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 British Sea Power

British Rock Group

Do You Like Rock Music




British Sea Power


Do You Like Rock Music - Released 2008 - 6.5

Intelligent literate rock from this Brighton outfit that seems to be sufficiently different from the mainstream to warrant further investigation. I always measure the success of a true rock album by the feeling I'm left with as the final track comes to en end. A good album will leave you with a feeling that you have heard something worthwhile and want to listen again and that's the case with BSP's most powerful album to date. Of course there are lows. BSP aren't sufficiently rounded to produce a faultless album. What they do is inherit a middle ground between the best Brit rock bands and the plethora of also rans. The album opens with a the semi instrumental All In It which sounds like a southern Coral. It gives way to a series of solid rock offerings of which the pick is undoubtedly Waving Flags which I am reliably informed is their hymn of welcome to immigrants. It certainly has an anthemic feel to it and that's one of BSP's great attributes, their ability to fill a room and a song with sound. At times they remind me of that excellent Liverpudlian band Icicle Works and their lead singer Ian McNabb. Canvey Island is an interesting song. Overall this is a nicely rounded album.