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Diary February 1978

Wednesday February 1st 

Another very quiet day at work. I can't remember the last time things were quite this slow. Woke up slightly earlier than usual but got up at the same time and I was in by 9 a.m. Spent the morning doing What's On and then had my sandwiches.

Then went to the Crown with Alan and Christine and spent a good hour and a half boozing there. As much as I try to cut down on drinking I don't seem to be able to although, of course I don't have that much. Back in the office there really was nothing to do in the afternoon so I kind of messed around on irrelevant stuff before leaving at 5 p.m.

I seem to be feeling very apathetic lately. What I need is a few features to liven life up a bit. The other day I contacted the Samaritans at Lowestoft to try and arrange a series of features. Came home and had tea and once again with no evening jobs, it was a quiet evening watching television, playing scrabble and doing very little and in fact it was fairly early when I went to bed. 

Thursday February 2nd 

A much more important day at work and actually got a worthwhile story done today. My first appointment of the day was not until 10.30 a.m at Browne's Restaurant so I was in no hurry to get up and didn't rise until 9.30 a.m.

Then got ready slowly and drove into Bungay, did the usual calls before going to the restaurant. The idea was to work on the bloke to get a free meal and I did that to good effect.

Then it was back to the office and spent the rest of the morning session on the stuff from the Bungay calls. At 12 p.m I went with Anne to the Crown and stayed there for about an hour before returning to work. During the afternoon I worked on the lead story on the petrol shortage brought about by the tanker drivers' work to rule.

That nicely occupied the afternoon and I had just completed in time to come home at 5 p.m. Had tea and then a very quiet evening in on my own -Anne had a Ladies Circle meeting. I spent the time making one or two phone calls, having a bath, watching television, reading and listening to records. It really has been a remarkably quiet week and I will quite be glad to have something to do again in the evenings. Next week is already threatening to be a busy one. Like last night it was quite early when I went to bed to read. 

Friday February 3rd 

Apart from having to go to the dentist, this wasn't such a bad day at all. Of course going to the dentist has given rise yet again to a need for more fillings. It's a never ending battle.

Got up at the usual time and into work and of course there was absolutely no work, but I still made the most of it. Spent the early morning doing little and then at 10.45 a.m took Christine and Alan to the show sale ground to have a look. We didn't stay there that long and returned to the office. I had my usual sandwiches and then went on the usual shopping effort of a Friday.

Then it was across to the library and down to the Crown with the rest of the office. That's getting quite a habit, but I didn't mind so much today as I had 30 expenses. Stayed there until 2.30 p.m and then returned to the office and read the paper until Anne finished work at 3.30 p.m, when we set off for Halesworth. Although we were early, John Anderson saw us immediately. The result is two more fillings.

We were home at good time, before 5 p.m. Had tea and then Anne went off to play squash. She returned later and in fact I spent yet another very quiet evening reading and watching television.

Saturday 4th February 

Football nowadays is getting a little disastrous. Went to see Beccles play lowly Reepham and they got hammered 4-0 with another pathetic performance that included two farcical late goals from incredible defensive mistakes. On top of that Norwich lost 3-0.

But it wasn't all gloom as I got seven score draws on the football pools which means we might have won a little at last. If we do it will be a win in only the second week of doing a Sun plan. Got up at 9 a.m and had a cooked breakfast and then spent the early morning watching the television.

Then at 11.15 a.m went to see Christine Bardsley to get our turkey out of their freezer. We stayed there for coffee before returning home for a light snack dinner and then at 1.20 p.m drove into Beccles. I went in early to do some shopping for Anne that included going to Fine Fare, Liptons and Boots. At the end the time was just right to go to the sports club. With the car park extremely full I decided to park on the Common. Did my usual half-time Pink-Un report and then at the end of the disaster I went to the office. Got some petrol on the way home.

Arrived back in time for the football results and then watched television for a while before having a bath and then started to get ready in time for Dad and Mum to come round for their meal. They were extremely early, however, and we were not ready for them.

It all turned out well in the end with Anne cooking a nice meal. They stayed until 9 p.m and then it took me a good three-quarters of an hour to tidy up. Watched Match of the Day and then went to bed at past 11 p.m.

Sunday 5th February 

Not a particularly enjoyable day. When I'm not working on a Sunday I get in a funny mood.

Basically I get fed up sitting around doing nothing, but I can't be bothered to shake off the apathy and do anything. So it was with today. I kept threatening to do something but never got around to it. I suppose it's a reflection on how much I enjoy my work because whereas most people dread the thought of Monday morning and returning to work, I rather look forward to it. I woke up rather late at approaching 10 a.m and stayed in bed another hour before getting up. Spent the morning reading and then had a snack lunch.

After watching the soccer on television I made the effort to wash the car, although I got it over as soon as possible as it started to rain. Then before the evening meal had another furious argument with Anne. It seems they are getting more and more frequent. Perhaps I am 50% to blame.

After tea it was a restful evening watching television, playing scrabble and listening to records and it was very early when I went to be to read.

Monday 6th February 

A very lively football meeting in the evening which went on and on and of course when I arrived home at 11.15 p.m I walked straight into yet another argument.

I am getting totally pissed off with that, not to mention Anne's mood at the moment. The day was a fairly uneventful one. Got up at the usual time and went into work and being a Monday the main job of the morning was setting up all the weekend sports stuff.

At dinnertime stayed in the office and had sandwiches and then spent the afternoon not working particularly hard and left the office at 5 p.m and came home and had tea. After that watched television until 7.30 p.m and then I set off for the sports club. Had a quick drink in the bowls hall with Tony and John Humby before going to the meeting. It was rather waffly in parts but also at times very hard-biting and Brian Gale came in for a lot of stick.

Indeed there was so much to discuss that we went on and on and on and finally finished at near on 11 p.m. Drove home and Anne was in bed waiting. The least said of what ensued the better. Save it to say that I didn't take much notice of her bad temper and got to sleep as quickly as possible.

Tuesday 7th February 

A much more interesting day at work and it seems the level of work is again building up to approaching a reasonable level. Up at the usual time and into work and I started by writing up last night's minutes. Then there were two jobs out of the office with Lee Sheldrake.

The first was at Ingate Garage where they have been given the local franchise for Leyland. Then on to Ringsfield Primary School for a story about the PTA buying the kiddies instruments. All good uncontroversial stuff. Back in the office I worked through until lunch hour and, after having my sandwiches in the office, went to Leggetts in Ellough Road to arrange for the furniture to be moved from Gladys' on Thursday. From there we had to go to Wilsons to drop off the key.

On the way back to the office I got some beer for the evening dinner party. Spent the afternoon seeing to people coming into the office and working on the backlog of things. Then I left at 5.15 p.m and came home. The evening was scheduled for Gordon and Heather Hickman and Malcolm and Christine Bardsley to come round for a meal.

That hit a snag when the Hickman's called off because of flu and the others phoned to say they would be late. So I had a bath and watched television until they arrived at 7.30 p.m. It was a very nice evening with Anne cooking an excellent meal. The company was good and there was plenty to talk about. Indeed they stayed until past 11 p.m. After they had gone we set about the onerous task of clearing up and it was past midnight when I got to bed.

Wednesday 8th February 

A very busy day indeed. I had the office car so it was a longer lay-in than usual and I got up at just after 9 a.m. Got ready and went into work and there was plenty to do in the morning trying to catch up on everything. That was mainly sport and yesterday's jobs and try as I might I found it difficult to cut the pile down.

At dinnertime I had the usual sandwiches in the office. Then at 1.30 p.m I set out for Lowestoft for the Planning Committee Number Three. It was a lively meeting with the main thing being discussion over the proposed development at Worlingham. That went on for 1 1/2 hours alone and by the time all the other stuff was over it was approaching 5 p.m. Drove back to the office and hurredly typed out my story for the EDP before driving home for tea.

When I got there I found the pools checking chart had arrived and after tea I was able to ascertain that we have one line of 21 1/2 points and one line of 22 points which should bring us about 2 - well it's a start. Watched television for a while and then at 7.30 p.m went to pick Adrian Muttitt up to travel to Seething Village Hall for the latest Ball of the Month presentation to Mundham and Seething.

By the time we set off it had started to snow and it wasn't a very pleasant drive as Seething Village Hall is completely out in the wilds. Luckily they were all there and so it was a quick job and we were back home again at 8.30 p.m. I asked Adrian in for a drink and then ran him home. Of course that started another bloody argument.

With furniture being delivered tomorrow we had to shift some of ours around and of course Anne wasn't satisfied that I had been hospitable to Adrian. So I told her in no uncertain terms that I was getting fed up with the unreasonable nagging and that's quite true. I can't be bothered to argue against her unreasonableness and unless things change I am going to become apathetic about the whole damn thing.

In the end it took less than an hour so God only knows what all the squit was about. In the end I finished the evening by watching the football on television before going to bed.

Thursday 9th February 

It snowed and snowed and snowed and I worked and worked. Had the office car again and so got up a little later than usual. When I got up I found out that it had been snowing most of the night and was pretty thick and sticky.

I set off for Bungay to do the calls at 9.15 a.m and the roads were very dangerous. Nevertheless I got there okay and did the calls as fast as I could and got back to the office. Spent the morning doing the Bungay calls stuff and starting What's On and then went with Anne to the post office and bank before going to try the new buffet bar at the King's Head. Had a rather nice pizza and salad and then went back to work and it was a really heavy afternoon.

By the end I had nowhere near finished and have left at least three jobs for next week. The main thing of the afternoon was the lead story on the Worlingham Housing proposals and that was very long and involved. Left the office at 5.15 p.m and came home. Started by putting together the headboard that had been delivered during the day. Then had a fairly light tea. I had intended going on a Norwich pub crawl with Round Table but didn't really feel like going in the weather.

As Anne was having the car to go to Border Players I was relying on Malcolm Bardsley for a lift home. Then I found he wasn't going, so I decided to give it a miss and have a quiet evening in. Spent the time watching television and reading and it wasn't late when I went to bed as we are planning an early start tomorrow to get to Yorkshire, although if the weather deteriorates much more we won't be able to make it.

Friday February 10th 

A rather shall we or shan't we day to start off with. Our intentions were to go to Yorkshire early in the morning. When we got up at 7. 30 a.m it had clearly been snowing all night and looked quite treacherous.

I phoned up all the relevant weather centres and in the end we decided to give it a go and set off at 8 a.m. The road to Norwich turned out to be the worst of the lot with motorists crawling into the city and we got caught in the rush hour. We had arranged to pick Rosemary up at St Faiths at 8.30 a.m. By the time we got there it was nearer 9.30.

The remainder of the journey was quite straightforward with less snow the further north we got. We dropped Rosemary off and reached home at 1.30 p.m. Had dinner and then had a quiet afternoon just reading and resting and doing very little. Had tea and then spent the early evening watching television before, at 9 p.m, walking round to see Kathryn and Terry who were also home for the weekend. We stayed there until about 11 p.m and then walked home. It was painfully cold and we were both rather glad to get to bed. 

Saturday February 11th 

It more or less snowed all day and the temperature never went above freezing. Despite that and an early morning argument with Anne it was a pleasant day.

To make up the argument I agreed to go shopping in Pontefract. So after breakfast we set off and to me it was a fruitless day because I tried without success to get the new Art Garfunkel record. We got home just in time for dinner. Afterwards Anne went to the church to see somebody get married and then we hurredly went to Chris and Ians to go to Garforth to play squash.

They had got the time wrong so really there was no need to hurry. In the end I had quite a good game against Ian despite losing something like 6-1. At least it will get me fit which I feel is one of the main differences between us. At the end we had a drink in the bar and then went back to Ian's fro a drink before returning home in time for tea.

Afterwards settled down for a quiet evening. Surprisingly Sandra and Jim came round for an hour and we spent the time playing Mah Jong. After that we did very little and I went to bed after watching Match of the Day.

Sunday February 12th 

Again today we were faced with the question of whether we should set off or not. The weather conditions seem to be getting worse and it snowed hard again during the night. Also the forecast was very poor. So it was touch and go all day.

In the end we decided to take a chance and the journey back in the evening was not too dangerous. Got up at 9.30 a.m and had breakfast and then spent the morning playing scrabble. Had the usual early lunch and played cards for the early part of the afternoon. Then at 3 p.m got ready and drove to Wakefield to have tea at Mary and Davids.

Really it was a waste of time going as we stayed under two hours. If I go out to tea anywhere I like to make an evening of it. So at 6 p.m returned to Knottingley to pack and picked Rosemary up and drove home.

Throughout the road conditions varied greatly with roads clear at one point but snowy on others. The worst stretch was from Dereham to Ellingham. Nowhere, however, was it too bad and we arrived quite safely at about 11 p.m. By that time I was absolutely knackered and glad to be home and we went to bed shortly afterwards. 

Monday February 13th 

A day off and it turned out in some ways to being quite a busy one. Got up just after Anne went to work and found the cheque from Vernons Pools had come and as we expected it amounted to 90p - rather funny. The first thing I did was stride through the snow to the post office to get Anne a Valentine's Card.

Then spent the morning playing scrabble before having a snack lunch. Watched television until the removal men from Leggetts arrived. They had brought the furniture from Gladys' and that's where most of the work came in. I started by cleaning up the Welsh dresser and then broke off for tea. Afterwards I sorted out my records and now they are all neatly tidied away.

Then it was the transfer of clothes to the new wardrobe. In fact the farcical thing now is that we have too much furniture. You worry when you first get married about whether there will be enough furniture, but it all sorts itself out. By the time we had got it done everywhere looked nice. Finished off the evening by having a bath and watching television and went to bed at 10.30 p.m 

Painter of life

Yours are the watercolours of the countryside,

The vivid colouring of nature

And the lines of care

Etched on canvass.

Paint me a story

Of happiness and hope.

Give me a reason to survive.

Set your trestle and pallet aside

As I tell you my story.

Then at the end paint my existence

As an abstract. 

Tuesday, February 14th 

Back to work and there wasn't really all that much to do, although it's preferable to doing nothing as at least we have a laugh at work. Up at the usual time and into work and spent the morning mainly working on last week's planning committee.

This week should be pretty quiet as all the football matches in the area were postponed. At dinnertime went to the library and had a look at the shops before returning to work. Left rather early at 4.45 p.m and came home for tea. The evening wasn't particularly quiet as there was more furniture shifting about and then Roger Bullen of the Flixton Aviation Museum came round to tell me a story.

You can't get away from work, even at home. After he had gone, spent the remainder of Valentine's Day watching television and it was fairly early when I went to bed. 

Wednesday, February 15th 

One of those days of working through practically all day. Went in at the usual time and the first thing I did was go to Boots to get some shaving stuff as my electric razor is belching out sparks.

Then settled down to a morning's work, nearly all surrounding local government. Had sandwiches in the office and then a walk round town. Spent the afternoon on What's On and then came home in the office car at 5 p.m. Had tea and watched a bit of television and then at 7 p.m drove over to Lowestoft for the Waveney District Council.

Once again had to sit through nearly all Lowestoft stuff that's of no interest just for a few lines of Beccles. I left at 9 p.m well before the end and drove home. Watched a rather good play on television before going to bed at 10.30 p.m. 

Thursday, February 16th 

For a Thursday this was relatively quiet. The paper was virtually full and with at least one story falling through there was no need to do a lot of work. Had the office car so I had my usual Thursday morning lay-in before getting up and having a wash and then going to Bungay to do the calls. I reached the office at 10.15 a.m.

Spent the morning doing last night's council stuff and then at midday went down the Crown for lunch. Stayed there for an hour and then slowly went into action after dinner. It didn't take me too long to finish all the outstanding work and I had finished at 4.30 p.m, well in time for Anne to arrive.

We came home and had tea and then, after Anne had gone off to Ladies Circle I spent the evening sorting out football club business for Saturday and it looks as if I will be going to Swaffham with the reserves. Also tried to finish some Round Table business but didn't get very far with that. Had a bath and spent the remainder of the evening watching television including Leon Spinks beating Mohammed Ali for the world heavyweight boxing championship. 

Friday, February 17th 

A haircut and wine and cheese party were the main happenings today in an otherwise quiet time. Up at usual time and into work for 9 a.m and then at 10 a.m I went to court and that was a bloody waste of time.

By the time they had dealt with all the crap and had their coffee it was about 11.30 a.m when they got to the cases I was interested in. Then they decided to adjourn both of them, so I had waited an hour and a quarter for nothing. Back in the office it was time for my sandwich lunch and then the usual Friday shopping effort. At 2.30 p.m I went down to the unisex hairdressers in Blyburgate and it was really good.

Not only the best haircut I have had for sometime, but also the best service. It took half an hour and at the end I returned to the office and stayed for an hour before coming home and having tea. Washed the car and then, after Anne had gone out to play squash I had a bath and got ready.

When she returned we got ready and at 7.30 p.m drove to Beccles Public Hall for the scouts and guides wine and cheese. A rather slow and turgid affair that was rather boring but at least the buffet was very good. We didn't stay until the end, however, but came home at 9.30 p.m and went straight to bed to read. 

Saturday 18th February 

Much of the early morning was taken up with football business. Establishing that the reserves' game was off which saves me a trip to Fakenham.

Then the rest of the morning was spent trying to find out if the first team's match was on and it was midday before I found out it was. I think it turned out to be the only one in the area not postponed. Spent the in between bits of the morning watching television and had a fairly early dinner. Then at 2.15 p.m I drove into Beccles and did a small amount of shopping before going down to the sports club to see Beccles play Wroxham.

Beccles played better than of late but were still 3-0 down at half-time. In the second half they strengthened up and in the end lost 3-1. Nevertheless it was still the sixth consecutive defeat. At half-time I put my Pink Un copy over at the phone box and then at the end returned to the office to finish off the work. At the end came home to find out that once again I had six score draws on the coupon. One of these weeks we are going to come up well. Had a cup of tea and then got ready to go out.

First stop was the King's Head where we were supposed to be having sherry before the Worlingham WI meeting and dinner. One of those jobs we should never get involved in. So we left there quickly and went to the Toft Monks Lion. We were well in time for our 8.30 p.m meal and so had a drink before. Then had quite a pleasant meal and by the time we left at 9.50 p.m we had both consumed quite a lot of alcohol. Came home and, while Anne went to bed, I watched Match of the Day. 

Sunday 19th February 

A very dismal and dull day. Felt rather depressed as I find Sundays very dull and the present cold weather doesn't help. Added to that I had what appears to be a hangover from last night.

Woke up with a headache and got up at past 9 a.m. Anne went off to church and I spent the morning getting the soccer quiz together. When Anne returned we had dinner and then I watched the football on television and then did very little for the rest of the afternoon.

Had our Sunday meal and then I made the Sunday calls and phoned up the chairman of the cricket club to get a report on Friday's annual meeting. After that, feeling very cold, I watched television and played a few games with Anne before having a bath and going to bed fairly early at just after 10 p.m. 

Monday 20th February 

A much better day than yesterday, although I didn't feel at all well. Had stomach ache most of the day and felt lifeless. Nevertheless up at the usual time and into work. Got quite a lot done actually and more or less brought all my work up to date.

During the morning went across to the library where there were putting up posters for the Home Safety Children's competition. Then at lunchtime I had sandwiches in the office and then went for a quick walk round the town. The afternoon was spent getting everything up to date and then left at 4.45 p.m as I had a couple of early evening jobs.

Had tea and a quick rest and then it was into Beccles again for two jobs in Darby Road. The first at 39 was to see a bloke about his son who is a chef in Norway. Talk about proud parents, they went on and on, boasting all the time. I stayed there for about threequarters of an hour and then carried on to 79 to see Eric Brookes to set up the Samaritans feature. More than set it up I spent a good 90 minutes there and got the first feature. I hope to do four in all and have it pretty well mapped out. He was an extremely nice and helpful bloke and made the whole thing easier.

After that I drove home and arrived at just after 9 p.m. Rang up Gordon Knights to chat about the Wish Week letters and then spent the remainder of the evening watching television before going to bed at 10.15 p.m. 

Tuesday, 21st February 

This week promises to be a pretty hectic one and today was no exception. I seem to have picked up another slight bug and felt rather sick during the day.

Had a lot of trouble with the Round table ambulance rota. The problem was I had a job in the evening and so couldn't do my stint. Also Malcolm had handed his half over to John Armstrong and during the day I learned he couldn't do it.

In the end after trying to contact them I found I was wasting my time with other Table members and so decided just to forget it. Went into work at the usual time and spent most of the morning doing last night's chef story which I got a bit bogged down with. Had lunch in the office and then a  quick walk round town. Spent the early afternoon doing What's On and got quite a lot of other stuff as well.

Left the office at 5 p.m and came home and had tea and a rest before driving over to Loddon Secondary School at 7.15 p.m. It was a joint meeting of the district council and parish councils and was fairly lively. It was a little bit difficult getting there because of the fog. It finished at 9 p.m and I came home and put some copy over to the EDP, watched some television and then went to bed.

Wednesday 22nd February

The main point today was an emergency meeting of the football club to discuss the possibility of Brian Gale resigning.

Got up at the usual time and went into work and again there was pleasantly plenty to do as I worked through the morning on last night's work. At lunchtime I had sandwiches in the office and then went to the library before setting off for Lowestoft for a planning committee meeting, the second in two weeks.

It was a shorter meeting than usual, although it will provide us with another lead story about a health centre in Beccles. By the time I got back to the office it was 4.30 p.m. I sent some copy over to the East Anglian Daily Times and EDP and then came home. Had tea and watched television until 7.30 p.m when I drove back to Beccles for the emergency soccer meeting.

I was a little late, but what appears to have happened is that Gale had threatened to resign but then agreed to stay until the end of the season. There was a long discussion over whether this was a good thing and in the end the committee broke up without making any real decision. In fact it was a pretty depressing meeting and I was glad to get out and at 9 p.m I came home and, after a bath, went to bed.

Thursday 23rd February

Quite a good day really and a busy one with a nice Round Table meeting in the evening. I had the office car and so went to Bungay to start the working day. On the way there I stopped at Adrian Muttitt's to get some pictures and then started the calls by going to the High School and then the other places. Got to the office just after 10 a.m. This was fairly early as I had some lineage copy to send to Ipswich.

At midday I had a rest from trying to type up all the local government stuff and went to the fish shop to get some dinner. Then spent the afternoon getting everything tidied up and that included the lead story on the health centre. In fact I struggled a little to work it through. Eventually got it all done and left at 5.30 p.m.

Came home and had a cup of coffee and rest before getting ready and driving with Anne back into Beccles.  She was going to a Border Players meeting and I had Round Table.

It was a buffet do and the speaker was a chap on co-ordinating disaster work. The main point of that was to do with a nuclear attack and the poor bloke seemed to really believe that the end is nigh. Apart from that there was plenty of talk about what jobs everybody is going to do next season. I had decided on the sports officer's job, but people tried to talk me into taking programme officer. Plenty of scope, but plenty of work there.

By the time the meeting was over and Malcolm had given me a lift home it was approaching midnight and I went straight to bed.

Friday 24th February

For a Friday this was no joke at work. There was so much happening that it was more like a Thursday. Up at the usual time and into work and there were three or four phone calls early on. Then I got stuck into my Samaritan feature and worked until Anne arrived. We had sandwiches and then went on the usual Friday shopping expedition.

Back in the office I got the Samaritan feature finished and during the afternoon Eric Brooks came in to read it. Then just as things should have quietened down and I should have prepared to leave and go home at about 3.30 p.m we heard that the Leman School had been awarded a grant from the county jubilee fund. Then Clowes walked out on an industrial dispute. So Anne arrived and I was by no means ready. So that created a temporary argument until I finally got away at 4.30 p.m.

At home I got down to doing some more of the football quiz for tomorrow night. It really is a job and this week I just haven't had a spare moment. It's been one of the busiest I can remember.

Eventually at 7 p.m I had to give that up and get ready to go to Browns for our meal. I had a bath earlier and we got there at 8 p.m and had a pleasant evening. The food was exceptional and as usual I over-ate and felt quite sickly full up at the end. Indeed it took all evening and, although we got a bottle of wine free, we had to pay for the meal which came to 12. Still that doesn't matter with my present level of expenses. I worked out that next week I will have over 30. The expenses dictate the way we live because living on them means I do not touch my salary.

After we had finished eating we came home and went straight to bed.

Saturday 25th February

This has got to be one of the most hectic days for many months. Not a minute to stop and think and by and large it was a day of success. The only problem was having to get up at just after 8 a.m to get to Norwich nice and early to do the shopping.

Indeed we got there at just before 9 a.m and parked in the multi-storey car park at Anglia Square. Started by going to Sainsburys and then walked towards the centre and it was a good two hours shopping for groceries, trophies for the evening's quiz, the Art Garfunkel record from Robins and various other things.

Eventually set off for home but even then stopped off at Mile Cross to get a new tyre and then went to Bugdens to complete the shopping. By the time we got to mum's it was after 12 p.m. They had a bloke there about double glazing, however, and so it was quite a while before we got dinner and so shortly afterwards it was time to set off for Fakenham to see Beccles in their latest quest to achieve a win.

The timing was perfect as I got there just in time for the kick off and it was lucky I did as Beccles took the lead after just 20 seconds, straight from the kick off. Then they dominated the game for large periods, but couldn't score again and it finished at 1-0. So that was very satisfactory and I drove back to Mums and had a cup of coffee before driving back to Ellingham. That's where the rush really started.

We arrived at 6.15 and I had the quiz to finish and Anne had the sandwiches to do and we had to finish it all to be at the Sports Club and we only just made it. We needn't have bothered greatly because the place was still in a shambles and members of the rugby club still there.

By the time we got it sorted out and the place arranged it was 8.30 p.m before we got started. From there on in it was good fun with Beccles winning, but that was rather academic because it was a fun evening with supporters joining in. There was plenty of food and we broke even on the evening. The bar was open until 11.45 p.m, although we left at 11.30. By the time we had got home it was around midnight once again and a little while after when we got to bed.

Sunday 26th February

A much quieter day, although for a Sunday it still had more moments than usual. Not surprisingly waking up was a delayed action and it was 10 a.m before I rose.

Had breakfast and then got ready and went to church with Anne for the annual youth service. It was quite an enjoyable service for once with all the kids taking part and afterwards we had coffee in the vestry. Alf Loades told me that my name had been accepted by the local rotary club for the journalistic scholarship abroad. It now goes to the area.

When we got home it was a snack lunch and after that I checked my football pools again. This week we got eight score draws - that's no less than 21 in the last three weeks. Unfortunately this time there were 17. So it means one line at 22 points and thre at 21 1/2 which I should imagine will bring us another 10 or 15p. Perhaps one day we might touch something.

After dinner watched the soccer on TV and then washed the car and winded the day down after that by doing very little. Spent the remainder of the afternoon watching television and then had the weekly Sunday meal and afterwards had a bath and spent the time quietly before going to bed.

Monday 27th February

It seemed considerably warmer today and the nights are pulling our nicely. So it makes you think Spring is only just round the corner. Up at the usual time and we started by going over to Bungay to pick up a parcel from the post office. They had delivered it one day last week when we were out. From there went into work and the day went really quickly.

The morning flew past and I really achieved very little at all. At lunchtime had sandwiches in the office and then went with Anne to the dressmaking pattern shop. After that returned to work and spent the afternoon clearing up the mail and weekend stuff and then came home at just after 5 p.m.

Had tea and then spent a very quiet evening. I think it will just about be my only evening in this week. I took the opportunity to listen to some new albums that had come through and also to catch up on one or two things. Also listened to some of the football on the wireless and it wasn't too late when I went to bed.

Tuesday 28th February

A very long day and it promises to be the first of many this week. Up at the usual time and into work and, after sorting one or two things out, I drove over to Bungay to see Mr Cyril Wigby, who had retired after 51 years in the printing trade. A very jovial bloke and I spent a good half an hour chatting before returning to the office.

Then spent the morning getting various things finished and tied up and at dinnertime had lunch in the office and then spent the early afternoon doing my story from the morning. As I had a job at Loddon at 4.30 p.m I took the opportunity to run Anne home at 4 p.m after going to Kenpak to pick her up. Then I drove over to the lecture hall at Loddon to do a quick job on the Joan Gisbourne School of Dancing. Pretty straight forward and I was back well in time for tea.

It was a strange evening because we were going to Cromwells in Norwich to see Gerry and the Pacemakers. But there was no need to go until late so it was something of a quiet evening. Spent the time watching television and then had a bath and got ready and, although we both felt very tired, we set off for Norwich at 10 p.m. It seemed a silly time to set off for an evening out.

We got there at 10.30 p.m and once again I had an illustration of how much I hate discos. It's like a cattle market and the music is so loud and distorted. We had something to eat, but there was still ages to wait and the group didn't come on until midnight and they were finished by 12.45 a.m. A bit rough but quite good, although I was glad to get out. Drove home and went straight to bed at about 1.30 a.m.