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Britney Spears

American singer

Studio Albums

Circus (2008)






Britney Spears

Circus (2008) -   1

Womanizer/Circus/Out from Under/ Shattered Glass/If U Seek Amy/Unusual You/Blur/Mmm Papi.Mannequin/Lace and Leather.My Baby

When an artist becomes more famous for their off record antics than for their music you know you are in trouble. And so it has been for Britney Spears and all her problems that nobody interested in real music is the slightest bit interested in. So listening to the music almost becomes secondary. And that's probably just as well as this is a terrible album that struggles even to get a rating of 1. It's this kind of thing that gets rock/pop music a bad name. Whilst Amy Winehouse may be the British equivalent of Britney she, at least, does have talent. Miss Spears delivers a number of disco/pop dirges with the same ambient beat through virtually every track. Rubbish for the teenybop brigade and absolutely no musical relevance. Just listen to songs like Mmm Papi and you'll realise just how embarrassing this album is.