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1971/72 Players Facts


  Height Weight Birthday Age
Kevin Keelan 5ft 11in 12st 10lb January 5th, 1941 65
Clive Payne 5ft 9in 11st 4lb March 2nd, 1950 56
Geoff Butler 5ft 7in 11st September 29th, 1946 59
David Stringer 5ft 10in 11st 6lb October 15th, 1944 61
Duncan Forbes 5ft 11in 11st 7lb June 19th, 1941 65
Terry Anderson 5ft 9in 11st 4lb March 11th, 1944 - Died January 1980 ----
Doug Livermore 5ft 8in 10st 5lb December 27th, 1947 58
Graham Paddon 5ft 7in 10st 8lb August 24th, 1950 55
Trevor Howard 5ft 7in 10st10lb June 2nd, 1949 57
Peter Silvester 5ft 11in 11st 8lb February 19th 1948 58
Ken Foggo 5ft 6in 10st 8lb November 7th, 1943 62
Malcolm Darling 5ft 11in 10st July 4th, 1947 59
Gary Sargent 5ft 8in 10st 2lb September 11th, 1952 53
Neil O'Donnell 5ft 10in 11st 8lb December 21st, 1949 56
Max Briggs 5ft 8in 10st 8lb September 9th, 1948 57
David Cross 5ft 11in 12st December 8th, 1950 55
Alan Black 6ft 12st June 4th, 1943 63
Stephen Govier 6ft 12st April 6th, 1952 54
Phil Hubbard 6ft 12st 2lb January 25th, 1949 57
Stephen Grapes 5ft 6in 9st 3lb February 25th, 1953 53
Bobby Bell 6ft 11st 11lb October 26th, 1950 55
Jim Bone 5ft 9in 11st 8lb September 22nd, 1949 56

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