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 Kate Bush

British Female Singer-Songwriter

50 Words for Snow (2011)



Kate Bush

Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow - 7

Snowflake/Lake Tahoe/Misty/Wild Man/Snowed in at Wheeler Street/50 Words for Snow/Among Angels

A wonderfully atmospheric offering from Kate Bush where the subtleties of the song outweigh the fact that some people would claim them to be slightly repetitive. There is almost something hypnotic about these winter-based songs and the duet with Elton John on Snowed in at Wheeler Street and the duet with the brilliant Stephen Fry on the title track provide two of my favourite tracks of the year. The idea of Mr Fry reciting 50 different words for snow with the occasional contribution from Kate Bush encouraging him to keep going might not sound like a solid basis for a piece of music but it turns out to be both catchy and strangely tuneful. This is a highly rhythmic album that demands respect and many of its nuances and subtleties do not become apparent until a number of listens. Stick with it because it's more than worth it and it does take some listening to. There's almost a Laurie Anderson feel on some of these tracks - particularly the opening offering "Snowflake"