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 Franz Ferdinand

Scottish rock band


Studio Albums

Franz Ferdinand (2004)

You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)

Tonight (2009)






Franz Ferdinand

Tonight -

It is often said that the success of a group lies with the strength of its second album. Many never make it past this landmark. Well FF have now released their third. Surprisingly it's been four years since the last one "You Could Have It So Much Better." The band has been accused in some quarters of being samey on their new release, but I have to say Tonight is a grower. On the first few listens I wasn't at all sure about the direction it was taken. But on further listens, that is part of its charm. The idea of progression-no progression is illustrated by the opening track and single Ulysses which at first seems to sound more of an amalgam of Blur and Scissor Sisters but on closer examination is firmly in the Franz Ferdinand camp. There is a similar kind of feel to Turn It On and that's the hard edge songs gone. It's almost as if the album goes through a number of re-incarnations with "Twilight Omens," "Bite Hard" and "What She Came For" firmly entrenched in the FF past. Just when you are coming to terms with this the album veers off for an almost folky finale that includes the almost psychedelic Lucid Dream and Dream Again and the acoustic Katherine Kiss Me. So it's quite difficult to sum this album up. Some of the same (yes), some changes (yes) but four years is a long time to wait for an album that will re-establish the band without re-inventing them. The fourth album could be even more difficult to assess.