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 Duckworth Lewis Method

British Pop/Rock Group


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Duckworth Lewis Method






The Duckworth-Lewis Method

The Duckworth-Lewis Method - The Duckworth Lewis Method - 5.5

The Coin Toss/The age of Revolution/Gentleman and Players/The Sweet Spot/Jiggery Pokery/Mason on the Boundary/Rain Stops Play/Meeting Mr Miandad/The Nightwatchman/Flatten the Hay/Test Match Special/The End of the Over

One of the hardest albums of the year to review. Yes an entire album on the noble art of cricket. There aren't many people who could get away with it. Neil Hannon from Divine Comedy (one of my all time favourite groups) and  Thomas Walsh from Irish band Pugwash just about make it, but there are some cringe-worthy moments on the way. I am involved with a cricket writing web site and a year or so ago decided to write an article on the lack of good cricketing songs and now these two illustrious gentlemen come up with 12. Without a working knowledge of cricket this album will make little or no sense. Try explaining the terms "Gentleman and Players," "Nightwatchman" and "Test Match Special" to an American to start with. Then try to explain the Duckworth Lewis method of scoring for weather affected games to a Brit and you begin to understand some of the problems with the songs. To be honest it's all a little contrived. Some of the lyrics are amusing particularly on Jiggery Pokery which describes Shane Warne's ball of the century that bowled England's Mike Gatting. The songs are largely forgettable with Gentleman and Players the stand-out track and something that could have found its way onto any Divine Comedy album. Elsewhere it's all a little too much to take.