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David Bowie - The Albums


Year Album Star Rating Points Rating General Comments and Link
1967 David Bowie      
1969 Space Oddity



Hints of the great songs to come in this early collection which sees Bowie begin his mix of power rock and ballads. Link Here
1970 Man Who Sold The World



Another step forward as Bowie hews out a rockier sound, but loses none of his song-writing prowess. This has some of the best guitar work on any of his albums.
1971 Hunky Dory



A seminal Bowie classic where all his songwriting power is unleashed in a series of quirky vignettes. A truly great rock/pop album Link Here
1972 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust



A brand new Persona as Bowie goes cosmic to outstanding effect in one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Link Here
1973 Aladdin Sane



Bowie at the height of his powers. Classic rampant rock meets delicate cracked actor. Brilliant Link Here
1973 Pin-Ups      
1974 Diamond Dogs      
1974 David Live      
1975 Young Americans      
1976 Station to Station      
1977 Low



Where Bowie's pristine songwriting meets art deco instrumentals. Another change of direction which is partly effective, partly kitsch but sometimes rather too introverted.
1977 Heroes      
1978 Stage      
1979 Lodger      
1980 Scary Monsters and Super Creeps      
1983 Rare      
1983 Let's Dance      
1983 Ziggy Stardust The Motion Picture      
1984 Tonight      
1987 Never Let Me Down



A patchy album with some high spots but too many lows to drag it out of the average category. Link Here
1989 Tin Machine 1      
1992 Tin Machine 2      
1993 Black Tie, White Noise      
1993 Buddha of Suburbia      
  1 Outside      
1997 Earthling      
1999 Hours


  A partial return to form marked by some stylish writing which occasionally is too stodgy for comfort Link Here

Star Ratings

No Stars Under 4.00
1/2 4.01 to 4.99
* 5.00 to 5.59
*1/2 5.60 to 5.99
** 6.00 to 6.29
**1/2 6.30 to 6.49
*** 6.50 to 6.69
***1/2 6.70 to 6.89
**** 6.90 to 7.09
****1/2 7.10 to 7.25
***** Over 7.26

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