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Diary January 1973

The diary for January 1973 is preceded by the following obituary.

Mrs Grace Spalding

This I hope will be the first and last obituary for a long long time. Aunty Poor (as I knew her from as long as I can remember) was not a relation but a friend of the family.

I saw her only occasionally but still grew very fond of her. She always seemed to be lurking somewhere in the background.

At 84 she was obviously one of the oldest acquaintances and as I didn't see her too often it will be easy to get over her passing.

Her life was fraught with tragedy. Her husband and son both committed suicide, but through it all she remained cheerful and never allowed her troubles to get visibly on top of her.

 This is the quality that will always be remembered, along with her great kindness.

Monday, January 1st

Woke up rather late on the first day of 1973 because of the party the night before. Got up at 10.15 a.m, had breakfast and checked the car ready to take Ethel to Boughton1. Set off at about 11 a.m and after a slow journey reached the destination at 12.30 p.m. Had dinner and set off for home at about 2 p.m.

The return journey was much faster, taking just over an hour. Arrived home to say that Mrs Smith2 was phoning to say that Paul had the flu and it was best of I didn't go to tea.

Shortly afterwards Roy phoned up and we talked about the party. I then phoned Mike up and had a chat. Had tea and decided to have a lazy evening, really breaking my first new year's resolution. Watched Generation Game, Opportunity Knocks and Coronation Street and some of the Man from Uncle film before going to bed to listen to some records at 9.15 p.m.

Tuesday January 2nd

Work again today, so I got up at 7.30 a.m and drove back to Lowestoft early. Reached office at 8.50 a.m and decided to go down the road for a haircut. Spent the morning writing up my pantomime copy and reserves football copy. Did a par on the Waves3 and then had dinner.

In the afternoon I did a story on Lowestoft Spring Fair not coming. Left office at about 5 p.m with Steve and drove back to Norwich to see Norwich play Lowestoft in the East Anglian Cup. Had tea at Christine's (Steve's girlfriend) home. Went to the match to see Lowestoft win 1-0 with a goal from Lenny Dann. Duncan Forbes was playing.

Afterwards I came back home and wrote my 150 word story for the EDP and sent it over. Watched the Old Grey Whistle Test4 with Stackridge (rubbish), David McWilliams (rubbish) and Kim Fowley (poof) and then went to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Wednesday January 3rd

Quite a day after all. It's not every day that you see history made5 Norwich City, by heating Chelsea 1-0, have reached Wembley for the first time.

The day started off quietly enough, however. I was woken up at 7 a.m. Got up and picked Steve up at 8.15. Drove back to Lowestoft. I went to court in the morning and spent one and a half hours listening to some boring London solicitor trying to get licensing permission for Hedley House6.

When I arrived back at the office I had a phone call from Carolyn7 who is back in Taunton having given up her catering job. We arranged to meet at the re-union8 on January 20th.

Completed my reserve game report and wrote up the Hedley House story. At dinner hour I drove down to the Grenadier Fish Shop for food. Played football in the office then had a fairly lazy afternoon.

Left the office at 4.40 p.m with some maps for the EDP, Norwich. Got into Norwich at about 6 p.m and decided to go straight to the match.

It was quite a good game and this time fog9 could not save Chelsea from defeat. Ran Mike and Jeannette up to Jeannettes and then came home and got myself some scampi and chips, still not knowing who had scored City's goal - think it was Govier10. Saw half of the three v the six11 football match and went to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Thursday January 4th

A day of relaxation. City really are at Wembley. Got up at 7.45 and drove back to Lowestoft.

Went to work and started the morning in court12. Heard a case of a chap who smashed a neighbour's door and window because of a family feud. Came back and had dinner at the Wimpey with John13 and Steve.

Spent the afternoon writing the court, re-doing the Hedley House story and shipping, trawl diary. At 6 p.m went to shorthand for another fun filled, frivilous, frolicking two hours. Afterwards I had a chinese with John and we then went for a drink.

Took a couple of pints home and drank them watching Monty Python. Retired to my room and finished a letter to Carolyn which I had started the day before. Listened to some records Andy had leant me, wrote to a book club and went to bed at 11.45 p.m.

Friday January 5th

Got up at 9.10 a.m. Went to work and read the papers for a while. Then I went out to Field Lane, Kessingland, to see John Weaver (?) sportsman. He was at work and so I arranged to see him at 3 p.m tomorrow.

Went to see Dorothy Ling, the captain of Lowestoft's blind bowls team. She asked me if I could return after dinner.

At dinnertime I went to work on the record shop. After going to the bank, I bought a Rod McKuen LP, Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Yellow River by Christie, Goodbye by Mary Hopkin, Les Bicyclettes de Belsize by Englebert Humperdinck and Green Green Grass of Home by Tom Jones.

In the afternoon I went to see Mrs Ling and then retruned to the office to write the story up. Mike phoned up to ask if I would referee on Sunday. Went home cooked myself tea then played Rod McKuen and singles.

Watched Crossroads, Sale of the Century and then had a bath. Watched a play called Snow Goose starring Richard Harris - a really excellent play about a hunchback and young girls love of a snow goose. Before that I had watched Morecambe and Wise.

Went up to my room and addressed a letter to Melody Maker14 about David Bowie. Listened to a couple of records, sorted my collection out and went to be at 11.30 p.m.

Saturday January 6th

Got up at 9.20 a.m and went to work and sat around all morning reading the Sun and EDP. At 1 p.m broke off for dinner and played office football with Steve.

If the morning was quiet, the afternoon certainly wasn't. At 2 p.m I went to report on Bennett's golden wedding at Dedham Drive. From that I went to see John Weavers and got his story. I returned to the office to write them up and it took me until 5.30 p.m.

Glynne15 informed me that Lowestoft had beaten Thetford 1-0 but I learned from the wireless that City had lost 1-0. Returned to my flat and watched Dr Who. Left for Norwich.

At the Boundary Roundabout saw an accident with a motor cyclist lying in the road. Got home, had tea, watched half the picture, Val Doonican Show, Kingdom of the Yard and Match of the Day. City were on Match of the Day and played absolute crap. Went to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Sunday January 7th

A real football day. I was still in bed at 10.15 a.m when Roy came round. His team were one short, so I agreed to play. Dashed up, had breakfast and dashed off down the Rec.

Lovewell Blake16 were soon up against Norfolk County Council.Four quick goals put us 4-1 down at half-time. Four goals for us gave us a 5-4 lead, but CC equalised in the last few minutes.

Went straight from there round Nannys to dinner. A quick dinner and a dash up to Colney Lane to referee a match for Mike. Mike's team won 3-2. When I got home I was obviously tired out and had a bath before tea.

After tea I watched the Fenn Street Gang and the Last Days of Hitler. I turned down going for a drink with George when he phoned up because I was so tired and also wanted to see the film. Agreed to play table tennis with him tomorrow, however, at 8.30 p.m. Went to bed at 10.45 p.m.

Monday January 8th

Not surprisingly after my exertions of the previous day I was stiff. As so often happens I was woken up by the phone ringing at 10.20 only to find it was a wrong number. Decided to get up then and did a few exercises. Spent morning and afternoon playing records.

Mum and Dad went to Aunty Poore's funeral around dinnertime. Watched Mr and Mrs, Emmerdale Farm and later on Mother Makes Three, Opportunity Knocks and Coronation Street.

Went out at 8.15 p.m. George and myself went to Norfolk County Council but couldn't play anything because everything was full up. Went on to City Supporters Club and played darts until 10.15 p.m when I drove George home and then went home myself. Watched Journey into the Unknown and went to bed at 11.45 p.m.

Tuesday January 9th

Back to work again and up at 7.30 before leaving for Lowestoft. Got back to my digs and then left for the office. Spent most of the morning in court and most of my lunchtime because I had to write the copy up and send it over to the EDP.

Towards the end of dinner I went down to the record shop to get the other Rod McKuen album and ended up buying Sing Children Sing by Lesley Duncan as well.

Spent the afternoon doing a number of small jobs like weddings. Got home, had tea and then returned to the office for a quick game of football with Steve.

Steve came back to the flat and we played a couple of games of chess and listened to some records. He left at 9.30 p.m and I watched TV for half an hour and then washed up before going to bed to listen to my new albums.

Wednesday January 10th

Not really an inspiring day but more one of quiet. Got up at 9 a.m and went to work. Very little to do in the morning, but went to get details of naval medal winners in Hadleigh Drive and Berry Close. Came home in time for dinner.

In the afternoon I did some small tidying up jobs. Got back to digs and cooked myself a very nice meal. Afterwards I watched Crossroads and Bill Shankley on This is Your Life. The whole studio audience sang his praises.

Had a bath and then went to my room to write up a couple of poems written on Monday, tidy up my records and listen to a few albums.

Thursday January 11th

Got up slightly earlier than usual at about 8.45 so I could make myself some porridge before I went to work. Did very little in the morning apart from hospital and police checks and typing up some league tables.

Just as I was going to get my Wimpey for dinner, three Persians came in complaining about being overcharged by the YMCA. I told them to return at 4.

Went and had my Wimpey and then got shipping, trawl, diary. Returned to the office and phoned up the YMCA. They had been legally charged the rates. They returned at  4 p.m and after explaining this to them they went off to the police to complain.

After STD I sat around until 6 p.m and shorthand. The heaters weren't working so we finished at 7 p.m.

Me and John drove in John's car out to the Angel in Halesworth and had half a pint before going on to the Lord Nelson in Southwold. We returned to Lowestoft and went to the takeaway chinese and brought our meals home to the digs. At 10.15 watched Monty Python. It was a really good one this week with part of it set outside Norwich Castle.

Went up to my room, did exercises and played a Todd Rundgren album leant to me by Andy. Went to bed at 11.30. Saw John Cumby17 in Wimpey at lunchtime.

Friday January 12th

Rather a non day. Got up at 9 a.m and made myself some porridge. Went to work and there was absolutely nothing to do. I did ring Patrick Redsell at the Arts Centre to find out his programme for 1973. Then wrote my EDP arts feature.

George18 got quite cross because we were all sitting around the office. Towards dinnertime I phoned up Bristows to find out if they had any tickets left for the Focus concert on Monday and then phoned Andy 19 at Yarmouth to tell him I would try and get him a ticket.

Spent an idle afternoon before leaving the office at 5 p.m and after going back to my digs, set off for Norwich. Phoned Peter Anthony to arrange the trip to Harlow.

Got home and watched Crossroads and Sale of the Century. Mrs Smith phoned to ask if I would save Paul a place in the car for the League Cup Final. We heard that Aunt Sarah had died (Granddad's sister), so went round the road to break the news.

Watched Morecambe and Wise and Upstairs, Downstairs. Went to bed at 10.40.

Saturday January 13th

Off work. Got up rather late at 10.45 a.m to receive a phone call from Mike. I arranged to pick him up for the match at 1.15 p.m. Spent what was left of the morning playing records.

Afternoon was spent at match where City drew 1-1 with Leeds in the FA Cup Third Round. Our goal was scored by David Cross. On way out of ground saw Ken and Andy.

Came home and watched TV (Dr Who, Disney, Doctor in the House and Cilla Black), before going out to get a chinese meal for me and mum. Watched Match of the Day which included the city game and then Parkinson with Spike Milligan and Harold Evans. Finished off by going to bed at 12.20.

Sunday January 14th

Laid in rather later than usual and got up at 11 a.m. Granddad came round but I didn't see him because of my late rising. Spent morning playing records.

Mike phoned to arrange a kick around in the morning. Walked (because my indicator had gone) down to the paper shop to buy Granddad some chocolate and a card for his birthday. Went for dinner and he gave me 10 from two Ernie Bonds he had won 75 on.

Returned home to find that my indicator had completely rusted. My front tyre was also bald. Phoned Mike up to tell him if he wanted a kick around he would have to come up himself. This he did. Spent two hours on the Rec before coming home, having a bath and then tea before returning to Lowestoft for the Boston Youth Club folk evening.

Once back in Lowestoft I went to the office to find the YC letter. Went to the folk evening which starred Bob Buckle, a very friendly Liverpudlian whom I spoke to in the interval. The concert finished at 11.10 p.m and I returned to my digs. Played a couple of albums, wrote a poem and finally went to bed at 12.05 a.m.

Monday January 15th

Got up at 8.45 a.m and made myself some porridge. Got to work and phoned George Day up to find if he could do my indicator today. He said he could and I told him I would take it down to him at dinner.

Spent morning in court for a juvenile sitting. Some strange cases on. One with a kid who seemed to take pleasure in damaging things and two brothers - one 12 and the other 13 - who had stolen from a bakery every night for six days.

At dinner I took the car into the garage. Afternoon was spent writing up court. George phoned up to tell me he had done the job and he would also put me on a remould tyre. I agreed and at 5.30 went to pick the car up at a cost of 4.50.

After writing up folk club and cine club I went down to the Chinese to get some tea. John went to a council meeting, so spent evening watching TV, listening to records and doing exercises. Eventually went to bed at 11.55 p.m. City drew Plymouth at home in FA Cup if they beat Leeds.

Tuesday January 16th

Went to work as usual and spent morning in court. Took up a 25p bet with Inspector Balls that Chelsea would beat Ipswich in FA Cup Fourth Round. Lots of small cases.

Went back to the office and then went down to the record shop and was rather rash in buying Tommy for 5. Also got an ep from Jesus Christ Superstar, a Gerry and the Pacemakers ep, Oh Girl by the Chi-Lites and Superstar by the Carpenters.

We began a crazy office football league between Andy, Steve, Tone21 and myself at lunchtime. Spent afternoon writing up court. Went back to digs to have a John cooked meal.

Spent evening playing records, watching TV (Likely Lads and Love Story). A documentary on Andy Warhol which was to be on at 10.30 was banned by the appeals court as being against the public's morals (shades of Mary Whitehouse). Listened to the end of the Bugner v Lubbers fight, then retired. Went to bed at 11.15 p.m'

Wednesday January 17th

A rather strange day. Got up at 9 a.m, had a hurried breakfast and then went to work. Spent the morning doing small jobs and starting to get the filing system up to date.

At dinnertime Roy phoned up and we had a 15 minute chat. I then played a game of office football in which I knocked the clock off the wall! Me, Steve and Andy tried to mend it. It seemed all was lost because in the morning George had told us not to play anymore.

Andy had a brainwave, however, and went and told Mr Peek22 that the clock had broken. He brought a spare up and, although it could not be fixed before George came back, I don't think he found out what had happened.

Spent afternoon putting all the cuttings away. Arranged to have some slight repairs done to my typewriter next time the man comes. At 5.30 p.m left the office and drove home. Got myself some scampi and chips and went home and watched This is Your Life (Willie Carson) and Coronation Street. Had a bath and listened to the Leicester v Arsenal FA Cup match on the wireless. After the commentary heard that City had drawn 1-1 with Leeds in their replay. Who else but David Cross scored?

Watched Sportsnight with Coleman which included the Leicester match and went to bed at 11 p.m.

Thursday January 18th

Got up at 7.45 a.m and left for Lowestoft leaving my wallet at home as I was to find out later. Reached Lowestoft and went into the office.

Spent the morning in court, mainly very small cases. Got back at lunch time. Tried another game of football with Andy but this time Arger23 stopped it. In the afternoon I continued writing the court up. Went down to get STD. Harry Peek came in to tell me that shorthand in future would be in the upstairs office. I was appointed monitor (big deal and smacks of school).

At 6 p.m went to another mundane and boring shorthand lesson. At 8 p.m I phoned up home to make sure I had left my wallet there. Then went down to the Chinese takeaway for something to eat. Spent rest of the evening watching Nearest and Dearest, playing records and then watching Monty Python before retiring to my room and finally going to bed at 11.20 p.m.

Friday January 19th

Got up at 9 a.m and made some porridge. Went to work and went down to Priory Craft Boatyard with John and Alfred24 to see a new jet powered craft. We would have had a ride in it but for the fact that the engine failed. When I went back to the office it was almost dinner hour.

I played a game of office football then went to Morelings to buy Transformer by Lou Reed. It wasn't in so I ordered it. Spent afternoon writing up the boat story and doing a railway retirement story before leaving at 5.35 and going back to the digs to get some things together. Drove back to Norwich.

There was a letter from Denise for me returning my photo as she said it would be a shame to tear it up. What a bastard I can be. Watched Sale of the Century, had a bath after the Tommy Steele Show and Morecambe and Wise Show and then watched a Joe Frazier documentary. Went to bed at 11.10 p.m.

Saturday January 20th

So this was to be the day of the second great reunion. Got up at about 9 a.m. Pete Anthony came round just after 9.30 a.m and we set off soon after.

Stopped on the journey for a snack at Freckenham Red Lodge. Arrived in Harlow just after midday. Had a look round the shops and then had a Wimpey.

Started the afternoon off by visiting Sonia25 and watched the first half of the England v Wales rugby union match. From there we went to see Wilf Graham26 and while there Matthew Dickson and girlfriend came.

From there went on to Brian Downey's27. He gave us tea. One sad spot, City lost 2-1 to Leeds. Left Brians and went to the Lion at 7.45. About seven there when we got there. Sad thing about the reunion was that Carolyn never came. Cherry and Joe Barrett28 were the only tutors there.

At closing time we returned to the YWCA intent on sleeping there. On the way out of the pub Joe Barrett caught me with a friendly "hello you bastard, I didn't see you here."

After staying at the Y for a little time, myself and Pete went out for a walk and bought a hot dog. We then decided to drive back to Norwich and went back to say goodbye to everyone. Had a few anxious moments when we found we  didn't have much petrol, but got some at Kennings 24 hour petrol station. Arrived home at 2.55 a.m and went to bed at 3.15.

Bob29 and myself had a long poetry discussion and we decided to send each other poems for criticism by post.

Sunday 21st January

Not surprisingly I got up late at about 11.40 and had hardly any time left in the morning. I did phone Mike up for a game of football in the afternoon. Mum told me that George had come in on Saturday to ask if I wanted to go for a run and a drink.

Went round Nannys for dinner and then went to pick Mike up. Went round to Georges and arranged to meet him up the Rec later. The gates of the Rec were locked and we had to go in at the top of Woodview Road. George never did find us but spent an hour touring the city thinking we had gone elsewhere.

Had tea and then went round Georges to go for a drink. He followed me to the Cottage where we met Mike and Jeannette and a 16-year-old called Geoffrey who George took the piss at unmercifully.

Left the pub and I took this guy home before returning home myself and going to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Monday 22nd January

Didn't really want to get up this morning, but eventually did at 7.45. Drove back to Lowestoft and went to work.

Spent the morning at a very interesting juvenile court. There were a number of birds from the tech29 there and after the proceedings the chairman, Mr E. H. Newson, gave them a talk on juvenile courts. Had dinner and spent the afternoon writing up court, doing files and a wedding.

When I went into Argar's office he got out an assessment form and gave me C for everything (what does he know about me?)

Returned home and cooked me and John a meal and then went to a meeting of Oulton Broad Regatta Association at the Wherry Hotel. A very boring meeting that went on for nearly three hours. They decided on almost nothing.

Got back to the office at 11 p.m and waited for John to write out copy. Went to the fish and chip shop in Raglan Street. Went home and ate it before going to bed at 12.10 a.m.

Tuesday 23rd January

Fell out of bed at 9 a.m. Had corn flakes for breakfast, then found that the car wouldn't start.

Walked to work and spent the morning writing up the previous night's meeting and doing the files. At lunchtime me and Steve were playing football in the office when we were stopped by Argar. Spent the afternoon fiddling about with the files and clearing up some small things.

Steve ran me home at tea time. Once home I cooked tea and then began to type some poems out ready to send to Bob. Tried the car twice during the evening but it wouldn't go. Watched the Likely Lads and the George Foreman annihilation of Joe Frazier in two rounds for the World Heavyweight Championship. Messed around for a while before retiring to my room and finally went to bed at 11.15 p.m.

Wednesday 24th January

A very mixed up day. Got up earlier than usual at 8.30 a.m and tried to start the car but failed. Went in with John.

There was no work to do so I decided to do the Waves as a Monday morning feature when I cam back from court where I found only one case to report. At dinner time Tony came back with me to look at the car and after half an hour had a cup of coffee and got it going.

I drove back to Leiston Road and left it there. Nothing to do during the afternoon so George told me to rake the car down to George Day to have it looked at. Once again it wouldn't go so I walked down to Georges. He immediately went up to Leiston Road and found out that the distributor had cracked.

I went back to the office and he phoned me up to tell me that it was finished a little later. It went perfectly well so I drove home to Norwich, had tea and then went to the Cottage for a drink with Mike, Jeannette and George. Mike and Jeannette were in the middle of an argument. To try and calm things down we went to the County Council social club and played on the football machine and also snooker. While there I broke a back tooth.

After running Mike and Jeannette home I went home myself, arriving at 11.30 p.m and getting to bed at 11.55 p.m.

At dinner hour I picked up Transformer by Lou Reed at Morlings, having ordered it last Friday. It is my 100th album. I have now put a temporary three week freeze on record buying until 14th February.

Thursday 25th Jnauary

Drove back to Lowestoft at the usual unearthly hour. Went to the office and had nothing to do all day because the paper was already six pages over.

Did go down and get the diary, however and also began typing up Sunday League stuff. At lunchtime went down to the Wimpey with Steve and Andy.

Spent the afternoon sitting around except for re-writing my Monday meeting story because George thought it was no good (it was one of his anti-junior days).

At 6p.m went to an even more boring shorthand than ever. Afterwards went to the Chinese with John and then the Globe for a quick drink. Then went home with a bottle of drink.

Found my parcel of books from the new look book club had arrived. Gone with the Wind, The Godfather, the Works of Shakespeare and War and Peace. Played my Lou Reed album through. During the evening John asked me if I would change bedrooms with him for the rest of the year so Lori30 could come and stay with him more often. I said yes. Finally went to bed at 11.30 p.m

Friday 26th January

Went into work fractionally later than usual after making some porridge. There was absolutely nowhere to park so had to stop in a one hour zone in Clapham Road. Moved when Steve moved out. Absolutely nothing to do so went down to have a look at the fish docks with Andy. Went and had a look in Woolworths record sale.

At dinner hour we continued our football league, then Tony Slinn told us that he was leaving Lowestoft to become a sub in Norwich. Phoned up Colin Bevan31 in Norwich to volunteer to do the Barclay James Harvest32 concert on Sunday night. It seems they have cancelled the gig for the third time.

Finished work at 2.15 and did a lot of shopping. Got Richard Aldridge33 a record token for his 21st birthday. Bought Scrapbook by Dave Mason. Also got a postal order for the book clubs.

Came home and had a bath, then ran Christine34 down to Marine Parade. In the evening I paid a visit to the Sea Cadets and then went on a job to the Alderman pub where somebody smashed a bottle of money over for the Ashlea Downs School.

Came back, watched Morecambe and Wise and watched a play before going to my room and doing a general tidy up. Went to bed at 11.15 p.m.

Saturday 27th January

This could be the day that I fulfill New Year's resolution number 2 to get a girl friend. But in the meantime got up at 9.15 a,m and made myself some porridge. Went into work and spent the morning writing up Sea Cadets, penny bottle story and doing files.

At just before dinner this lady came into the office complaining that wrong evidence was given in her brother's court case. I still don't know whether it was the evidence that was wrong or my report.

At dinner I became the first person to lose to Tony in the office football. Returned home and got my things ready for going home and then went down to Normanston Park to report on the Suffolk Senior Cup match between Oulton Broad and Nicoleans of Ipswich. Nicoleans won 3-0. Met Vic Rackahm, Lowestoft's sports personality of the year.

Came home, had my tea and then got ready to go to Richard Aldridge's 21st birthday party. Went to pick Mike and Jeannette up and then went to the Hall Inn at Sea Palling. There I met a girl, P.

After a while I asked her to dance and had a number - most of which were smooch. After a while I plucked up courage to ask her out next week and was surprised when she said yes straightaway. I agreed to phone her up at Norwich Union extension 2242 to arrange it early next week.

Left about midnight and drove home. After dropping Mike and Jeannette at their respective homes, I got home at about 1 a.m and went to bed at 1.25 a.m.

Sunday 28th January

Made this a quiet day. Had quite a restless night and so stayed in bed until 11 a.m. Mrs Smith phoned yesterday when I was out, so phoned her back. She only told me not to save a seat in the car to take Paul to Wembley as he might be going from Leeds.

After dinner round the road I went round to see George and stayed there until 4 p.m. Came home, played some singles, then watched the Golden Shot and Black Beauty before phoning EADT to give them my comments on yesterday's match.

After watching the Fenn Street Gang I went round to Georges and watched Citizen Kane - the picture. Returned home at 10.30 and went to my room and worked out how to get to Diss, read some of Gone with the Wind and eventually went to bed at 11.30 p.m.

PS Had chat with Mike on the phone at lunchtime.

Monday 29th January

Got up at about 10.30 a.m and spent the morning listening to records and cleaning the car.

After dinner I went up the city with the main purpose of phoning P at the Norwich Union. I don't want mum or dad to know about her until I know whether I'm going to continue to go out with her or not. It took quite some time to phone as all the phone boxes seemed to be full.

In the meantime I went to Jarrolds and bought a book of Yeats' poetry. Went to Wesleys and bought two singles - The Crying Game by Dave Berry and Saturday in the Park by Chicago and got Manfred Mann Chapter III LP for John.

Eventually phoned P from a box in Rouen Road. She instructed me how to get to her home in B and we fixed up a date for Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Came home, watched TV until 7.15 and then went round to see Roy. He had phoned up during the afternoon. We talked about Richard's party and watched Alias Smith and Jones. Also listened to the news and heard the very bad news that City had been beaten 5-0 by Leeds in their FA Cup third round second replay. Alan Clark got a hat-trick.

Returned home, had a bath, watched Russell Harty chat show which had an interview with Elton John and then went to bed at 11.25 p.m.

Tuesday 30th January

A very hectic day. Got up at about 7.45 a.m and drove back to Lowestoft. Went into work and started on a court that lasted until 4.15 p.m in the afternoon. With only a break for lunch, I was working on court all day.

At 5.50 I left the office and went back to my digs. I then went to Gorleston and went to Ken's flat, leaving at 7.15 to see Lowestoft play Gorleston in the East Anglian Cup. Blues won 1-0 and played the best football I have ever seen from them. Then returned to the Cliff and had a couple of drinks before returning to Lowestoft and getting myself some fish and chips for tea.

After fiddling around and sorting out my record collection I went to bed at midnight.

Wednesday 31st January

A great day that saw my second resolution come to pass and leads the way into what can be a bloody good February.

Got up usual Lowestoft time and went in to work. Spent the morning writing up the football match and then did some sports stuff. After dinner I spent the afternoon doing various odds and ends. Went to the chinese after work but they were shut. So had to have a cornish pastie and a bowl of porridge for tea. Then set off for B to see P.

I set off at 6.50 and would have left myself plenty of time had it not have been for getting lost in Diss. Eventually arrived at about 8.40 p.m and picked her up. We went to the Crossroads at Scole and had some drinks before I took her home.

I asked her to come to Bury on Saturday to see the Blues and have a day out. She promised to phone me up at the office on Friday to let me know. If she can't come I will take her out on Sunday. I think I'm getting to really fancy her, especially after a super goodnight kiss when she certainly gave me more than a peck.

Drove home, arriving back at about midnight. I was a little worried on the way back as the petrol was low, but it got me home. Went to bed at 12.20 a.m. During the day I bought the Sylvia single by Focus.