.m.

Tuesday June 12th

The day when I first heard the rumblings that I would be moved. Went itno work very tired and started court. As I had to do it for the EDP I was relieved during the morning and came back to the office and teleprinted the copy before going down to the Bevan Road fish and chip shop for dinner. After dinner I went down to the passport office. They took all my particulars but said there was a possibility that the photographs were too big. They decided to send them away, however, to see. Went back to the office and sent off the book club Postal Orders which I had got at dinnertime. At 4 p.m I drove Mr Agrar out to Barnby to pick his car up. On the way down he told me that Gerald Nunn wanted to see me on Friday as I was probably being transferred to Norwich. Something I view with very mixed feelings. After work and tea I went out to see Skipper Hemp to arrange to see him tomorrow night at 7 p.m. I then went on to Gisleham for the parish council meeting. Afterwards I went for a drink to the Volunteer with Steve and then returned home to listen to some records before going to bed at 12.15 a.m.

Wednesday June 13th

When I got into work the first thing to do was write up the Gisleham Parish Council. This in fact was more or less all I did during the morning. Bruce Clarke the organist phoned up to arrange a meeting in the afternoon. At lunchtime I went down to the Wimpey with Andy and Steve and returned rather faster than normal in order to go and meet Bruce Clarke at Sparrow's Nest. I spent almost an hour with him and then returned to the office to write the article up. After work I ran Steve down to George Days to pick his car up and then came home for tea. At  7 p.m I went and saw Mr Hemp. It wasn't the skipper but his son who lived there. Afterwards I went back to the office and wrote the feature up. Steve came to the office, having been to see Hedley House. While at the office I phoned him to tell him of my possible move and the more I think of it the less I like it. After that I returned to the digs and had a bath before watching News at Ten. Steve came in later with some chips which I ate my share. We then listened to some records and talked before going to bed at 11.50 p.m.

Thursday June 14th

Started the morning in court but was fished out at 11 a.m so I could go and see the woman whose lad had his walking apparatus stolen last week. She wasn't at home so I returned to the office. At dinner hour I went down to the Wimpey with Andy and from there on to Tuttles. After lunch had a long chat with the office girls. I went down to the library to get Shipping Trawl Diary and spent the afternoon writing it up. At 6 p.m went to shorthand and it was as boring as usual. I then ran Duncan home (he is going on holiday tomorrow). During the evening he said Bob would be coming down soon. It's a pity I probably won't still be in Lowestoft. I then went bowling with Andy where we both notched up our best scores ever - 146 for me and 151 for him. Afterwards we went off the the Cliff for a drink before going back to Andys to watch pathetic England lose 2-0 to Italy. After I returned home and went to bed at 12.05 a.m.

Friday June 15th

The day of reckoning when I would find out what was in store for the immediate future, I slept late and got up late before leaving for Norwich at just after 10 a.m. Although I got there early I decided to go into ECN. Had to wait half an hour before Gerald Nunn could see me. He told me that I was to be moved to Norwich on July 21st. I told him I started holiday that week so he switched dates to August 6th. I am glad about that as it gives me five more weeks in Lowestoft. On the way back to the car I met John and explained about my return to Norwich. I then went home, stopping on the way for fish and chips. I stayed at home until 1.30 p.m then set off back for Lowestoft. Got to the office and did nothing except fetch some sports results and help type them out. I had no intention of doing any work. Returned home, cooked some tea and spent the evening watching the TV and playing roller cricket. Just before 10 p.m I had a quick bath before returning to my room and going to bed for a semi-early night at 10.30 p.m.

Saturday June 16th

Went into work fairly early for a Saturday. First thing I did was go down with Andy to the opening of a boutique in Denmark Road. Went back to the office and messed around for the rest of the morning, mainly talking in the front office. Y left today and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye because the boyfriend was hanging about. Went down to the Wimpey with Andy, then returned to the office fairly early so I could go out to the Wherry at Oulton Broad for the launching of a cruiser. From there I went on to see a couple of little kids who had set up a fete for the handicapped boy. Went back to the office and wrote the stuff up before going back to the digs and getting the stuff ready for going home. Arrived home early and had tea. As I was feeling really tired I spent the evening reading and watching TV before going to bed at 11 p.m.

Sunday June 17th

Had a nice restful day and did nothing all morning except go down to the paper shop and go round to see nanny and granddad but they were out. Spent the afternoon watching the cricket on the TV. After tea I had a bath and then went round to see George. Unfortunately he was out as well so I went round to see Mrs Smith and Paul instead. Mrs Smith described in detail her treatment in hospital. Towards the end of the evening went with Paul to the Cottage where we thought we might see Mike. He wasn't there though. After running Paul home I came home myself and went straight to bed at 11.30 p.m. Unfortunately the evening was marred by my gum swelling up again and being very painful.

Monday June 18th

A pretty rough day. Got very little sleep thanks to an aching gum. Staggered up at 11.15 feeling pretty lousy. It wasn't until the afternoon that I felt better when the ulcer burst. During the morning, which was spent listening to records, I had quite a shock when mum showed me a cutting from the EDP saying that Peter (Jennifer's ex) had been sent to prison for theft. It seems inconceivable how wrong you can be about a person. I would never have guessed he was the type. Spent the afternoon hanging about listening to records and playing roller cricket. After tea I washed the car down and then went round to see Nanny and Granddad. After spending a fair time with them I came home and watched TV for a while before going to bed at 10.30 and listening to the radio for a while.

Tuesday June 19th

Felt much better overall today. Perhaps it was getting up early that did it but I imagine it was a pretty good night's sleep. Anyway I drove back to Lowestoft early and came back to my digs before going into work. During the morning I went out to Carlton Colville to see the handicapped boy's mother. Needless to say she wasn't in. Spent the rest of the morning on small things and the files. At dinnertime went down to the Wimpey with Andy and Steve. We then went on to Tuttles and Gail, the coffee bar girl, asked me if I could run her over to Corton Holiday Camp on Friday night as she was going to work there. I agreed as it gives me the chance to have a drink or two. During the afternoon I popped over to the Arts Centre to see the art display there. When I got back to the office Peter Anthony phoned and I agreed to go over to King's Lynn for the weekend. At 5.45 p.m, after spending most of the afternoon typing out tennis results, I took the parcel down to the station. I returned home and after tea spent the evening playing roller cricket, it's childish but fun, listening to records, watching TV and writing poetry. Steve came in just before 10.30 p.m having been to Corton Parish Council. I told Christine that I would be leaving in a month and she took the news surprisingly well. Stayed up with Steve talking about college before going to bed at 11.50 p.m.

Wednesday June 20th

Thought I would have to go to court today but I was wrong. When I got in I saw a letter from Gerald Nunn confirming my move. At 10.15 I went down to the Fishing Vessel Owners Association for the retirement of two lumpers. I returned to the office and wrote it up. At dinnertime I went down to Bevan Street fish and chip shop with Steve and Andy. After dinner I went out to Oulton to see the mother of one of the kids who held the jumble sale to ask her to give the money to charity. During the afternoon I went into Morlings and bought the Carpenters new album Then and Now. Spent the rest of the afternoon messing about. At 5 p.m went down the road to see the new Pelican Crossings being switched on. Hung around waiting for a helluva time before giving it up and going hoe for tea. After tea I went to Normanston Park to get some information on the Lowestoft and District Tennis Championships from there. I went round to see Richard Money who has just signed for Scunthorpe. He was out so I spoke to his mother. Returned to the digs and watched TV and listened to records for a short while before going back to the office. I stayed just long enough to write up a job in the diary for tomorrow. Returned home and had a bath. Then watched News at Ten. When Steve came in I had a cup of coffee before going to bed at 11.15 p.m.

Thursday June 21st

Got quite angry with George this morning. It all started when I got a call from Max Butterfield in London telling me that Jackie Darnell, the singer, would be in Lowestoft in the afternoon. I arranged to meet them at 5 p.m at the South Pier. I intended doing an article but George said it didn't warrant anything as it was of no interest to Lowestoft people. In my mind a load of cobblers. Had a lot to do during the morning including getting the tennis results from Normanston Park and typing it all up. At dinner went down to the Wimpey and then Tuttles with Steve and Andy. Arranged to transport Gale over to Corton Holiday Camp tomorrow night. Spent the afternoon on various things including STD. At 5 p.m I went down to the South Pier and met the luscious Jackie Darnell - quite a personality. I got back in the office just in time for shorthand. After shorthand went over to Yarmouth with Andy Knowles and had our usual couple of games of bowling. I got a top score of 130. Afterwards we went to the Yarmouth Wimpey and then to a pub in Yarmouth. Then went on to the Cliff and then back to Andys for coffee. After talking with Andy and Ken for a while I returned home and went to bed at 12.30 a.m.

Friday June 22nd

Got up late and staggered into work and had to go out almost immediately to see a driver who had trained one of the men recently trapped in a submarine. Steve had told me he lived in Carlton Road but after driving down the road a couple of times I found out in fact he lived in Colville Road. He was quite interesting. I returned to the office and wrote the story up. At dinnertime I went with Andy to Anthonys. Spent all afternoon doing the crossword and sitting about. Came home for tea and watched Top of the Pops. Andy came round at about 7.15 p.m for a cup of coffee on his way to a meeting at the YMCA. After that I went and picked up Gail from her home and took her down to her chalet at Corton Holiday camp. She was staying with her friend Linda and they said they would meet me at the White Horse public house. I thought about it but then decided I wouldn't enjoy it as they wanted to go on to Yarmouth afterwards and I felt they were just asking me over there to be polite. So I came back to my digs and watched It's A Knockout instead. After the programme I spent the rest of the evening tidying up before getting an early night in order to get up early to go to King's Lynn in the morning. Went to bed at 10.30 p.m to listen to an album. Today marks exactly half a year of diary entries - 182.

Saturday June 23rd

A very very long day and I didn't write up the entry until Sunday evening because of the lateness of the time I got to bed. Set off for King's Lynn soon after getting up and some two and a half hours and numerous traffic jams later I arrived at Pete Anthonys. We spent the rest of the morning looking round Lynn including the EDP office where I met the infamous Frank Keeler. Had dinner at a cheap restaurant before going over to Hunstanton in the afternoon. After going on the pier and having rounds of crazy golf and putting, we returned to Peter's digs and lazed around listening to the cricket until almost 8 p.m. We then went out to a pub in North Wootton before returning to the Woolpack in the town centre. There we met a number of reporters from the Lynn News and also Veronica Crighton and fiancee. After staying at the Woolpack until almost closing time we went over to the Intercom nightclub and had scampi and chips. I then went back to Peter's to ditch the car before going over to Tilney All Saints to see the Lynn News' news editor Dave Morgan. We formed a party with me, Pete, Quinton Dodd, Mary Braznett, Tim ? Dave and his wife. It started off slowly but as peaopl began to get well oiled we started playing party games and having a good time. Night turned into day as we played and we didn't leave until past 5 a.m. By the time I got to bed it was getting on for 6 a.m.

Sunday June 24th

Woke up late after a few hours' sleep and got up at about midday. Went down to the Manor Hotel, Ingoldisthorpe, with Veronica and Jeremy for a very good meal. Afterwards we went on a tour of the coast road ending up at Wells on Sea. We spent quite a while there wandering about as I began to feel more and more tired. It took ages to get home as there were massive traffic jams from Hunstanton. Indeed we didn't get back to King's Lynn until past 7 p.m. I started off straightaway for home, taking the route via Bawdeswell and getting home within an hour. Just after getting home Mike phoned to ask me if I wanted to go out for a drink. I said no because I wanted to do a few things and get to bed fairly early. I had some tea and then a bath before going to bed at 10.40 p.m.

Monday June 25th

Surprisingly I wasn't too tired when I woke up this morning and managed to drive back to Lowestoft at the usual time. Spent the morning in juvenile court which turned out to be quite a problem. It was a very involved case involving five boys on 50 charges. At dinnertime I went back and wrote it up including copy for the EDP. During the afternoon Trevor Westgate came back saying we didn't use the word charge in juvenile courts. It meant practically re-writing the damn thing. At tea time I took the parcel down to the station and then went with Steve to get some fish and chips from Norwich Road. After watching TV for a time I ran him out to Oulton Broad for a meeting because his car had conked out again. After that I went to the office and caught up on some work including the tennis championships. Waited until 9.45 p.m to see if Steve would phone up for a lift but he didn't so I came home and had a cup of coffee and went to bed at 10.25 p.m.

Tuesday June 26th

Quite a drunken night. I had quite a nice surprise when I got up to find my passport had arrived. Now everything is almost ready for my holiday. Spent most of the morning in court on lots of small motoring offences. At dinnertime I went down to the Wimpey with Andy and from there on to Tuttles for a coffee. Returned to the office and spent the afternoon typing stuff up. At dinner time I had ordered the new Bobby Goldsborough single from Morlings. At tea time returned home and had tea before getting ready for the opening night of the South Pier show. Christine and father came down to go and see a car that Steve was thinking of buying. At 7.30 p.m I went down to the South Pier and spent the evening watching the show with Patsie and Peter and two of their friends. It ranged from very good to mediocre. After the show I returned to my digs, had a cup of coffee and listened to some records with Steve before going to my room and going to bed at 12.15 a.m. Wrote a drunken poem before going to bed.

Wednesday June 27th

Spent the morning slamming last night's show and then at dinnertime went down to the Bevan Street fish and chip shop. Spent the afternoon mainly typing up sport until 5 p.m when I went home and had some beans on toast before going back for shorthand. Left shorthand at 7.10 p.m and drove over to Kessingland for an unusually short council meeting. Afterwards I returned to the office and then went home and had a bath. Steve came in and made a bloody nuisance of himself refusing to get out of my room. So instead of getting an early night I ended up going to bed at 11.50 p.m. At dinnertime I phoned home to let them know I would be home tomorrow night. Must remember to get Nanny Steward a birthday card and post it tomorrow.

Thursday June 28th

A really silly day. Started off normal enough when I started the morning in court. It was an extra court and there was only one case. Wrote that up and then spent the rest of the morning writing up Kessingland Parish Council. At dinnertime went down to the Wimpey with Steve and Andy and then to Tuttles, Spent the afternoon doing STD before going home and having tea earlier than usual due to the fact that there was no shorthand. I tidied my room up and prepared to go home later as I had tomorrow off. At about 8 p.m I drove over to Andys with the intention of listening to some albums. This we did and at about 10 p.m Andy suggested going for a drink at the King's Head. There we met a couple of policemen mates who were disguised as fishermen to watch some stolen stuff across the Waveney River. We went across to the Waveney pub with them and then rowed across the river to the bank where the stuff was hidden. We stayed there until midnight but nothing happened. During that time Andy's mate Dave and one of the coppers went off rowing and failed to come back. We saw them later and found out that Dave had fallen in. After tramping along the riverbank to get to the bridge we walked back into town and I set off for Norwich. Stopped at a garage in Beccles to get some self service petrol. As I was putting the petrol in the driver's door shut and stuck. It had been sticking for a couple of weeks. This meant the car was locked up with the keys inside. I went back and got Andy and we tried to force it open. We failed and decided to look out for a police car which we saw round the corner. Told the sergeant that my car would be at the garage during the night. Went back to Andys and had to sleep the night in a sleeping bag on his floor. By the time I got to bed it was near on 1 a.m.

Friday June 29th

Got some disturbed sleep before getting up at 8 a.m and went down to the garage to explain what had happened. They told me it wouldn't be ready until dinner hour. So I went to Lowestotf with Andy and sat around in the office for a while. Phoned up home to explain what had happened. At dinnertime Andy ran me out to the garage where I had to pay 2.42 for the car. During the morning I had gone down to the record shop and bought a couple of Beach Boys albums. I drove home to Norwich and, after the hectic events, spent the afternoon watching Wimbledon. After tea I went round the road to see Nanny and Granddad and then returned home and retired to my room to listen to records before going to bed at about 10.40 p.m. Nostalgia note - It is exactly a year tonight that I finished college and it will be a year on Monday that I started in Lowestoft.

Saturday June 30th

Got very angry when I went in this morning and looked in the Journal. My show crit had been cut to about four paragraphs and all the nice things left in. It was completely opposite to my meaning. Christ the editor shouldn't be allowed to change a crit like that. After all I was at the show and not him. I'm determined to tell George on Monday. Well anyway spent the morning doing a football general meeting report and a Rover story. At dinnerhour went down to Purdys and Tuttles with Andy. Spent the afternoon touring the area with Andy, doing a fete. Andy did Northfield School, Wrentham and St Marks and I did Carlton Colville and the Convent School. Went back to the office and couldn't be bothered to write them up so left for home. Went to see George and arranged for him to come over to Lowestoft for the Olde Tyme Music Hall. I wonder whether it's really worth doing a crit. Went home, had tea and spent the evening watching TV, listening to records and having a bath. I finally got to bed at 11.20 p.m.