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 Neil Diamond

American singer-songwriter


Studio Albums

Dreams - 2010






Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond - Dreams - 5

There is a thin line or perhaps no line at all between issuing an album of covers as something of genuinely artistic merit and releasing an album of covers because you have run out of inspiration. Somehow Diamond falls somewhere between the two stools. There is certainly merit in this album but whether you believe claims that it was something he has been wanting to do for years and a set of dreams from his favourite material of all time. Add in the face that his voice is sadly not what it used to be and there could be a problem.  Some covers albums go for the tried and trusted material, others (Marc Almond being a prime example) go for something a little more adventurous. Here once again we are inbetween land. For some reason I really like his almost spoken version of Gilbert O'Sullivan's Alone Again (Naturally) and a rather haunting version of Lesley Duncan's beautiful Love Song. Not sure about the stripped down version of his own "I'm a Believer" but there's charm in Randy Newman's Losing You. Not sure either that we need yet another version of Yesterday (particularly when it is this bad) or Blackbird or Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah for that matter.