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 Peter Cincotti

American singer-songwriter

East of Angel Town



Peter Cincotti

East of Angel Town  - Released 2007 - 7.5

Imagine an early day Billy Joel mixed with a mid-term Elton John and a sprinkling of Jamie Cullum and you get some idea of just how good this album is. New York features large in these songs and somehow Cincotti has managed to conjure up the feeling of the Big Apple with a sassy collection of places and people. To me this was one of the surprise albums of 2007. It wouldn't normally be my kind of thing but Cincotti has come up with a wonderful album almost from the old school of American singer-songwriters. Songs of love, circuses, places and times, it is a top notch collection that crosses over from the purely jazz genre into a mix of rock and folk with sax and piano combining on so many of the tracks. Virtually ever line is a gem and sets Cincotti up as one of the best of the new American breed. An added bonus comes in the shape of the wonderful final track "The Country Life" - the most romantic song of 2007. It should be played over and over again.

There's nothing more we needed for
And there's nothing left to do
So let's spend the autumn years ahead of us
Like the summers of our youth

Never knew how much we had back then
But it's not too late to have it all again

I want to wake up to the music of hummingbirds and harmony
I want to feel the morning sunlight filling up the room
I want to listen to the silence that's singing through the scenery
I want to smell the roses of our love the day they bloomed

Let's go back and find
The simple world we knew
'Cos I still want to live again the country life with you