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August 1978

Tuesday August 1st


If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I just wouldn't have believed it. Today I picked up our brand new car and within five miles the fucking temperature gauge was soaring into the danger area. That's just fine. Having had all that trouble with the Datsun of watching the radiator every few minutes I thought getting a new car would end all that. Some bloody hopes. Got up at the usual time and went into work in the Datsun despite the fact it had a number of things wrong with it.


Started the morning by doing a story straight from the news. Then phoned up Beccles and had a chat about going down at the weekend. Got an Evening Post and some lunch before going with Bob to the East Midland Airport at Castle Donnington to do stories for the Daily Mirror on delays on flights. It was very enjoyable as, despite the delays, the people were all in holiday mood and very chatty. There's something very enjoyable about airports. I almost wished it was me going on holiday. By the time we got back to Nottingham and I sent over a story it was 4.15 p.m and time for me to drive to Ilkeston to pick up the new car. Everything went smooth until I got there. Then when I tried to move the Datsun it wouldn't go. I hope and suspect it was because it was out of petrol. I had tried to get there without putting any in. I decided to try and get away in the new car before they noticed.


The car is a nice light blue and looks rather sleek. Unfortunately after about five miles I noticed the temperature gauge going up and by the time I got home it was in the red danger section. Later in the evening, feeling very angry, I tried to phone the garage but nobody was there. I feel like giving them a bloody bullet tomorrow. When you pay 2,400 for something you expect it to work. Had tea and then spent the early evening gardening. We then decided to drive down to the Trent Locks for a drink. Tried out the car again and once again it overheated. Had a drink and then got some fish and chips to eat on the way home. Spent some minutes watching television before going to bed feeling rather irritable.


Wednesday 2nd August


Just one of those days, but aren't they all nowadays. Nothing much seemed to go right and on top it poured with rain. Up at the usual time and taped the news. Then, before I set off for work, I set up a telephone call to the garage at Ilkeston to complain about the temperature gauge. They tried to fob me off by saying it was normal and so on the way into work I checked it and again ir soared into the danger area. So at work I phoned up again and said I would take it over later in the day.


At work things went fairly smoothly and I had quite a busy morning doing stories for ATV and moving the car and checking the Evening Post. I was supposed to meet Anne and her parents outside Jessops at 1 p.m but I was slightly late and by the time I got there I couldn't find them and hung around until 1.45 p.m before getting rather angry and walking back to the office picking up some snack lunch on the way. Then went to the post office to get a telephone number and got soaked on the way back in a rainstorm. Spent the afternoon getting one or two things done before leaving the office at 4 p.m and driving to Ilkeston. There they were as helpful as mud. In other words they want you until you buy the car and then they couldn't give a damn. I was pushed from one person to another, told that it was nothing really and finally got a bloke to look at it. He said it was a volt reactor and it would have to be taken in on Tuesday. So I asked for a hire car on Tuesday and once again it was "it's not my department." Disgruntled I drove away and came home and was in a very bad temper and took it out on Anne. Gradually as the evening wore on I became more sane and spent a quiet evening watching television.


Thursday August 3rd


Things went a bit more smoothly today thank goodness although work was very boring and I spent quite a time writing my novel. Got up at the usual time and went into work after monitoring the radio and taping it which came in very useful to do about four stories. At the usual time I got an Evening Post and a snack lunch and then in the early afternoon I went to the Evening Post office to look for some back copy information for Terry at Derby. Not surprisingly on the way back to the office it poured with rain and I got soaked.


There wasn't much to do in the afternoon except a story about a colliery going out on strike and an attempt by a Worksop school on the world daisy chain record! In the end I got off at 4.20 p.m and drove home and had tea and a very quick bath before setting out to take Anne's mum and dad home. We took the new car to give it a run up the motorway. Arrived just after 7.30 p.m and spent the evening watching television and writing. At 9 p.m went to the fish and chip shop to get some supper. Got that and then went to bed. I really felt angry and irritable again today. I will be glad when the weekend comes so that I can enjoy some time in Norfolk.


Friday August 4th


Back to civilisation or should I say back to my idea of civilisation today. In Nottingham it rained - naturally. At work it was boring - naturally. Starting off in Yorkshire I had to be up earlier than usual at 7 a.m in fact. Had breakfast and set off at 7.30 a.m to drive to Nottingham. Arrived in time to listen to the 9 a.m news while Anne took the car home. She would return with the Volkswagon later in the morning. I set down to do some early copy to keep J quiet. Then after going to the Evening Post office to again check through some back copies I picked up a newspaper.


Back in the office I did a story from Stoke and then, when Anne arrived, we went to the Pickwick restaurant for dinner which was quite pleasant and then spent the remainder of a long dinnertime walking round the shops. Spent the afternoon doing an update on the colliery position and then at 4 p.m talked my way out of the office and headed off for Norfolk. J is on holiday for the next two weeks so they might be more pleasant. On the way to the car a lady in an invalid carriage asked me to fetch somebody for the ??? specialist. That was my good deed for the day. The journey to Norwich was inevitably full of traffic but quite smooth and we were home at Mums by 7.30 p.m. Had tea and then went out with the idea of visiting Mike and Jeannette. They weren't there so we decided to try George and Allison. They were out as well and on the way myself and Anne had a stupid argument. We ended up going to the Globe at Blofield. The place has really changed and lost all its character. The large bar where they used to have the music was shut and the place was dead. All things change! At the end went home and almost straight to bed.


Saturday August 5th


A really nice day in Beccles. Probably made better by the fact that it was a precious day and the only one to be spent in Beccles for a considerable time. It also made me feel rather depressed and sad and gave me a longing to be back there and made me hate Raymonds and Nottingham so much more. I think on reflection going back is not a particularly good thing to do. It upsets me. I think after this return I must give it a miss for a time or I'm never going to get it out of my system. Slept well in my old room and got up at 8 a.m and had a quick breakfast. Set off for Beccles at 9.15 a.m and went round to Heather and Gordons to drop off our clothes for the evening. Then I took the Volkswagon off to the office for Paul to pick up to do a service on. Walked back to Heathers and she ran us down to Masters and Skevens' yard to see the Round Table float.


From there we had a walk round town and then went to the Coachhouse for a reasonable dinner. Then down to the Common to watch the judging of the floats and of course there were so many people to talk to and so many things to drink in an remember. The place is still part of me. Eventually we left that scene and went to the off license  to get Round Table some wine which we handed out as they passed up Station Road. We watched the parade from there and as usual it was very good. At the end we walked to the quay and had a look round there and a chat to more people before walking back to the office to pick up the car and drive back to Heathers.


They both arrived back drunk and fell asleep, eventually waking up in time for a quick game of cricket outside. Then had a wash and got ready and myself and Anne drove down to Pennys. She was having a party and we had a quick drink before going on to the quay to pick up Gordon and Heather to take them over. Stopped to have a hamburger before returning to Pennys in time for the water pageant which was a little disappointing. The company was good and there was plenty to eat and drink. When that ran out we all returned to the quay and then spent an hour at the fair which was good fun. Then picked the car up and drove back to Norwich feeling rather despondent and upset. Arrived home well after midnight and went straight to bed.


Sunday August 6th


Felt very depressed again today. It's all because of yesterday. Even after three months I still feel part of Beccles and even yesterday I was taking a great interest and getting involved in it. That is something that will never happen either in Nottingham or Long Eaton. When I woke up I had bad stomach ache and so stayed in bed until 10.30 a.m. Had breakfast and walked to the paper shop to buy mum some chocolates and then went round to see Nanny and stayed there until returning home in time for lunch. Spent the afternoon watching the Commonwealth Games on television before getting everything ready and setting off at just after 4 p.m. We drove to Easton to see Paul and Joan Hewett at their new home and spent a very pleasant hour there chatting and drinking.


Eventually at 5.30 p.m set off for Long Eaton. A straightforward journey and of course it rained. We were home well on time and before 9 p.m. Watched television and then spent the rest of the evening catching up on my diary. Had a bath and went to bed. I must admit I felt a little happier when I reached home but I am still very sad at the moment.


Monday August 7th


Back to the boring grind again today and as days go this was dull. The only decent thing about it was I was able to get 5,000 words of my novel done. I reckon that if I can do 5,000 words a day I will be able to finish it by Sunday which is now my rather ambitious target. Then will start the arduous job of typing it all up and altering it, which will take ages.


Got up at the usual time after Anne had set off for Derby to start her new job. I drove into work at the usual time and spent the morning doing some very straightforward stuff and feeling totally pissed off with life in general. At dinnertime had a snack and got the Evening Post and then spent the afternoon writing before coming home at 4.15 p.m. Arrived before Anne and Mike phoned up soon after I arrived. He and Jeannette are planning to come down in August during the holiday. When Anne came home we had tea and then I spent the first part of the evening watching television and playing the piano. Then did some more writing before going to bed at around 11 p.m.


Tuesday August 8th


Another totally irrelevant day without shape or form, although I did feel slightly happier within myself. Up earlier than usual and after a quick breakfast drove over to Ilkeston to take my car in for its temperature gauge correction. I got there at 8.45 a.m but then had to wait for the salesman to turn up and lend me his car to go to work. Consequently it was 9.30 a.m before I got to work. I needn't have worried because there was only one or two things to do in the morning and then I finished up the morning's work by getting an Evening Post.


By dinnertime, when I got a snack, I had run out of work. It's so bloody boring although I got through the afternoon by adding to my novel which by the end of the day had reached the 32,000 word mark and is now over halfway completed. The weather didn't help much. Every day it rains and this was no exception. I left the office at 4 p.m and drove to Ilkeston to pick the car up. It was ready. I lost my way on the way back to Long Eaton and so had a drive through the countryside. In the end reached home and had tea and then spent a quiet evening watching television and writing. Had a bath and went to bed at about 11 p.m.


Wednesday August 9th


Another basically very boring day in a very boring week. Got up a little later than yesterday and for once there was nothing wrong with the car. Went into work and arrived just after 9 a.m. There was one or two things to do for the morning news, although I found it difficult to get down to it. At dinnertime got a copy of the Evening Post and then spent the start of the dinner hour writing my novel. Then had a walk round town before returning to the office to do sod all during  the afternoon. So slow was it in fact that at 4.10 p.m JT told me to go home so I obeyed and got home nice and early. When Anne arrived home from work we had tea and then went to the library for a very quick visit before returning home. Spent the evening watching television and writing and by 10.30 p.m I felt very tired and so went to bed to read.


Thursday August 10th

There is always one day in the week which is busier than all the rest put together and this was it. Up at the usual time and into work by just after 9am. It was the first day of the Trent Bridge Test match and so one of the photographers came over from Derby. Added to that there were plenty of stories to delve into and the phone rang  almost continuously. By the time I had caught up on the Evening Post and checked through it and tidied up it was well past 1pm. 


I went to the Post Office to post off our visa application and then returned to the office and even during the afternoon there were a couple of stories that came up. Towards the end of the afternoon had some considerable hassle from the slimy person from the Sun over a story headed in a bed a Kent county councillor alleging things about teachers in schools he said the reports were being investigated by the police and I put that in the story. It turned out, however, that the police apparently knew nothing about it sober some of bloke had ago and I lost my temper and told him where to go of and it was quite an an unpleasant interlude. By the time it was all blown over 5:15pm and I decided. Being the holiday month the traffic was Ferrier liked and I was home soon after 5:30pm. Watched the Test match and had tea and then spent the evening painting the landing wall. Finished that at about 10:00pm and then had supper to bet.


Friday 11th August

Today I actually enjoyed doing two stories and that's because they were very similar to a weekly newspaper copy the first occurred early in the morning when I went to the Broad Marsh Centre for the opening of a camping shop. I was covering it for the sport's Trader magazine. It was opened by Derek Ibbotson and he turned out to be a very nice bloke back in the office I cleared up one or two things and got the Evening Post and then had a snack lunch. The second major story of the Daily involved a 52 year old woman who is entering a beauty contest. I had belonged telephone chat with her and then left the office at 4pm and came home. When Anne arrived home from work home went to the fish shop a at Bram nd, then after eating the tea we got ready and set off for Nottingham it was another visit to the Theatre Royal for a play entitled otherwise engaged starring Ian Hendry. We met John and Andy in the four-year rather late because we had difficulty finding somewhere to park. Made it in time, however, it was a strange play with little of note happening except for a topless model. It also finished a very early at 9:30pm we went to the rather seedy pub in the City and then drove out to the pub or cope where we had previously been with Sandra hand Jim. Staid and there Until 10:30pm before returning to Long Eaton. John and Andy came back for coffee and by the time the left and we went to bed it was about midnight.


Saturday 12th August

To Davies saw my step into the world of professional football for my first soccer working Saturday I enjoyed the experience because I felt I was doing something useful were a change and being involved in something that I enjoy it. Up at 9:30am after a delay-in and argument with an. Had breakfast and shortly afterwards Mary and David and kids arrived. I was phoned up by the Office asking to do a stupid story on the opening of the gross shooting season that fell through because I couldn't get hold of people. I objects rather on Saturday to doing up tripe. I deal with that during the week and should only be called into action at weekends if anything unusual comes up. With that put off I washed the cars and then had dinner and got ready and set off for Mansfield in the rain at one of 20 p m I was there in plenty of time and had a little difficulty in finding the ground. Nevertheless I was then time, Popeye press box pass and set myself up the match against darling Tom was a very ordinary but I enjoyed ringing through every 30 seconds to go on tea used radio and my report and at the time I had a feeling of achievement it's good to get the initial one or out of my system. I was home and nice and early and had tea and then watched television for a time before we all have drove to Trent clocks and had a drink. Came home and had supper and watched the Commonwealth Games on television for going to bed.


Sunday 13th August

A nice day really in that most respects, specially for the fact that most of the time it was a bright and sunny which is a change for recent times. Had a short delay-in before getting up just after 9 am and having a cooked breakfast. Then then got down to some gardening which mainly surrounded digging it through the weed infested pit at the back, spraying or weedkiller and cutting the grass. Then had a bath and lunch. After that I had monitored the 1pm news to make sure nothing of note had happened we set off for an afternoon drive into the Derbyshire Peak District. We started by going down the M one and threw it Alfred Tom to a very steep area and eventually found a country park where we played cricket and spent a pleasant bar or. Then it, instead of staying there, we made the mistake of trying to drive into Matt Bloch. There were considerable traffic jams and I got rather irritable. Eventually we fought our way through to a reservoir picnic area somewhere between Matlock and Chesterfield there we had a picnic tea and arrest to allow the great chords of people time to get home. Eventually set off and the journey back to Long Eaton was a fairly straightforward one stop a) 6:30pm and spent the evening messing about writing letters and watching television before going to bed.


Monday 14th August

I got so fed up with work today that when I got hold of my copy of the U K Press Gazette I applied for another job. I doubt very much whether anything will come off it. It was a box number for the editorship of a small weekly paper in a Midlands. I expect it's about Birmingham while but at least it's worth inquiring after all that is how it this job came about I was up at the usual time after listening to the news bulletin. Went into work at 9:15am and there was absolutely nothing happening. The trouble is on such occasions I am happy insists it and vegetate nevertheless doing that they are sent over about five basic stories. Apart from that I wrote another 2000 words to my book and with a couple of Oz's work any evening and have now reached 40,000 words. It's coming along. At dinner time I went to the travel agents to try Handbook of internal flight from New York to Baltimore and after about half an odd got that down. Spent the latter part of the afternoon writing my job application out and consequently was late setting off for home the traffic was heavier and it took me longer to arrive had tea and then started the evening that checking the card and cutting the back forlorn. Then spent the rest of the time writing and watching television before going to bed at 11 p m.


Tuesday 15th August

An annoying day because everybody I tried to contact was either out or wouldn't talk to me. Consequently it was a bloody boring day and a time just drags. In fact it was one of the longest working days I could remember and a complete waste of time. I'm getting absolutely pissed off with all this I don't know how long I can stand this any more. I just can't be bothered to do anything. I got up at the usual time after listening to the news and had a bath before setting off for Nottingham got into work and made the calls and one of two very basic things and debugger all else. Went to the Post Office to send my letter to America and also Post that job application which use more out of curiosity than anything else. At dinner time I had sandwiches in the Office and then spent a lazy and fruitless afternoon before coming home at 4:30pm. Had tea and then spent the early part of the evening writing my book finished off putting the ceiling upstairs and spend the rest of the evening playing the piano and watching television before going to bed with a headache at the end of the day which was a bloody waste of time.


Wednesday 16th August

On the face of it today was a slight improvement on yesterday if only because there was more work. Nevertheless it was bloody depressing and throughout the evening I felt all in. Got up at the usual time and went into work and there were four or five things to work on but I must admit I didn't break any blood vessels over it. At lunch time I got an evening post and then did some shopping which included changing the Gateway Building Society account. Also went to Smiths and the sheet music shop before going back to the office. There was a suspicion that British Midland Airways has sacked 80 Stewardesess but numerous checks didn't turn anything up so I forgot about that and came home at 4:15pm. Had tea when I got home and then went down to the library. Spent the rest of the evening watching television and couldn't even bring myself to do any of my novel so I just read and watched television, and went to bed feeling very depressed at 10:30pm.


Thursday 17th August 

Another very depressing day. Felt totally lethargic again following did brighten up an evening when I had got work out of my system. Got up at the usual time I went into work and spent a rather busier morning than yesterday. The number of stories from the radio and one about a bloke prophesying doom and despondency over plans for nuclear safety. At lunchtime I had a snack from the sandwich shop as I had forgot my sandwiches. Then had a wander round the shops and went into the gateway building society to complete the transfer. Sat around until 4pm when I came home feeling absolutely fed up I was the first back and so I made a cheesecake to help out and then had tea when and came home. Spend a fairly enjoyable evening gardening, reading, listening to music and watching television. Set up a few social events in the evening when and John phoned up. Has Supper and went to bed at 1030.


Friday 18th August

hope springs eternal. Could I be on the move again? Well there's the possibility after today and he was all thanks to a letter the normally I wouldn't have received got up after listening to the news and the idea was to spend the day at what Cope Park near Derby where three a day Horse trials were taking place involving Princess and. All I was supposed to do was watch and to make sure she didn't fall off which is quite an amazing thing in a dressage event. I was going to set out for that nice and early got considerably delayed by a story about a woman who returned from holiday to find a council had sold all her furniture. The post came at 10 a m and contained a scribbled letter in reply to my joke job application. The editorship turned out to be for a post on the belt per news and Belper is just a few miles through and Derby. So I telephoned the number on the bottom and got a very talkative bloke who almost offered me the job there and then and insisted on coming round to see me in the evening. After that I completed my work and set off for long Eaton where I went to the bank. Then it drove to lock Cwm-parc to If found without too much tea. A very pleasant place and the job was made easy when I found a press tent with telephones nearby. In fact the whole thing was a waste of time and all I had to do was hang around until 3:30pm to see Prince Hassan. By the time I had put copy of Labour's 4:30pm and they drove home in time for the chappie to arrive he was a real blustery old codger who never stopped talking he produced some copies of the paper and, although its ferry a small, bid does seem scope to get it sorted out will stop if I get the job I would have overall control of the content which would give me scope I must admit our feet gone as far more optimistic than for a long time. Another good thing was the salary. He mentioned 5,000 a year plus expenses. If I did get it it would mean that my a third job this year and a rise in wages progressively from a 4,100. I think I hope I get it as it would take the pressure off and get me involved again. Certainly I couldn't be any worse off than if they stayed with Raymond's witches really getting me down. After he left I had a rest and then we all got ready to go out from meal at the William Mott arms at Barrow Walsh. It was a good meal but rather expensive but it provided a pleasant evening. At the end we all came home tired out and shortly afterwards went to bed. The next stage is the job in the job thing he is for an interview probably on Monday. But will give me a little idea of the set-up. I will have to tell raiments that I'm going to the dentist.


Saturday 19th August

An up-and-down day of traffic jams, frustration and enjoyment but at least there was plenty of incident. I got up at 9am after listening to the news and determined not to do any work Until the afternoon football match. Had breakfast and at 1030 Mary and David left for Yorkshire. They took an with them. Soon after that I rang the bloke up about the Balpa job. It's a strange set-up. He said he had tried to contact the owner to get me an interview but he was out of the county and wouldn't be available to all the end of the week. The whole thing seems rather strange to me. I think our chest ignore it as if anything happens. After that I messed around for a while before setting off for Chesterfield at 12 p m I left so early because I had planned to meet Andy in a pub for lunch. It was a good job I did because there was a terrific traffic jam on the M1 caused by a road works and it's time I reached Chesterfield it was 2 p m. I drove around and couldn't find the hotel so decided to get to the ground. Found a short-term car-park and decided to risk that can walk to the ground and met Andy there. The match between Chesterfield and Plymouth turned out to be a really good one would Plymouth's winning 3-1 despite being one behind at half-time I was kept busy throughout the afternoon with continuous copy to Nottingham and the Exeter and at the end I had to send lengthy reports over to the people and the Mirror. In fact I saw very little of the game during all that. By the time I had finished everything it was a 5:30pm. It turns to the car and drove to Yorkshire and had tea and then a wash and got ready and drove to the spread Eagle to meet Sandra and Jim. Spend a pleasant evening chatting before leaving at 9:45pm and arriving home at 11pm. Went straight to bed.


Sunday 20th August

A very average day in many aspects but quite pleasant. Woke up to pouring rain outside. After getting up braved the weather to go to the paper shop and then had breakfast. Mum and dad will coming down for the day and they arrived just after 10 am. I spent much of the morning writing up for war reports for Sheffield and Nottingham had a fairly early dinner and then put the copy over at 2pm. By this time it turned into quite a sunny day and so we decided to have a drive down to Trent Locks. Very pleasant but a bit of a mistake. There was And It's a knockout event going on and the car-park was packed. We got in OK and had a walk down the canal but then had difficulty getting out in the traffic. It certainly been a week for traffic jams. Eventually made it and came home and had an early tea. They left shortly afterwards and I had a bath and got a call from the Daily Express wanting copy on yesterday's match. I gave that to them very quickly and then got ready and when with and to the Central Methodist Church. The service was the usual and the people were very friendly except they were real God Squad hell types. We found it difficult to get away but eventually did and came home and spent the rest of the evening quietly watching television. You paragraph new a paragraph.


Monday 21st August

What a day of disasters. Really I can't remember the last time I had a worse working day. Everything went wrong and it took all evening to wind down. Seemed a fairly ordinary day when I went into work, except have cost for the fact that it was Monday. Up at the usual time and set off for work and made my phone calls Bennett was off to the Shire Hall Court where they were dealing with the first of 43 yobs arrested during Saturday's match between Nottingham Forest and Tottenham. That took quite a while because they dealt with other cases beforehand. At the end I sent over some copy from a phone box and then returned for the Office. Of course J was back today and she soon made his presence felt. Why had I missed the story yesterday on the 43 arrests of the match at told him that I'd work the last couple of Saturdays without taking any time off and that I didn't mind the didn't want hassle. He softened up after that and tell me to take the afternoon off if I needed to. I told him that wasn't the point. That that does not then to get up my nose this week. Shortly after a Bopper said he was going down to Nottingham Forest's ground because there would transfer news regarding Peter with. I decided to go with him and walked straight into it. We waited around the inside office of some time and then at Brian Clough came out. He's quite the rudest man I have ever had the misfortune to come across. He told Bob there were no pictures and then asked me where I was from. When I told him he said "poppet". And pointed to the door. I sincerely hope that Liverpool press over them in the European Cup. So a return to the office and a next thing to go wrong was regarding our holiday. The travel agent rang up to say by the time we got to New York we wouldn't have time to get the connection for Baltimore. So we have that to sort that out. Spent the afternoon on one or two stories and left at 4:15pm at feeling totally chewed up. At home things eased and mad tea when and arrive. Shortly afterwards Mr he rang again about the Balpa news. I can't make that all about. And had a word the People Hatter Office and they said it had almost folded and number of times and was a bit of a disaster. He seemed as confident as ever and Mauro s said my getting the job was a formality. The question is do I want it went? I certainly want a new job but is this the one? Next step was go down to the library with an. On returning I phoned and John are hoping that he would know something about the Balpa news and indeed he knew quite a bit. Surprisingly he thought it was a paper with the lot of potential although he thought it was a mess at the moment. On a financial footing he felt it was sand and the main problem was the political views over the owners and the way they tried to run the whole show. I think tomorrow if I can make some time off in the afternoon I would try and pop over their unannounced to see how the land lies. I will have to play by year although today has highlighted one thing and that is my desperation to get away from Raymond's. After all that spend a quiet evening watching television. Had a bath and went to bed early.


Tuesday 22nd August 

An optimistic day would be a good way of describing this. I ventured over to Belper to see the lie of the land and by the evening ahead got quite enthusiastic about it I think if I was offered the job I would taking after all anything's better than Raymond's. Got up at the usual time and went into work. Spent the morning on a story that turned out to be a waste of time and that sums up Bremen's. When you do stir into action they don't want to know anything about it. A bloke called in at 9:15am. He is trying to prevent his common-law wife from having the custody of their child. I took him up to County Hall and waited while he spoke to the deputy director of social services. I sat in an office and waited and then got a statement and went back to the Office. Of course Derby didn't want to know about it but as far as I'm concerned in wasted some time among the by dinner-time I done it just one of paragraph. At dinner time I went to the bank and then have to exchange travelled to see if I could do so up the position regarding our internal flight in America. At 3pm I made the excuse that I had a dental appointment and sent off for Belper back way through prickly and heave of and it took their little time. Founder car-park and had no trouble finding the Office. I found it difficult to get through to the woman there who wasn't at all sure that I shall be looking around all that I should meet the outgoing editor. I eventually got in to see him and had a long chat. The strange bloke he seemed loathe to talk at first but soon got going. There doesn't appear to be much wrong with it and the Office was quite bright and certainly an improvement on Bremen's. But then anything is. I left there quite late and tried to miss Derby on the way home. In weaving my way around the country I went numerous extra miles and still ended up going through Derby. It was 5:45pm by the time I got home. Had tea and then rang Mr Healey to say I was still interested in the job. Then spent the rest of the evening decorating the hall before going to bed.


Wednesday 23rd August

One of those long working days to come up every now and again to make me feel more satisfied. Then again it's too pressurised to enjoy. Goss up the usual time and went into work for nine m and made my police course before setting off at 9:30am for the Shire Hall Court where well over 20 jobs were being charged following incidents at the Nottingham Forest and Tottenham match. Not surprisingly it took all day and kept me very busy indeed. It men continually nipping out to send Cover copy and also shooting back to the office every so often to move the car. At dinner time I had to pick up a remand concerning the committal of the guy who killed the policeman. So in effect I had no time off for lunch, not even to speak to Mike engine necked who arrived. The afternoon was just as hectic Bamber the time I finished in court and got everything sorted out it was 5:00pm. Then had to show Mike had to get to Long Eaton and that made it 5:45pm before we managed to get home. That's when the telephone started ringing with queries about the football match under tie morale and arrived home at 6:30pm after working late I was getting rather fed up with it all. Had tea and then watch television for a while before having a bath and getting ready and setting off for a drink at a pub at Beeston. Didn't stay there very long because some fish and chips and came home and watched athletics on TV before going to bed stock


Thursday 24th August

The day was boring, the evening nice. That getting rather to be the custom narrow. In fact there wasn't a great amount of pressure at work because Terry and J E Waugh off for the day. So I played it low key doing what they had to do but little else. That took the form of a follow-up to yesterday's court appearance and one of old to other straight forward to things. Eventually the morning passed and the afternoon was dull and quiet. In the end I decided to leave at just after 4pm and came home and was going straight from work to John's where we were meeting her later. So Mike, Ginette and myself lounged around until just after 6pm a Meacock ready and drove over to John's for a very enjoyable evening. Started by listening to some very amusing records. John prepared a substantial male and afterwards we drove out to a local pub and got well oiled and stayed until well after closing time. Then it returned to John's for a cup of coffee before we set off for home at past midnight. Finning very tired when straight to bed per annum myself launched into one of a long conversations and it was extremely late mummify only got to sleep.


Friday 25th August felt

Felt pretty rough one a woke up and that's due to having too much to drink last night. Nevertheless I got into work at the usual time and it was another bloody boring day. I really am getting no satisfaction from his job and hope to God something comes out of the Belle pour one. At least then I wouldn't semi in dread every working day. In fact the main thing today with a stupid court case adjournment the necessitated an number of phone calls to no work to try and pick up details. What with that and some shopping, the morning slipped away. Had a snack lunch and hung around until almost 4pm when I decided to slope off. I expect I will get in trouble on Tuesday for Adie leaving without telling them and the taking Monday off without permission. At the present time I don't really give a damn because in front stretchers and nice weekend away from it all at Sheila Ann Peters at Exeter. I drove home and picked an upcoming set off immediately in the Volkswagen from long the journey. The most difficult part was the first 50 miles to Birmingham through the small villages. Emmie got on the M5 and he was 150 miles of motorway to Exeter. We had little difficulty finding their flat and were thereby a 8:30pm. It's so funny little place although very close to the city centre. Shortly after arriving we had supper and then a chat before I went to bed feeling very tired after the long drive.


Saturday all 26 the oldest.

Plenty of enjoyment out of today. It was really nice to get away from the atmosphere work, knowing You know we could get me and I could concentrate on enjoying myself. I am sure this showed in my mood during the day as I believe I as I became a more my whole self. Had a very refreshing sleep and lay end and, after getting up, had a bath and then breakfast before the four of us took the short walk into Exeter which is quite in nice shopping centre. One of the first things we did was to buy a me a couple of pairs of jeans and a sun hat. Then we had a general look round, including the cathedral. We then ended up having a cup of coffee instant tea rooms. Later there was more refreshment and a pub near the cathedral. Then back to the flat for a salad dinner. Spent the afternoon watching the sport on television. Then we made an early start for an evening drink. We went in Sheila's car which gave me a welcome rest from driving. We went out for a picturesque hotel in the country and by the river. How drink as side and then moved to the inner bar before having a quick walk and then going back to the flat for a late fish dinner and a very nice one indeed. After that watch Match of the day and then went to bed.


Sunday 27th August path

A really nice day again And this is certainly turning out to be an enjoyable weekend. Had a slight touch of stomach trouble in the morning so was glad of Ole Ian. Got up and had breakfast and the others decided to go off to church. I decided to stay in the flat and had a bath and listen to a couple of records until they returned. Then we set off on an afternoon excursion to the seaside. It's strange But when we have been offered just half and got away from the sea I never particularly wanted to go. Now we live in the Midlands I really look forward to the odd visit. We started by driving to a pub about 20 minutes away. As Sheila's car had dicey breaks we went in dollars. The puddle was very nice and the food wholesome. From there we made the short journey to the coast through Dawlish to Tynemouth where we parked the car and captured some sun on the beach. Stayed there for a couple of Oz all it although it wasn't that warm. From there we had a game of crazy golf and then went into the amusement arcade before going to some tea rooms for a quick drink. In fact we did everything expected of a holiday maker. Then we set off along the coast road and ended up picket parking at Babbitt term. Had a walk through the model village and then a walk along the front. Benny was on to Torquay and finally back to Exeter in time for another nice meal. Afterwards Spen what was left of the evening reading before going to bed.


Monday 28th August

Another pleasant day. Really it was an illegally snatched day after. I hadn't told anybody a Bremen's that I had no intention going into work today. But that's what I did and I would take the consequences if any tomorrow. Had another nice lie-in and a very comfortable bed. Finally got up and had breakfast and then spent the first Orrell so reading while Peter fiddled with her car crime to just the brakes. Finally had that done and so we set off in separate cars for a day out in the sunshine. As you are heading in the direction of the Midlands wit of both cars suited continue on or why. We travel down the M5 and then took the turning on to off to Glastonbury will impart and decides to stop for lunch. Or to the abbey ruins which includes some very nice gardens. Then we had our picnic and then a look round the Abbey. Them back to the car and on to Bath for another tourist look. If that the place was swarming with people, especially Americans. Nevertheless being Bank Holiday there was no work traffic around. We had a general look round and then tea in a restaurant before savvy deciding he was time to start off for home. So leaving Pete and Sheila we headed off he was surprisingly smooth and quick journey with any hold-ups on the last 20 have so miles. Then she made just before 8pm. Shortly after it went the fish-and-chip shop and got some supper. Had a bath and spent the remainder of the evening watching television. Just after arriving home I phoned up the chat and the Balpa news that the still hasn't managed an interview. The longer this goes on the more awkward the situation gets. It


Tuesday 29th August

The day but once again could change my life. Finally got the interviewer Belper and also got the job. When it happened it came very quickly. Got up at the usual time not looking forward to going to work. When I got there everything seemed very quiet and I later found that only Terry had gone in yesterday. I had about five things to do early on and off and done as quickly as possible so when I got a phone call to say my interview Belper were Scheduled for 12:30pm. Before that time I wanted to have a haircut as well. Indeed s 11am I just left the office and went to get a haircut in exchange walk. That took quite a while but he made a good job of it. By the time I pick the car up and got some petrol I realised I was going to be late getting to Belper and in fact it was 1245 when I got there. They were in fact waiting for me. The director and he estrange interview. Chapman the director asked the question I occasionally answered and Healey, who led a busy made up his mind beforehand, did the rest. Nevertheless I faulty or Wembury well and at the end I was offered that the job at 5,000 the year also about 6 expenses. Of course I accepted because it is a great relief for me. At the end I set off to pick and up to take her into Nottingham. I was giving he a lift back. If found and at the bus-stop and so picked her up. Back to the Office I broke the news to Bob and then did absolutely nothing for the rest of the afternoon except phone a father of a little boy who was killed by a train. He put the phone down army. That's kind of job I'll be glad to get rid of the only problem is now getting a reaction to my resignation were bound up going to put in until I have written confirmation from the director. Wenham had finished a shopping we came home and had tea then spent the start of the evening painting. Then watch television before going to bed.


Wednesday 30th August. The power rough

A day of realisation that life might be taking a good turn again soon. Much more optimistic than of late below I haven't handed my resignation in yet and went until I get the letter of appointment. However I was naturally up of the usual time and into work. I see no point in it at all narrow and have even less interest than before. I can't summon up the energy to do anything. I was glad therefore to have two straightforward things to do in the morning. Phoned up Beccles and had a long chat with Allen and then went to get some lunch and picked up an evening post on the way back there didn't attempt put any copy over then spent most of the afternoon chatting to Bob and just phoned up the police to check a murder query. Left the office at 4:20pm and drove home in Chester head of the rush off. Got home and had tea before going to Library for a quick visit. Bennett was a period of reading and then gardening. Spent rest of the evening watching television 40 going to bed after having a bath and watching the late sport.


Thursday 31st August

Not a particularly auspicious end the month. In fact the events of today-my wish to leave Raymond's. In fact on that front things went smoothly. I receive my written offer of the Balpa job and also posted my resignation to raiments. I expect the bomb will blow tomorrow when they receive it. Got up at the usual time and went into work. On the surface it looked like being a fairly busy day but a court case and expecting never came to fruition and so I was left with an inquest at 10:30am. Apparently straightforward, I did what I thought was quite a good story for Radio Trent. Later in the day I heard the mother of the baby concerned had complained ahead you something she hadn't said and quite honestly I couldn't say that she had said it it's all a matter of the mood I feeling that the present. Apart from that I did the usual straightforward things and got thoroughly depressed and bored again. Then the end I walked out at 4:30pm and a stack in the Russia of. It took quite some time to get home. Then the end Maidie and had tea when Nana got home. Had intended gardening in the evening but as the rain will day I decided to decorate instead. Did that until 10pm and then watch television before going to bed. When they come to review this summer two things will go hand in hand. They are the misery of a wet summer and Bremen's news agency at Nottingham. New paragraph.

Friday 1st September

Certainly today could have been about one. In effect it turned out be much better than had hoped for and I am talking about the reaction to my resignation. Got up rather dreading the day but never less weighed in at same time and did a couple of straightforward stories from the news bulletin. Then at J phoned up and it and instead of getting a rocket it was a quiet chat. He said he was sorry to receive my letter and I was one of the nicest hit receive for some time. Later in the day Terry was also extremely pleasant about it. Spent the rest of the morning on a story about the Nottingham symphonic. At dinner time I went to the bank to get our American money and then had a slow wander around the shops before returning to the Office last sat around chatting to Bob before leaving for 3:00pm. Came home and had tea and then went to a supermarket than to get some stuff. Gordon Hickman rang up from the Scotland to say he would be coming for a short visit tomorrow morning on their way back. After that spent the evening watching television and more painting upstairs. Had a bath before going to bed.

Saturday 2nd September

Quite a nice day or less somehow it didn't quite live up to the expectations. Gone up fairly early for a Saturday because we are expecting heather and Gordon to arrive fairly early and indeed they turned up just before 9 am. Staying for about one-and-a-half oz they were on their way back from Scotland. Sat and chatted and had they walked to the paper shop numbers about it. After they left that already and got off to the afternoon's football at Chesterfield. It was along a roundabout way of getting there because I picked up bandy from Johns and then went the backgrounds. We find the gut Chesterfield at 1pm and found local radio station where Andy had to pick up the headset. Then we stopped off at the Portland Hotel three quick drink and snack and then ended up at the ground for 2:00pm. There was an extremely hectic afternoon for both of us were plenty of borders and in the end I hardly saw the match because of radio pieces, runners and end of match reports. By the time we finished it was 6pm. Finally we set off for home and, as Andy was coming from meal, we decided to go back a long motorway. Stott offered a service station in her attempt to get a football paper and have finally got one in Long Eaton Centre. Mummy got back home John had already arrived. And cooked a fine meal and then spent the evening chatting and listening to records. After an left at 11pm we cleared up and then went to bed very tired at midnight.

Sunday 3rd September

One of those nice restful days in Yorkshire in which I felt rather lazy. On for his knee still felt depressed about the thought of going into work again tomorrow even though I only have four weeks ago he still has the same effect on me when I think of Monday's. I suppose is the thought that while I am away anything could be happening and now will get in the neck when I return. Nevertheless it doesn't really matter now does it? Got up before 9am and after breakfast we set off in the Volkswagen for Yorkshire and the right 10:30am. And went off to church and I decided to go with path That was a local rugby league game. He was rather boring as a 10 today and I wore back after the first half. They made me in time for dinner. After that had a reader rest and watch television for a while before going and to Hades to put over some copy for the Nottingham Post. Then return for tea and afterwards spent a quiet evening before leaving to set off for home. On the way called Beth Jones and stayed there for over an offer before making the rest of the journey. That took another are and we arrived home at 10:45pm. And straight to bed again feeling very tired.

Monday September 4th the paragraph

Back to work, but today was the first day for working out my notice. One down, twentysomething to go. It was a fairly busy day and it was noticeable that the holiday period is over the volume of traffic had considerably increased and it was difficult to park. That something as serving a mess. As they had a fairly early job I had to get up earlier than usual and was in a work at 9 am. The only job was a boardroom a press conference at Courtaulds to unveil plans for an international tennis tournament it was a damp squib because there were no definite plans. Nevertheless it Kenya to the Office for a time and gave me something to do. One added make it back at 11 am. Then there was a story concerning a chat supposedly camping outside the home he was trying to buy from the council I walked down the road in question were without finding anything and then found it was only he was only waiting in the Housing Office. So I went there and then find a chap in question only his cousin who was sitting in for him. I had a chat with him but the story was a bit dead by then. Back in the office added very little buzz sat around until 4:45pm which was a mistake because it has stuck in a traffic jam which was an Bray pleasant and it took me until 5:30pm to get home. Had tea when Hann arrived home and then went to the library. Spent the remainder of the evening catching up on letter-writing and watching television. Had a bath before going to bed.

Tuesday 5th September.

A bed of a frustrating day at work because I spent all morning in Crown Court and had to wait until 12:30pm for the only case I was interested in. Up at the usual time and into work. There seemed to be very little doing for which I was grateful. In at 10:15am I went to the Post Office and then walked to court. The case some is interested in it for a couple of Leicester outlets was at the bottom of the list and so I sat through some rather tedious cases until it came up. At the end sent a copy over and return to the Office. As sandwiches for lunch and ended another story about a girl who has run away from home. Then walked across to the housing department to see if the bloke was still waiting for his counsel as. Found he had gone so I will have to go round and see him tomorrow morning before work what looks like another session in court. Came home at 4:15pm not wanting to get stuck in a traffic jam again. When Lang got home she do me some tea and then got ready to go to her first Ladies Circle meeting. Is very noticeable when round-table its separate start again the winter is coming in and indeed it's getting cold and dark at night snout. Today we had a letter from the Americans sang a the temperature women go over there should be in the mid-Seventies. We will be ever to go back with a tan. Spent the early evening watching television and ended some painting. In fact I carried on a bad until after 11pm and went to bed when Hann returned.

Wednesday 6th September

Not a sickly nice day at all. Work was dull and drank and by the evening I felt so utterly lifeless but the evening was wasted. But slightly earlier than usual as they had intended going to see the couple had been queuing for a house. When a phone box up to find where they lived he said they were on the phone swore I decided to give them a ring from the Office. The traffic was worse again today and I got held up the places I had never had any trouble with the form. Got in at 920 m and spent the past sorry that they spent the first are getting their housing story done and then at 10:30am went to crown court the idea was to cover a case for a call the paper and it turned out to be an attempted murder. Very basic, the main problem is its expected to go on for two weeks into my covering it difficult. At lunchtime a return to the officer had sandwiches and then went to the bank and had in look round the shops. Then returned court and sat through until about 4pm. Then decided to come home. Had tea and then felt so bloody tired that I fell asleep. In the end I felt so washed out the went to bed very early.

Thursday September 7th

I am not enjoying worker at all now know, is just a mad digger of going in as late as possible and Cunningham as early and today I darted off to perfection of her must admit that I did my fair quota work because quite a bit of it was from home. The nothing better than I am when I went to work but kick in but nevertheless feeling rather seedy didn't go to work at the usual time as I figured there was some early copy on yesterday's court case to put over the best things to do it from home. So by the time I'd done that, cheque to cover things, it was past 101 asset off in the morning traffic. The couple are fairly substantial stories in the morning. The first was on a policeman that citing a phantom monk and a second ace striker at a Retford firm. The no work through lunch on another good story. It's around that the disappearance over a bloke nine weeks ago. He just walked from home and now his wife has found that in the past he had been known by other names. That took me through is the afternoon. A determined to come home before 4pm and did so to miss Russia or. I have one would job to do be completed that from home. Then when Hannah came home we had tea and I watched television - before having a bath and getting ready for Angela and Brian who would coming round for the evening. They arrived just after 8pm and stayed until 10:30pm and he was a very jovial gathering. After they left we cleared up and then it went to bed.

Friday September 8th

The end of my first week of notice. Really it's a shame there is still three to go. There wasn't much going on today. But that the usual time but decided to hang on until the Russia are had subsided and it was 9am when I set off. Luckily I did because there were roadworks at Wollerton and it was 9:30am when I got in. Spent the morning on a couple of very dull things and then at lunchtime went to the bank and had sandwiches before at 2pm going to the sheet music shop and then off to crown court, but it wasn't sitting today. So  came back to the office were the main object of getting out of any work which Eddie quite successfully. I telephoned John Miles in Norwich and then walked out of the office just before 4pm absolutely fed up with Bremen's. Came home, and when and arrived, we had tea. They now spend a very quiet evening watching television and reading and it was fairly early when that went to bed