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Places Featured In Harry Chapin Songs

Watertown New York Better Place To Be
Cape Anne Maryland Dogtown
San Fransisco California Taxi
San Francisco California Sequel
Boise Idaho WOLD
Tulsa Oklahoma WOLD
Rochester New York Old Greasy Spoon
Brooklyn New York Old Greasy Spoon
Fishkill New York Stars Tangled In Her Hair
Dallas Texas She is Always 17
Washington DC She is Always 17
New York City New York And the Baby Never Cries
Ithaca New York Burning Herself
Ithaca New York Old College Avenue
Candor New York The Mayor of Candor Lied
Dayton Ohio Mr Tanner
Scranton Pennsylvania 30,000 lbs of Bananas
The Earth Earth Startripper
The Moon Moon Startripper
Detroit   Bummer
Vietnam Vietnam Bummer
Valley Stream New York Mail Order Annie
British Isles Great Britain Danceband on the Titanic
Brooklyn New York Bluesman
Alabama Alabama Bluesman
New York City New York Country Dreams
Poconos New York Country Dreams
Amsterdam Holland Mercenaries
New York City New York There Only Was One Choice
The Earth Earth I Wonder What Would Happen to This World
Witchita Falls Texas Story of a Life
Minneapolis Minnesota Northwest 222
Chicago Illinois Northwest 222
Detroit   Northwest 222
New York City New York Northwest 222
USA USA Sounds Like America to Me
USA USA Anthem
USA USA A Quiet Little Love Affair
USA USA I Don't Want to be President
USA USA Silly Little Girl
Shaker Heights Ohio We Grew Up a Little Bit
North Dakota North Dakota Mail Order Annie
Anywhere! The Universe! A Better Place to Be
America USA I Miss America
Fifth Avenue, New York City New York Changes
Gloucester Maryland Dogtown
New York City New York I Do It For You Jane
London England I Do It For You Jane
Malibu   I DO IT For You Jane

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