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 Cat Stevens

British singer-songwriter

Studio Albums

Tea for the Tillerman 1970





Cat Stevens

Tea for the Tillerman - 6

Where Do The Children Play/ Hard Headed Woman/ Wild World/ Sad Lisa/ Miles From Nowhere/ But I Might Die Tonight/ Longer Boats/ Into White/ On the Road to Find Out/ Father and Son/ Tea for the Tillerman

Some albums just have a cosy feel about them that belies more important messages. Such is the case with Tea for the Tillerman where politically and religiously motivated songs like "Where Do the Children Play" get submerged within slightly sombre almost middle of the road melodies. What I'm trying to say is that this album seems to lack that spark that would turn it from a run of the mill album into a folk/rock classic. There are some fine songs here including the brilliant Father and Son and the atmospheric Wild World, but some of the remainder of the album seems to be filler rather than top rate material.