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I have written a diary over the past 37 years. You can view entries by using  this link


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Harry Chapin Web

This  section of my site is dedicated to the memory of Harry Chapin

"Remember when the music came from little boxes strung with silver wire"


Harry Chapin is simply my all time musical hero. Harry's words and music have been a constant inspiration to me since the time I first heard him on British Radio.

The things he stood for in life, his beliefs and his humanity were an object lesson to us all. I am an unashamed fan as you will find out if you follow the following links. This is a living site which is still in progress so please return again.

Harry Biography

Just who was Harry Chapin, what was his music all about and what did he stand for in life? You will find some of  the answers here.

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Songs recorded by Harry 

Click above for listings of Harry's songs


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Album Reviews

You are just a click away from my reviews of Harry's albums 


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Harry and Me

At the time of his death I was in contact with Harry. Here are copies of his letter to me and comments I received from his publicist.

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Remember When the Music

What makes Harry Chapin's music stand apart from other songwriters and what are the themes running through his music? This essay attempts to answer these questions

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Harry's Places: 

Harry wrote about many places in his songs. This article lists some of them.

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British Interview

Transcript of an interview given by Harry Chapin to Radio One in the United Kingdom.

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Harry links

Click above to go to read about the best sites on Harry Chapin on the Internet.

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Harry's Songs and Me

Harry's song lyrics and just what the songs mean to me.

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Harry's Songs

The following section gives the lyrics to Harry's songs and explains what each song means personally to me. I am still building this section. just follow the links and please return again:-

A Better Place To Be
Any Old Kind of Day
Cats in the Cradle
Flowers Are Red
I Miss America
Mail Order Annie


Story of a Life
The Parade's Still Passing By
There Only Was One Choice