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This is the index page for my site on American legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb. Who is Jimmy Webb I hear you cry?

Over the years Jimmy has written some of our generations most outstanding songs, yet he is still relatively unknown. His songs have been recorded by the likes of Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra and you hear them on the radio every day.

You may still be confused but if I say he wrote "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," "Witchita Lineman," "Galvaston," "Macarthur Park" you can see the pedigree of the man.

Radio Two featured Jimmy and his music on one of their shows and Art Garfunkel summed it all up with the following words:

"Jimmy is tragically under appreciated.... I think that kind of lack of appreciation is quite tough and his heart has been broken over the years... to be so good and so inside is a killer, why is it that good is not the same thing as popular? How can he be so good and have such a hard time getting it through. He is a musical genius."

Certainly Jimmy's music has been with me since the first time I heard MacArthur Park. I seem to remember having the radio on whilst I was helping my mother to wash up. The song came on and I was stopped in my tracks. This was so different. Few records over the years have had that same cor blimey, wow factor. For me Without You by Nilsson, American Pie by Don McLean and Mockingbird by Barclay James Harvest are the only tracks to even approach it.

From that point onwards I looked out Jimmy's music. happily buying albums blind when Webb tracks were included or when he appeared amongst the production credits. I was rarely disappointed.

Jimmy Webb is a songwriting genius, he is disgracefully under-rated. If this section of my web site addresses that in some small way then I will be more than happy.

So find out more by clicking on the following links:

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