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 Black Sabbath

British rock group

Studio Albums

Black Sabbath 1970







Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - 6.5

Black Sabbath/ The Wizard/ Behind the Wall of Sleep/ N.I.B/ Evil Woman/ Sleeping Village/ Warning

It all depends on how you view Black Sabbath - either trendsetters, the first truly heavy metal band or charletans restricted to the riffs and guitarwork of Tony Iommi. Black magic, Wizards, evil is all portrayed here within a pounding set of guitar riffs and musical lines (melody) re-worked throughout the same song. I can see how this could be termed a rock tour de force but also how it could be dismissed as being over the top navel gazing. Possibly the worst thing about the record is Ozzie Osbourne's vocals. Sadly Ozzie doesn't own one of rock's great voices. It was just about adequate and threatens to implode when stretched. Nevertheless it is an album that turned heads back in the 1970s as if the band were making a statement of intention from the start of their career.