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 Glen Campbell

American country/folk/rock

Ghost on the Canvas (2011)


Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell - Ghost on the Canvas - 7

A Better Place/ Ghost on the Canvas/ The Billsrown Crossroads/ A Thousand Lifetimes/ It's Your Amazing Grace/ Second Street North/ in My Arms/ May 21st, 1969/ Nothing But the Whole Wide World/ Wild and Waste/ Hold on Hope/ Valley of the Sun/ Any Trouble/ Strong/ The Rest is Silence/ There's No Me .. Without You.

One of the great things about music is suddenly coming across a wonderful album that is totally unexpected. There is a great sadness but at the same time tremendous hope about this album. Destined to be Campbell's last studio album following his admission that he has Alzheimers, this is a fitting passing shot. For a start Campbell's voice is as good as ever and the production on this album is sharp and crystal clear. It really is up there with the final offerings from Johnny Cash and sadly treads a similar path. The songs are sharp vignettes, worldly observations interspersed with short instrumentals. Many are co-written by Campbell and Julian Raymond. The title track by Paul Westerberg is a gem and much of the album is a celebration of the life of a remarkable musician. Wailing guitars, country licks, folk sensibility and a touch of rock n roll is all thrown in, but it's the lasting impression that makes this album such an important one and one I have found myself returning to time and time again. The Amazon MP3 and ITunes store version has a couple of bonus tracks including Jimmy Webb's "Wish You Were Here." Other writers and collaborators include Jakob Dylan and Teddy Thompson.